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Does Safeway Do Money Orders? (2023 Guide)

does safeway do money orders

If you are trying to figure out Does Safeway Do Money Orders? Well, you have come to the right place. So, grab a coffee, and sit back, as I go through everything you need to know about money orders at Safeway.

What Is A Money Order?

What Is A Money Order?

A money order is a document, similar to a check, used for making payments. Money orders are generally less expensive than checks and can be purchased at many places, such as post offices, banks, and grocery stores. When you purchase one, you pay for the amount of the money order plus a small fee. It is then made out to the person or business you are paying. 

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To cash a money order, the recipient takes it to a bank or other location that cashes money orders. The recipient will likely have to show ID and may need to pay a small fee. Money orders are a safe and convenient way to pay someone when you don’t have a checking account or when you don’t want to use a check.

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What Is Safeway?

What Is Safeway

Safeway is a grocery store chain that was founded in 1915 in American Falls, Idaho. The company was acquired by Albertsons in January 2015 and is now a subsidiary of that company. They operate more than 2,200 stores in the United States and Canada.

 The company also has a wholesale division, which supplies products to military commissaries and other retailers. Safeway’s retail operations are divided into three segments: food and general merchandise, pharmacy, and fuel.

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The food and general merchandise segment offer a wide variety of products, including groceries, baked goods, meats, seafood, and produce. The pharmacy segment provides prescription drugs and other health-related products. The fuel segment sells gasoline at Safeway gas stations. As of 2021, Safeway is estimated to be worth $17.2 billion.

Money Order Services At Safeway

Money Order Services At Safeway

Safeway does do money orders through its partnership with Western Union. It has been working with Western Union since 2011 and offers money orders at nearly all of its locations. With Western Union, customers can transfer money online, by phone, or in person at a Safeway location. The process is simple and convenient and can be done quickly and easily.

How Much Does a Money Cost at Safeway?

The cost of a money order from Safeway depends on the amount of money you are sending. Most transactions will cost around $1. The money order limit is around $500 but again varies depending on the store. 

What Payment is Required for Money Orders?

You will have to place your money order in cash, as Safeway does not accept checks or credit cards for payment.

Where Can I Get a Money Order at Safeway?

The desk that offers money orders at Safeway will be located near the customer service desk. This is usually in the front of the store near the entrance.

Using A Money Order Service

Using A Money Order Service


Money orders offer a number of advantages over other payment methods, such as cash or checks. For one thing, they can be difficult to counterfeit, so you can be confident that the money you receive is genuine.

 Additionally, they can be used to pay bills or send money to friends and family members who may not have access to a bank account. And if you need to send a hefty sum of money, you can purchase multiple money orders and have them mailed separately. This can help to reduce the risk of loss or theft.


However, there are a few potential drawbacks to using a money order service. First, money orders can be expensive. The fee for buying a money order is typically a percentage of the total amount, so if you’re sending a large sum of money, the fee can add up. 

Second, it can be difficult to track down a lost or stolen money order. If you have the recipient’s information, you can usually cancel the money order and get your money back. But if you don’t, you may be out of luck. Finally, some businesses don’t accept money orders. So, if you’re sending payment to someone who doesn’t accept them, you’ll need to find another way.

Money Order Services At Other Retailers

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Final Thoughts

So, can you get a money order at Safeway? The answer is yes! Safeway is a convenient place to get a money order. The fees are reasonable, and the process is simple. 

However, there can be negatives to using a money order service. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to use one.

Good luck sending your next Money Order!

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