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Does Publix Sell Dry Ice (2023 Guide)

does publix sell dry ice

Summer is around the corner, and that means that we will see more ice cream carts, cold beverage vendors, and maybe even parties where ice sculptures are used. 

Dry ice is commonly used as a cooling agent when you are on the move or when you can’t use a traditional refrigerator. Of course, dry ice is also commonly used for its foggy effects in fog machines. Whether you are a vendor or just looking for a cool special effect at your party, you may think about using dry ice from Publix.

 That begs the question, can you get dry ice from your local Publix?

What Time Of Year Is Dry Ice Commonly Sold?

What Time Of Year Is Dry Ice Commonly Sold?

Of course, the item is seasonal and not exactly in demand during winter. Thus, your best time of the year to find it at your local Publix is during the warmer months, spring through summer. Of course, no Halloween is complete without some fog added to the décor. Although October is one of the colder fall months, dry ice is usually available for this occasion as well. 

Does Publix Sell Dry Ice?

Not all Publix stores will stock dry ice. Publix stores near mountain towns, camping sites, beaches, and other summer holiday destinations usually sell dry ice, as they have a captive audience of vendors looking to keep their ice cream and other perishables cool. 

If your area is outside of these parameters, you may want to call ahead to ask whether they stock the item before you make the trip. 

How much does dry ice usually cost?

How much does dry ice usually cost?

It costs around $1.50 to $2.00, per pound, depending on where you are shopping. It may lean more toward the $2.00 range in more remote areas, as logistic costs are more. 

As Publix strives to offer goods at competitive prices, this is in line with most other dry ice vendor pricing. 

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Does Publix Sell Dry Ice – Final Thoughts

Dry ice is usually stored in very specific conditions, as it never “melts.” In fact, it goes straight from its solid icy form to a gas, hence the fog. 

If it is not stored correctly, it won’t last long. This is why it cannot be ordered online. It is also considered a “dangerous” substance and should be handled with care. You should always wear proper protective gear when working with dry ice, as handling it without gloves can cause extreme burns from acute frostbite.

 This is because dry ice rapidly freezes whatever it comes into contact with. 

Good luck shopping for Dry Ice, and enjoy your party!

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