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Does Sears Hire Felons?

Does Sears Hire Felons

Sears is one of the most popular departmental store brands. It started its operations in 1893. It has 1500 stores currently and is the largest retail store in the US. Sears however has suffered a major decline in recent years.

The holiday season is a popular employment season that offers full-time and part-time positions in the store. Due to criminal history, do felons get a chance to get hired at Sears?

Many felons face criminal trials in the US, this doesn’t label them as bad workers but it affects the employability of such felons. Employers have a misconception about felons that they are not disciplined or follow rules and regulations of any organization.

The management eliminates felons with serious offenses from the application and interview process. Sears also conducts background verification checks which use national criminal databases and court records as basic research points. The credit reports also help in validating the financial stability of felons. These reports help to check 5 to 10 years of previous records for felons. Sears however remains a good employer for felons.

Work Culture at Sears

  • Sears is a brand that is still a prestigious one despite many challenges.
  • It is one of the industry leaders which has a market presence in the US.
  • The leadership team inspires felons and other employees to work better.
  • Everyone enjoys a good work-life balance in sears.
  • Sears offers competitive salaries and excellent employee benefits.

Does Sears Hire Felon

  • Healthcare coverage includes medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  • The company also offers spending accounts for dependents.
  • Sears offers retirement plans and paid vacation time as a referral bonus program.
  • Sears offers extra benefits such as a fitness center, cafeteria, daycare.
  • There are also flexible work schedules offered in some locations.

Hiring Procedure at Sears

  • The company offers a dedicated career page and lists down open positions for felons to choose from.
  • Felons can use job title, department, and location for searching for a suitable job through the career page.
  • Job search gets carried out through various job categories such as sales, customer service, call center, repair, and cashier.
  • Felons can view job requirements on the career page with the scope and summary and skillsets required for a job.
  • They can review the criteria for any job and click on the apply button to connect with the talent network Sears.

Does Sears Hire a Felon

  • Felons can provide personal information such as email address, job location, job title, and names.
  • Felons should also upload their current Resume on the website to search for relevant jobs as per the skillset available.
  • If felons fit a specific job requirement, the HR team contacts them.
  • Interview rounds include both telephonic interviews and face-to-face interviews.
  • Every position has different rounds of interviews to assess the skillset of felons basis the skillset a conditional offer gets offered to felons.
  • Drug screening and validating criminal background checks is a normal practice for any new hires, especially felons.

Felons Get Hired at Sears

  • Sears can hire felons based on testimonials by current and former employees.
  • Nature of offense, a period of conviction, and repeated offender are certain factors that influence the hiring of felons.
  • Skillset and training also play a critical role to execute the hiring process of felons.
  • Felons receive a fair chance for showcasing their talent and putting their best foot forward to achieve professional and personal success at the job.
  • Felons receive a fair chance to create a good impression on the hiring manager and the management. They can influence hiring managers by proving they are best suited for a particular job at Sears.

Success Strategies For A Job At Sears

1 Felons must honestly share details about their criminal history with the hiring manager.

2 Felons get a chance to share their details in person with the hiring manager.

3 They must share real-time facts with the hiring manager explaining their circumstances.

4 Felon must focus on adopting a positive approach by accomplishing things like going back to school or volunteering at social work.

does sears hire felons guide

5 Felons must formally dress with the basic dress code followed in each store.

6 They must demonstrate relevant work experience, knowledge, and skills to let the hiring manager decide their suitability for a job.

7 Felons must speak confidently in a clear voice with a polite tone.

8 Good communication skills are important to work well in a retail business.

9 Felons must take the appropriate time to research the company. Felons must use online resources to prepare well for interviews.

Benefits for Working with Sears

Companies usually hire felons with a good pay scale and great benefits. The retail sector also opens doors to felons for various career opportunities. This organization is a wonderful place for felons to showcase their talent. Felons must use every single opportunity to create a positive impression with strong, reliable references.

Felons must practice interviewing skills so that every felon responds confidently and tackles questions well. Sears is very careful while choosing felons to work in different jobs. Sears questions their reliability and discipline towards work which influences job security for felons. Felons require to take up every possible opportunity and positively use the same without any issues.

Bottom Line

Felons can uplift their lives for a better future by busing suitable career opportunities at Sears. Sears offers many health and employment benefits with career advancement opportunities. No one should discriminate against felons based on their felony records. This will ensure they don’t adopt the wrong path once again.

Felons face disciplinary issues due to preconceived notions. Hiring managers prove a support network for felons to lead an honest life, dedication, hard work, and determination works well with felons to achieve success on the professional front.

Felons prove better employees and undergo a sincere transformation to achieve business success at Sears with time. Felons generally require proper guidance and mentoring to recover from past mistakes. Organizations like Sears provide such opportunities for growth and development shortly. Felons must focus on developing skills with time to excel in their careers at Sears. Sears focuses on equipping felons to prove better employees for sears in the long run.

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