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Does SONIC Run Background Checks?

Does SONIC Run Background Checks

The biggest challenge after release from prison is finding a suitable career opportunity. Felons however who have prior experience of working in restaurants can apply to SONIC.

The article focuses on whether SONIC runs background verification checks before hiring felons.

  • Inclusions in background Verification check
  • Application Process for SONIC
  • Background Check Policy for SONIC
  • Self – Background check for Felons
  • SONIC’s Hiring Strategies

Inclusions in Background Verification Check

Background Verification Checks facilitate employers like SONIC to review the complete background of felons so that they do not hire the wrong person for any role. A wrong hire is someone who deliberately does not possess the proper skills to excel in a job.

  • Do not produce quality work meeting company’s standards
  • Shows a negative attitude towards work.
  • Doesn’t like working as a team member.
  • Do not also have customer handling skills
  • Falsifies information in the application
  • Remains absent from work
  • Shows dishonesty at work

Criminal History

The major issue felons face is related to the criminal history which causes hindrance while applying for a suitable role and leading an honest life. SONIC checks the following documents under its background verification process:

1 Credit Report

2 Driving Record’s

3 Criminal Offences

does sonic run a background checks

4 Educational Records

5 Past Mistakes

6 Good Character

7 Financial Stability

The criminal history also gets reviewed in a background verification check. This facilitates SONIC to understand more about cases in detail. This includes the prosecuted ones and the dismissed ones. If a felon doesn’t show up in court for 7 years, the non–conviction cases get removed from the record, and therefore the background verification report comes out clean. This is also a good way to expunge a felon’s record.

Application Process for SONIC

SONIC drive–in is a popular fast-food chain that was incepted in 1956 under the name of “Top Hat”. It received a new name in 1959 and people know it as SONIC now. This restaurant is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. This restaurant has 3600 locations spread in 45 states of the USA.

SONIC believes in providing customers the opportunity to dine when on a drive. The company slogan is “Service with the speed of sound”. SONIC drive-in facilitates applicants who can meet physical demands for the job opportunity with a positive approach and also with an upbeat attitude. A felon needs to remain cheerful and positive during the interview.

does sonic run the background checks

It is very important to have a flexible schedule and reliable transportation network. Working in a team environment is also encouraged for felons with a minimum age requirement of 16 years.

The application process includes the following sub-sections for felons to complete:

  • Personal information
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Availability schedule
  • Reliable references
  • Educational Background
  • Employment History
  • Applicants Statement

The application and interview process runs for 1 week. The felon can submit relevant information to a local restaurant. After a review of an application, the hiring manager calls applicants for an interview process. The general manager also conducts a face-to-face interview with shortlisted felons for 20 to 30 minutes.

Employment Assessment

Applicants need to undergo an employment assessment to test math skills. This ensures applicants provide accurate information before applying for a job. The various entry-level positions include cook, food preparation, carhop, server, crew member, and crew leader.

The interview questions are related to the work environment, motivation for the job, and also the employer’s expectations. The questions also assess the personal interests and career goals of felons. The basic interview questions talk about dealing with unhappy customers, standing for long durations, days of work that you are available for, employees choose SONIC as their preferred employer.

Physical abilities are also important for getting a job with SONIC. The interviewer asks specific questions related to the length of employment with a high turnover in fast-food jobs.

Background Check Policy for SONIC

Working with the fast food industry is a common area that is most accessible by felons. SONIC often does hire felons, during the application process SONIC will ask permission to perform a pre-employment background check. SONIC conducts background checks for felons who can receive job offers based on felony convictions.

The company will conduct a drug test later as part of the hiring process. The background verification process validates all aspects of an applicant’s background and also reviews felony conviction and criminal records. The background check process runs for 1 week. Felons must answer all questions truthfully and showcase honesty. Felons must demonstrate a positive approach and lead an honest life before applying to SONIC.

If a felon is dishonest, he gets disqualified from the application process and runs background checks to protect employees, customers, and the reputation of the company. All felons who have a clear criminal history hold a better chance to secure employment with SONIC.

Self – Background Check for Felons

Self – Background check allows a felon to understand his criminal records and background history before the details get revealed in a formal background verification check. A felon can raise all possible questions with an attorney so that he doesn’t tamper with the results of this background verification check.

Felons can review different personal background verification checks such as certification from the court, a credit report which talks about the financial responsibility of an individual. Checking the driving records of felons, the educational report gets issued from the national student clearinghouse. There are various agencies to assist felons to get these background verification checks done.

SONIC’s Hiring Strategies

1 It is important to reach early for an interview.

2 Be honest

3 Be flexible to work for different shifts

4 Give reliable references

5 Your job history must get started with an updated Resume.

does sonic run your background checks

6 Be honest about personal information and history of work and felony

7 Maintain eye contact

8 Speak clearly

9 Be polite and respectful

10 Speak in a clear voice and demonstrate enthusiasm for a job

It is always better to apply for a job in person at SONIC as this gives a better career opportunity to felons for a job with SONIC. All SONIC restaurants take independent hiring decisions to hire felons of their choice. It is the hiring manager’s responsibility to define the hiring policy followed at SONIC.

Felons should never hide any detail related to felony convictions as such details get revealed in background verification check easily. They must try and explain all facts related to felony clearly without sharing an emotional story. Felons should never use false information to fill the application form. This straightaway results in the cancellation of job offers and felons never get considered for a suitable job role.

Felons must highlight specific skills during the interview to secure a good job with SONIC. Felons should take complete responsibility for their actions and conduct a self – background check before providing consent to employers. The support of family and friends allows felons to grow and achieve business success.

Bottom Line

SONIC offers an excellent platform to felons where they can learn and even earn at the same time. Background verification checks for felons also ensure safety and security within the company. It is normal practice to ensure the right candidates get selected for the right kind of job.

Felons must also demonstrate genuine skills to excel in the restaurant industry. This industry is a labor-intensive industry that allows felons to lead a respectful and honest life without causing an issue.

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