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Does Ryanair allow perfumes?


Does Ryanair allow perfumes?

Yes, Ryanair does allow passengers to bring perfumes in their carry-on luggage. However, there are certain restrictions and guidelines that passengers should be aware of before bringing perfumes on board a Ryanair flight. It’s important to follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Perfume Guidelines for Ryanair Flights

When traveling with Ryanair, passengers are allowed to bring perfumes in containers of 100ml or less. These containers must be placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag, with each passenger limited to one plastic bag. The plastic bag must be presented separately at the security checkpoint for screening. It’s important to ensure that the perfume containers are properly sealed to prevent any spillage during the flight.

Can I bring multiple perfume bottles on a Ryanair flight?

Yes, passengers can bring multiple perfume bottles on a Ryanair flight as long as each bottle is within the 100ml limit and all bottles are placed in the same plastic bag for security screening.

Are there any specific restrictions on the types of perfumes allowed?

There are no specific restrictions on the types of perfumes allowed on Ryanair flights. However, passengers should be mindful of the 100ml limit for each container and ensure that all perfume bottles are properly sealed to prevent any leakage.

Can I bring my perfume in my checked luggage?

Yes, passengers are allowed to pack perfumes in their checked luggage on Ryanair flights. However, it’s important to securely pack the perfume bottles to prevent any breakage or spillage during the handling of checked luggage. It’s always a good idea to place the perfume bottles in a sealed plastic bag within the checked luggage for extra protection.

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