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Does Publix Do Money Orders? (2023 Policy)

Does Publix Do Money Orders

Publix is an exciting rival supermarket to the big box stores in the Southeastern states of America. You’ll find 1,294 store locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The store offers the many aspects you expect to find in a supermarket. Including fresh and frozen produce, bakery and deli counters, all types of pantry and grocery items, plus a host of household products. But what else do they offer? For instance, are there ATMs or any financial services located in the stores?

Does Publix do money orders? Or coin redemption? Let’s find the answer to these questions and more.

Can I Get A Money Order At Publix Stores?

It’s a resounding yes. Publix does offer its clientele a whole host of financial services, including money orders. And the best part? These services are available at every single one of its locations in the Southern states. Not only can you procure money orders, but you’ll have the opportunity to cash checks, arrange money transfers, trade excessive coins for cash and have access to a Presto! ATM all within the store.

What Is A Money Order?

A money order is a certified piece of paper with a monetary value. It’s like paying by cash, only safer! In terms of security, it is quite similar to a check, in that you’ll need to add your and the recipient’s personal details. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone except the payee to cash.

However, it will never bounce like a check can, as you need to pre-pay to receive the money order. You can do this with cash, a debit card, or a pre-paid debit card.

What Might I Use A Money Order For?

Even though we live in the digital age, sometimes a simpler form of money exchange is needed. With a money order, you can feel secure sending it through the mail. 

You can give money orders as an alternative to cash gifts, to pay bills, and even make purchases. Plus, it is safer than carrying around a stack of cash. Also, money orders provide a huge convenience to people who don’t have access to a bank account. They are a quick and simple way to access money as all that is needed to cash them is a government-issued I.D.

Where Do I Get A Money Order At Publix?

To get a money order at a Publix store, you will need to head over to the Customer Services Counter. There, an associate will be able to assist you.

What Type Of Money Order Does Publix Offer?

What Type Of Money Order Does Publix Offer?

money order service through Western Union is offered at Publix. Western Union is transparent with its exchange rates and takes their security, and, therefore, your money seriously. This company is one of the oldest and most reliable money transfer institutions in the market and has a great reputation.

The Cost Of A Money Order At Publix

There is a small fee associated with a money order at Publix stores. It is between $0.89 – $0.99. This is on top of the amount you are making the money order out to be. Therefore the total amount you need to pay is the money order amount + the fee. This total will need to be paid in full before receiving the money order.

For example, if you need a $400 money order, the fee for providing this service is $0.94. So the total amount payable is $400 + $0.94 = $400.94.

Does Publix Have A Limit On Money Orders?

Yes, they do. The maximum you can get a Publix money order for is $500. However, if you require a larger amount than this, then you can purchase as many money orders as required. 

For example, if you need a money order to the value of $1200, you can buy three money orders. Two to the value of $500 and one for $200 = $1200. When purchasing larger money orders, you may be required to produce some identification., so make sure you bring that along with you.

Does Publix Do Money Orders? – How Do I Fill Out The Form?

Does Publix Do Money Orders? - How Do I Fill Out The Form?

It is pretty easy to fill out a Western Union money order. You just need to fill out these details in the correct areas:

  • Recipient’s name 
  • Recipients address
  • Payment amount
  • Your name and address
  • Details on what the payment is for

You’ll also need a form of payment to complete the order. This can be cash, a debit card, or a pre-paid debit card. Make sure you fill out the money order correctly to avoid cancellation or delays! If there is something, you don’t understand when completing the money order. Always ask the associate as they’ll know the ins and outs of the process.

Always Keep The Receipt!

You will be given a receipt upon purchase of your money order at Publix. It’s important to always keep this as it will have details like a serial number or the money order’s specific number, as well as the amount issued. You can then use this information to track the status of the money order via the Western Union website.

Also, on the off chance that your money order gets lost or stolen, by keeping the receipt, you’ll have the proof of purchase and be able to cancel it.

Can I Purchase It With A Credit Card?

Currently, you can not buy a money order from Publix with a credit card. The valid form of payment includes a pre-paid debit card, cash, or debit card.

Can It Be Bought With A Check?

Again it is a no. The reason being is that a check is not listed as an accepted form of payment for Publix stores.

Can I Cash My Money Order At Publix?

Unfortunately, as of August 2023, it’s a no. Publix issue money orders but do not provide the means to cash them. However, they do cash payroll checks up to $500 per week and personal checks up to the value of $75 weekly. Just not money orders.

What Other Financial Services Does Publix Offer?

What Other Financial Services Does Publix Offer?

Along with money orders, Publix provides its customers with some really handy extras. Like Presto! ATMs at over 1,250 of its store locations, as well as coin redemption machines! These work by inserting your loose change into the machine. The machine then counts it and prints out a receipt for you to take to the team at the Customer Services Desk for cash redemption.

Additionally, there are check cashing facilities. You are limited to $500 maximum value payroll checks and personal checks up to $75 each week. Finally, you can send money transfers by way of Western Union from the Customer Service Desk.

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Does Publix Do Money Orders? – Final Thoughts

Publix does offer money order facilities at each of its 1,294 stores within the United States. The limit for each money order is $500, and you can purchase as many as you need.

You can pay for these either by debit card, cash, or a pre-loaded debit card as per the FAQ page on Publix’s website. The Customer Service desk usually operates 9 am – 6 pm. However, it might vary at each location, so it’s always best to enquire within your local store. Currently, Publix does not cash money orders, unfortunately.

So, remember to head over to CVS or Walmart for your money order!

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