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Does Starbucks Hire Felons?

Does Starbucks Hire Felons

A job with a sustainable amount of salary is necessary to survive in this world. Every individual needs a suitable job, and so do felons. Convicted criminals coming out of the bar try to be a better person.

To come into a better phase of life, felons need a job. They can live their life comfortably by getting a job. But most of the companies and offices refrain from appointing a convicted felon. Companies avoid a felon despite a complete term of sentence. This ignorance is seen in many big companies.

An employer gets feared about the safety of their customers and fellow employees due to felons’ records. So, they try to maintain a clean employee list without any negative feedback.

But, the concern about the employment of felons is increasing. The felons do not get suitable jobs even after completing their sentences. This destroys their mental stability and encourages them to choose the wrong path again. We do not want this to happen.

Everyone has equal rights to get a job, including felons. So, we have to move forward and employ the felons for a greater cause.

Fortunately, many big companies are employing felons nowadays. Starbucks is one of the few companies which is stepping up to employ felons. Their motto is to maintain the capabilities of their employees over their records. There are however some conditions in hiring felons in Starbucks.

If you like to know about the employment of felons in Starbucks, go through this article. We will discuss the process, conditions, and every other detail of hiring felons in Starbucks.

What Are The Conditions Of Hiring Felons In Starbucks?

Starbucks is a major employer worldwide. With around 27,000 locations globally and approximately 238,000 employees in their outlets, Starbucks is a massive job-seeking place. Anyone willing to work in a restaurant can apply to Starbucks.

We already know that felons should apply everywhere, including restaurants and outlets. This will open up more and more opportunities for them. As many companies try to avoid employing felons, applying to a massive company like Starbucks will increase the likeliness of getting a job.

does starbucks hire felon

As Starbucks offers a great number of placements, it includes major background checking too. This is the main condition of appointing felons as their employees. Starbucks hires felons with adequate background checks.

They employ felons based on few conditions laid in here,

  • The period from which the felon committed the crime.
  • The term of the sentence of the felon.
  • The extent of crime committed.
  • The capability of the felon to do the work.
  • Character assurance from reputed organizations.

If the felons go through these conditions, then they will surely get a job in Starbucks. While some of the outlets make it compulsory to issue a character assurance, some may not.

But to be 100% assured, we prefer the felons to get a character assurance certificate from any reputed institution. This background checking process is mandatory for every Starbucks outlet in the world.

If a felon passes the job application selection, then one has to pass the background checking round. The application selection is only a preliminary step to ask one for a background checking session. The positive outcome of this session will decide the appointment of the job.

Generally, the background checking process takes about one week or less.

How Can A Felon Apply In Starbucks?

The application process at Starbucks is simple.

1 Felons willing to take a Starbucks job have to search for vacant posts in the nearby Starbucks outlets.

2 If they find any suitable job option, they should immediately apply for the post.

3 A felon can surely get a job in Starbucks if they fulfill every criterion needed for the job.

4 Background checking is a must for every candidate applying to Starbucks.

5 The Starbucks official will hire a felon after a proper background checking process.

But the primary to get a job in Starbucks is to fill out the application correctly. A felon should be truthful while filling out the application form. The application for Starbucks consists of a column for past criminal records. Felons must fill up this section with true words. Remember that honesty is the best policy.

does starbucks hire a felon

Starbucks employers also follow this rule and hire every honest eligible candidate, be it a fresher or a felon.

Convicted felons can follow these steps while filling out the application for Starbucks,

  • Describe the past incident in your words.
  • The description should be brief.
  • Take responsibility for one’s deeds.
  • Say out the true feelings.
  • Say out how sorry one feels.
  • Describe the efforts of being a better person.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Appointment Of Felons In Starbucks?

There are many companies and business farms that are afraid of hiring felons. The records of felons drastically affect the application of the jobs. Whenever an employer notices any discrepancy, like committing any crime, they immediately disqualify the application. Thus it is tough to get a job being a felon.

While obstacles are huge, there is hope too. Many companies, including Starbucks, are employing convicted felons in their various job posts. While most of the companies prefer felons to be in the back office, some companies like Starbucks have progressed to posting felons in outlets.

does starbucks hire the felon

In Starbucks, the felons are working as servers, cooks, and maintenance staff. No doubt, Starbucks is giving hope to many felons. They are being hopeful about getting a placement in a reputed company like Starbucks.

Rejection Reasons

It would be wrong to say that nothing affects hiring felons in Starbucks outlets. Yes, many negative factors affect the appointment of felons in Starbucks. These factors are the result of past criminal records of the felons.

Many outlets of Starbucks have been known to reject felons. But there are surely some reasons behind this. The reasons behind rejecting felons for a job in Starbucks depends on many factors.

The factors include-

1 The state’s law sometimes holds back the company from appointing felons in jobs. There are coded laws of rules and regulations for hiring felons in any job position. Starbucks also follows the laws to hire felons in their outlets.

2  The extent of crime committed by the felon is the main concern that affects the job’s appointment.

3 The Company’s policy of hiring felons is another major thing that is a major drawback in this case.

4 Preference of other eligible and fresh candidates over a felon. Whenever the company notices that a fresh candidate with equal qualification and capability has applied beside a felon, they tend to lean on a fresh candidate’s side.

5 The mental state of the felon also leads him to clear rejection. During the interview and background checking, Starbucks try to figure out the mental condition of the felon. Any aggressive or negative behavior will surely affect the appointment of the job.


We should always remember that taking responsibility for our every action is a must to grow. A convicted felon should also take all the responsibility for the deeds. If one can be sorry about their negative actions, only then he becomes a better person. A felon should also remember this and try to be truthful in words.

Starbucks believes in hope, and that is why they are giving their helping hands to felons. A felon should not be ashamed of their whole life. After completing their sentence, they should gain self-knowledge and try to live a peaceful life. A job will surely give them the peace and comfort that everyone wants.

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