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Does Rue21 Run Background Checks?

does the rue21 run background check

After release from prison. felons face a major challenge to look for proper work. Prior work experience in the retail sector however allows them to apply at Rue21. The article covers whether Rue21 conducts background checks for felons.

  • Requirements for a Background Check
  • Application Process for Rue21
  • Rue21 Background Check
  • Self – Background Verification Check
  • Tips for Getting a Career Opportunity with Rue21.

Requirements for a Background Check

  • Rue21 is a popular employer that conducts basic background verification checks to eliminate bad hires.
  • Someone who demonstrates the following quality is a bad hire.
  • Someone doesn’t produce quality work.
  • Shows a negative attitude towards work.
  • Doesn’t demonstrate team spirit.
  • Doesn’t deal well with customers
  • The skillset in the application also doesn’t match interview skills.
  • Attendants’ problems are also a concern.

does rue 21 run the background checks

  • Shows dishonesty in jobs
  • The criminal history doesn’t allow felons to apply for any position at Rue21 despite their commitment to lead an honest life.
  • The employer checks and also validates the following records for a background check.
  • Credit Report, Records for driving, records for education, records for criminal offenses.
  • The background information also allows Rue21 to understand past mistakes, good character, and financial stability.
  • It also allows the employer to understand risks involved in hiring which has security and safety concerns for the company.
  • When Rue21 checks the criminal record thoroughly, it examines the criminal history and criminal offenses, also reveals details of conviction and non – conviction cases.
  • A felon can also apply to expunge their record.

Application Process for Rue21

1 Rue21 owns 1100 stores across the USA in 47 states.

2 This store deals with youth apparel for men and women between the ages group of 11 to 17 years since 1976.

3 Rue21 has its corporate office at Warren dale in Pennsylvania.

4 Generally, these stores are located in small towns and villages.

5 The total employee strength is 7500 across these stores.

6 The organization focuses on hiring felons with an energetic personality along with good communication skills.

does rue 21 run the background check

7 The felons can dress in business casuals or clothing similar to the ones available in Rue21.

8 Felons must have a positive approach and excellent customer handling skills.

9 The company also employs felons with the ability for teamwork and the ones who follow all company policies.

10 The various positions are retail clerk, cashier, receptionist, merchandise agent, stores specialist, etc.

11 The minimum age however is 16 years.

Rue21 Background Check

1 Rue21 will conduct a background check for anyone who receives a job offer but has a felony background.

2 The authorities also scan criminal record details for the past 7 years.

3 A drug test is also a mandatory process for hiring felons.

4 Felons get hired on the basis of the severity of the crime

5 Period of conviction

6 Rue21 also finds out all details about criminal history

does rue 21 run your background check

7 Felons must also answer all questions truthfully

8 Felons must be honest and felons should also have a positive approach.

9 It is a felon’s responsibility to answer all questions truthfully.

10 Felons consent is also required to conduct a background verification check

11 The period for background checks is 1 week.

12 A background check safeguards the interest of the Company, its employee, and customers.

13 Felons must use the best opportunity to get their record expunged so that they secure a suitable job with Rue21.

Self – Background Verification Check

  • Felons conduct self – background verification checks to understand the exact requirement of background verification check that gets revealed when the company runs a background verification check for felons.
  • A felon can seek legal advice from an attorney.
  • This allows felons to take corrective action on their background check results without tampering with them.
  • Felons can use this opportunity to tactfully answer all interview questions during their interview related to criminal history.
  • Felons can conduct a personal background verification check by gathering documents like a character certificate from the court, credit report history which determines the financial stability of the felon.
  • Driving records for commercial driving along with an educational report from National Student Clearing House is essential for completing the self – background verification check.
  • Felons can run a background check with professional help from various agencies.

Tricks for Getting a Career Opportunity with Rue21

The various tricks for getting hired at Rue21 are:

  • Felons must be flexible to work in different shifts
  • Felons should provide reliable references
  • They must share their current work history with an updated Resume.
  • Felons must honestly share personal information and personal history.
  • Felons must reach early for an interview.
  • The dress code must be appropriate.
  • Felons must be polite and respectful.
  • Felons must speak in a clear voice with enthusiasm
  • Use a firm handshake while meeting the interviewer.

does rue 21 run a background check

A face-to-face interview at Rue21 provides felons an opportunity to share all details with the hiring manager regarding his felony. Felons should focus on highlighting professional skills and abilities that help them qualify for a job. This should be the core focus area during the interview.

Felons must take complete responsibility for doing their background check. This allows them to understand what the possible findings of a felon’s record are. Felons must remember they are not defined by the crime they commit rather the strategies they adopt to define their professional aspirations and allow them to begin a successful life.

Felons who are hardworking, dedicated, and determined to achieve something big can explore the role in the retail sector at Rue21. Study shows felons who join the retail sector generally prove good resources and add value to company’s success.

Bottom Line

Felons can join Rue21 to uplift their lives by choosing a suitable career opportunity. Rue21 offers numerous career opportunities to felons at the entry-level to help them start their career and gain financial stability. Felons conduct self – background verification checks before the former one gets conducted, this allows felons to choose the best career paths and opportunities for their growth.

If felons are sincere and hardworking, they can make the best use of opportunities available. Felons can use these opportunities to build a stable work history without any issues. They should also be honest when applying. This will increase their chances of bagging a job.

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