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Does Ross Run Background Checks?

does ross run background checks

It is no secret that felons face various challenges when looking for a job. If you have experience in the retail line, then applying for a job at Ross might seem like a smart idea.

If you are skeptical about Ross conducting a background check then here are a few things you need to know.

What Does A Background Check Include?

Most employees, including Ross, run a background check so they are not disapponted with an employee after hiring them. Most employers consider felons to be:

  • Unproductive employees
  • Disloyal towards the job
  • Not show up to work regularly
  • Lacking the skills needed for the job
  • Have a negative attitude towards work
  • Inability to communicate with customers effectively
  • A loner or someone who doesn’t get along with others

does ross run background check guide

Since most felons are guilty of at least one of the about traits, it becomes difficult to put across an application at Ross.

If you are a felon and you are scared about applying at Ross because of a background check, you should know that a background check also includes:

  • Credit report
  • Driving history
  • Past felony charges
  • Educational background

The background checking process reveals this information. This check determines whether the candidate is fit to work at Ross or not. Additionally, Ross also asks for:

  • A fitness certificate
  • The picture of the applicant
  • Any additional expnuged felony charges

If charges were pressed against you in the past and you are worried about your background check, you should know that your conviction will not show up if they are older than 7 years.

You can also consider getting them expunged and look for a fresh start. Before doing this, you should know that major convictions may not get expunged even after 7 years.

Applying At Ross

Ross Dress for Less is a retail chain in the United States that sells clothes at discounted prices. They are the largest retail chain in the United States and opened their first store way back in 1950.

The brand owns over 1400 stores in the country and is currently spread across 29 states. They specialize in clothing meant for everyone.

Since Ross is a big brand, they emphasize an ethical work environment and empowering employees who work for them. Ross encourages employee learning and competitiveness at the work place. This helps them learn faster and perform better.

does ross run a background checks

To get an entry-level job at Ross, you must be at least 18 years of age. The common entry-level positions include:

  • A warehouse worker
  • Customer service representative (face to face and telephonic)
  • Delivery personnel
  • Retail associate
  • Merchandise handler
  • Stock room associate

Interview Process

If you plan to apply to Ross, here are a few details you must provide:

  • Name – You must include your full legal name, as mentioned on your legal documents
  • Home address – This should be your current home address where you will reside while working at the store
  • Phone number – This should be your mobile number where the store can reach you at anytime
  • Email address – This is to digitally link you with the brand store
  • Date of birth – This is to ensure you are of legal age to work
  • Social security number – This is to check your credit score and financial status
  • Experience – If you have experience in retail, this could work to your advantage

Common Interview Questions

An interview at Ross could last for approximately 30 minutes. For an entry-level position, just need to clear one round. A few common questions asked during the interview at Ross includes:

1 What are the skills you possess?

You can impress your interviewer with this answer and your chances of getting the job increase.

2 How long do you see yourself working at Ross?

Most employers are looking to hire employees for the long run. You should inform the interviewer you are in it for the long haul.

does ross run background checks tips

3 Are you comfortable working in shifts or over the weekend?

This is a personal choice and you need to answer honestly. Once hired, you are put on the roster depending on what you answered.

4 What do you feel about our brand?

Here the interviewer is trying to gauge your knowledge about Ross as a brand. Make sure you do your homework before stepping in for your interview.

5 Do you have prior experience in retail?

Although having experience is an added advantage, having no experience is not the end of the road. You can explain to them how you are better than the other candidates and this is your chance to shine.

Drug Test

Once you have cleared your initial interview at Ross, the second round involves a drug test. This is a mandatory pre-employment test and refusal to give the test will result in your employment not being taken forward.

does Ross run your background checks

Ross does not have a rule with regards to whether or not they should hire felons. Hiring a felon depends on the interviewer or the hiring manager at the time.

It is important to be honest and upfront about the situation with the person conducting the interview. While Ross does hire felons, there are various factors they take into consideration before hiring. These include:

  • Skills of the individual
  • The overall experience
  • Number of convictions
  • The type of felony committed
  • Time lapsed since being released

When applying for a job at Ross, you must be clear about your criminal background, answer all questions honestly, and be open to accepting a lower-level position.

You can work your way up if you have the willingness to learn and perform. The background check process is to protect the employees, customers, and the company.

Scrubbing off your past is one of the best ways to get a job at Ross, there is no harm in giving it a try if it’s been a while since you have served time. You can also choose to run a background check on yourself before applying to see what comes up.

This will give you the chance to fix things before your opportunity does come up.  Apart from expunging your charges, you should look at improving your perspective. If getting a job is difficult, look for other ways to make a new beginning.

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