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Does Precision Castparts Hire Felons?

does precision castparts hire felon

Many companies do not have much popularity in the market. However, their products are of utility to customers. Precision Castparts categorizes itself in this category of services. This company manufactures engines and components for aerospace, automotive, and general industries.

Some of their clients are General Electric and Boeing. The company has 150 plants, 20,000 employees, and 60 years of rich experience in manufacturing these parts. A felon who would like to join this company must have prior knowledge with the right skills of engineering or manufacturing these parts.

The basic question this article attempts to answer is “Does Precision Castparts Hire Felons”.

The advantage of joining such a company is it provides felons financial stability and job security by providing permanent roles instead of seasonal roles like retail jobs. The drawback of this kind of industry however is that felons do not prefer joining these kinds of roles.

Felons are qualified for better jobs but they generally choose companies that can offer them better career opportunities because of higher employee demand. Those with specific engineering skills can also apply for a job opportunity with Precision Castparts and build an ideal career with them.

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Felons Choose Precision Castparts as an Employer

  • The company offers competitive salaries and benefits packages.
  • Benefit packages also include health and life insurance.
  • The company also offers flexible spending accounts and employee assistance programs.
  • The leave policy of the company offers paid leave and sick leave as a company standard.
  • Felons can also pursue higher education by seeking financial assistance from the company.

does the precision castparts hire felons

  • The company offers retirement benefits.
  • Felons must be ready to take new challenging roles and adapt to fast-changing work environments.
  • The company also offers ample career growth opportunities and diverse career paths.
  • Felons can also use skill-based training programs to enhance skills. This opens opportunities for promotions and getting performance bonuses.
  • The right support network provided by Precision Castparts allows better opportunities for felons and they can join better jobs shortly.

Hiring Process of Precision Castparts

  • The organization accepts online application forms through the career portal.
  • Felons can browse through various job opportunities through the career website.
  • Felons can even refine their job search basis location, division, function, and type of positions.
  • Type of position refers to permanent, part-time, or full-time and internships.
  • Every job listing also provides relevant helpful information and states the date for starting the job.
  • Felons can view job summary and responsibilities along with qualifications and requires skillsets.

does precision castparts hire a felon

  • Felons can click the apply button to complete the application process.
  • They can create a registered account so that they can apply for suitable jobs with Precision Castparts.
  • Felons also require to take online assessments to make the best use of their application.
  • Precision Castparts uses a comprehensive background check method to verify all details regarding the felon’s personal and professional background for the job.
  • Credit Reports and Criminal History plays a critical role in securing a good job with Precision Castparts.

Policy for Offering Jobs to Felons

  • The company doesn’t have any specific qualities that refrain it from hiring felons.
  • The company ensures the safety and security of its employees by conducting background verification checks as a normal practice.
  • Background verification checks are comprehensive and check criminal and credit reports to ensure a safe working environment in the company.
  • The hiring manager asks specific questions related to criminal history during the interview process.
  • Precision Castparts has hired many felons in previous jobs.

does precision castparts hire felons

  • The past and current employees talk about confirming this practice.
  • The company focuses on talent more than felon’s history.
  • If the felon is not involved in any serious crime, he gets a fair chance to work with Precision Castparts.
  • Hiring felons also provides them to take leverage of work opportunity tax credit.
  • This is a specific federal tax benefit that companies can take for certain target groups.
  • 9600 dollars is the approximate tax credit that the company can avail for each employee in 1 year.
  • Jobs with specialized skills require a proper skill set and qualification with experience unless a felon is a fresh graduate.

Strategies to Get Hired at Precision Castparts

1 Ensure felons have required skillsets and meet specific requirements of the job role.

2 Felons must use strong and reliable references to support their application.

3 They need to demonstrate honesty.

4 Felons must practice specific interview skills to excel in the interview process.

5 Felons should regularly check their email to get specific job alerts.

Key Requirements for Felons to Join Precision Castparts

Precision Castparts offers many benefits to felons who express a desire to work in the manufacturing and engineering industry. It is a very tough field for felons to join and master. Right skills and knowledge play a critical role in achieving business success.

Entry-level positions are very few. The other positions are competitive and felons can apply for the same. Felons need to prove themselves as exceptional candidates, their criminal history should not conflict with the job. They must abide by federal, state, and local laws that apply.

does precision castparts hire felon guide

Felons generally focus on conducting a self – background verification check to understand details about the company and self that gets discovered in a formal background verification check. The old criminal records do not reflect in background verification checks.

Practices Precision Castparts Follows to Hire Felons

The company follows special programs to hire felons such as Ban the Box initiative. Specific training programs get provided to felons so that they get equipped for various job roles. Professional guidance and mentoring allow felons to choose definite career paths with Precision Castparts.

The employee benefits and comprehensive salary packages motivate felons to start an honest and dignified life. Felons require an engineering or manufacturing background to excel in these jobs well. Companies encourage felons to work and climb up the career ladder in a dignified way.

Irrespective of criminal history, felons receive proper career opportunities to showcase their skills so that felons can gain financial stability and a steady career.

Entry Level Jobs for Felons

The various entry-level jobs available for felons include entry-level packaging operators, entry-level cable technicians, and machinists. All these positions require specialized skills such as good communication, basic math skill, computer skills, and a driving license with your vehicle.

does precision castparts hire the felon

Machinists should have the basic tools knowledge and should be able to lift 40 pounds of weight. Felons are generally advised to join Precision Castparts at the entry-level so that they have a foot in the door. These positions do not require specialized skills like more complex roles require.

Bottom Line

Felons can choose to work for Precision Castparts if they are looking for a career in engineering and manufacturing. The background verification checks ensure the right kind of felons gets hired for the right kind of role at Precision Castparts. Felons with serious felonies who can prove a threat to the organization lose the opportunity to get hired at Precision Castparts. They do not get discriminated against based on their criminal record as talent holds more value than the crime.

Felons allow themselves to grow by choosing a definite career path and constantly developing themselves to grow as an individual and succeed at Precision Castparts.  Felonies like substance and alcohol abuse or murder and drug trafficking lose the opportunity for felons to work for Precision Castparts.

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