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Does Sam’s Club Take Walmart Gift Cards? (Yes, Enjoy Shopping Now)

does sam's club take walmart gift card

Sam’s Club is a leading membership-only retailer. It generates revenue through retail, wholesale, online product sales, and a membership club.

With 47 million members shopping at over 600 of its locations, it’s open to different payment methods. Some shoppers use gift cards to complete their purchases. These can be used as a substitute form of payment in place of a credit card or cash. Sam’s Club Gift Cards don’t expire, and you never pay any fees for the cards. 

As a retailer operated by Walmart, does Sam’s Club take Walmart Gift Cards? Let’s find out…

Sam’s Club and Walmart Gift Cards

So, here’s the deal! Sam’s Club accepts Walmart gift cards. You can use your gift card at any local Sam’s Club or online.

 With a Walmart eGift Card, you’ll get low prices on popular products every day. You can also use the card at one of the gas stations operated by Sam’s Club. However, there’s just one downside to this… there is a 10% service fee charged when you use your Walmart gift card but aren’t a Sam’s Club member. So, make sure that you go to samsclub.com and choose a suitable membership club to join first. 

Does Sam’s Club Take Walmart Gift Cards? – Paying With A Walmart Gift Card

Shopping at this retail store means that you get premium quality products, amazing perks, and members-only prices. Using a Walmart gift card is quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do so. 

You can buy pretty much anything when you use this card because Walmart is the parent company of Sam’s Club. The card can be used to purchase food, electronics, furniture, alcohol, and more. 

Take note that the only restrictions in place are based on the type of card the shopper is in ownership of. Walmart has restricted gift cards that prohibit the purchasing of alcohol. The card indicates if there are any prohibitions in place.

Paying In-Store

Paying In-Store

The gift cards are available as physical cards and as digital eGift cards. The card PIN can be found under the silver scratch-off area on the card. For eGift cards, the cashier will scan the gift card barcode on your digital device. 

Paying at a Self-Checkout

When you are at the self-checkout point, scan and bag each item; then, when you select the ‘Payment Options’ tab, choose the ‘Walmart Gift Card’ option. After that, simply swipe your card in the reader. Finally, scan the barcode on the back of the card, and the transaction will be complete!

Paying Online

When you check out items in your cart, you get the payment methods option. One of these options will be to use a gift card. Proceed and enter the 16-digit card number on the back of the card. It sounds easy, right? That’s because it is! 

Activating A Walmart Gift Card

Activating A Walmart Gift Card

Having this card is advantageous in many ways. You can use it at Walmart, Sam’s Club, gas stations, and other selected retailers. If you’re a regular at some of the leading retailers, having a Walmart Gift Card will help you save a few dollars. Here’s a short guide on how to activate a card. 

Firstly, sign in to your Walmart account and scroll down to Gift Cards, which is under ‘Manage Account.’ Next, select ‘Add a New Gift Card’ and enter the 16-digit gift card number and PIN. For any bulk gift card orders of more than 25 cards, a balance of $250 is needed before activation. Some gift cards are automatically activated upon purchase. You can also activate your card over the phone. 

Contact the Walmart Customer Service team on 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART).

The Benefits of paying using a Walmart Gift Card

Gift cards have prepaid money in them; therefore, you can make contact-free purchases. The card can be used for different services and at different retailers. You can make any in-store purchases, online purchases, and gas payments. 

Other Acceptable Payment Methods At Sam’s Club

As one of the leading retailers in the U.S, the retail stores have grown by 15% in its last fiscal year, according to Statista. Payment methods make the shopping experience online and in-person a pleasant experience. What other payment methods does Sam’s Club accept for the convenience of its customers? Let’s take a look!

1  Sam’s Club Shopping Card

This card is convenient for your everyday shopping use. It’s reloadable and can be used for online shopping on Sam’s Club’s official website. Here’s the fun twist. You can also use Sam’s Club shopping card at Walmart and walmart.com

Safely walk around with your gift cards in an RFID Blocking Front Pocket Luxury Card Case Leather Wallet. An RFID wallet prevents others from picking up the data in RFID-based credit cards, shopping membership cards, and ID cards. 

2 Cash, Check, Debit, or Credit Card

Spoiled with choices, shoppers can buy products using cash, a check, debit, or credit card. While at the check-out point, present your preferred payment choice. These payment methods are available at walk-in stores. For online payments, you can’t use cash or check methods. 



The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is used as cash to purchase products. Some restrictions apply when using an EBT card. Shoppers can’t purchase beer and supplements. You can use an EBT card to buy any household food, including meat, dairy products, and snacks.

Where Else Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart operates a large chain of hypermarkets, as well as discount department stores and grocery stores. Therefore, their gift card comes in handy for its shoppers. So, where else can you use a Walmart gift card other than Sam’s Club?

Walmart Stores

Walmart introduced shoppers to a convenient way of shopping. The gift cards can be used at any local store or Walmart.com. You’ll find an interesting and wide assortment of electronics, home essentials, and more. 

Gas Stations

You can also use it at selected Murphy USA Fuel Stations. As one of the largest independent retailers of gasoline products, Murphy USA operates 1,500 fueling stations. A Walmart gift card would come in handy when you make a stop for gas at any of their locations. 

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Does Sam’s Club Take Walmart Gift Cards? – Final Thoughts

It’s great that Sam’s Club encourages its shoppers to use Walmart gift cards. It makes their shopping experience worthwhile and gives them access to more specials, discounts, and promotions. 

It’s easier and far cheaper to use a Walmart gift card if you also have a membership at Sam’s Club. This will save you from paying an additional 10% for shopping using a Walmart card. You can utilize the card both online and in-store. Sam’s Club continues to make shopping a fun and money-saving experience.

So, good luck and enjoy your shopping at Sam’s Club!

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