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Does Steak n Shake Hire Felons?

Does Steak n Shake Hire Felons

Steak n Shake is a restaurant chain. The company offers burgers made with steaks. They also take pride in making food from scratch. This article highlights whether “felons get hired at this restaurant chain”.

Felons often face a challenge to find jobs. Others need to view felons as people. Felons however require to earn a living and stand on their feet. Society cannot punish felons after their prison sentence is over. Employers must give a fair chance to felons to develop a career.

Steak n Shake

Steak n Shake is a famous restaurant chain for steakburgers and offers tasty milkshakes. The name of the restaurant chain comes from steakburgers and milkshakes they offer. These are the main delicacies of the restaurant.

This company established itself in 1934 and Mr. Belt used ground steaks for burgers in front of customers. The restaurant presently owns 400 outlets. They also also known to have a good quality service standard.

does steak n shake hire felon

The restaurant chain offers various career opportunities and benefits such as cellphones, hourly payments, and employee meals. Restaurant managers get medical and dental insurance. The organization provides paid vacation to managers. The restaurant functions on team spirit and considers the employees as a family.

The restaurant’s philosophy focuses on taking care of employees and customers. The organization offers flexible work shifts and ample chances to grow.

Steak n Shake Hire Felons

Steak n Shake restaurant chain provides equal opportunity to felons to restart their career. The benefits and opportunities vary from location to location. Felons must path a background verification check before they are hired.

Background Verification Check Process at Steak n Shake

Steak n Shake doesn’t run a very stringent background verification process which opens new opportunities for felons, they have hired basis basic background checks for some specific roles. Background checks require clearance. The background verification checks last for 1 week for most jobs. Certain jobs complete background verification checks in a month.

Careers Offered by Steak n Shake

Steak n Shake opens multiple career opportunities, some of the common jobs are:

  • Servers
  • Cashiers
  • Chefs
  • Live Counter Workers
  • Drive Through Workers

Work Environment At Steak n Shake

Servers ensure customers receive their meals on time. Steak n Shake servers use a 7 step service process. This process ensures all components are cleaned and well-stocked. Cashiers are responsible to take orders and serve drinks to customers, they also assist in quickly running the cash register.

Chefs prepare grilled products and keep a track of cooking time, settings, and temperatures. Chefs ensure the raw material restocks and keep their area clean.

does steak n shake hire a felon

Live Counter Workers plate orders, garnish them, and inspect them. They also focus on coordinating orders to make sure it reaches the customer table fast. They manage the temperatures on the table, restock, and clean.

Drive through Workers sell orders at the drive-through counter, they need good hearing and hand dexterity, their job involves moving and carrying heavy objects. These jobs are rotational.

Employee Application Process at Steak n Shake

Felons can use the online application process by accessing the career page on the official website of the restaurant i.e. http://www.steaknshake.com. Felons can select the job application form from the drop-down menu and fill it. Click on the apply now option. Felons can get a fair chance to get hired in their preferred location.

Felons should always answer the application form with complete honesty and integrity to qualify for a suitable job. The organization assesses felons on their zeal to learn and willingness to grow. This opens new opportunities for felons to lead a life of integrity and dignity. Managers take specific notes about felonies while interviewing felons to ensure managers can groom felons well.

does the steak n shake hire felon

Felons must ensure they remain honest and build trust in minds of managers during the interview process, this increases the chance of felons getting hired easily without trouble. Felons receive a fair chance to become hard-working team players who work towards personal development and contribute towards the growth of the company.

Opportunities at Steak n Shake

The fast-food industry generally gets a bad name because of health concerns. Many people in America like convenient and low-cost meals. They can eat something hot and tasty while they are rushing for work. Despite poor nutritional value, this industry is the fastest growing industry in America. There are always career opportunities available for employees who can perform basic tasks like cooking, cleaning, and serving.

Felons comment steak n shake is a good place where felons can restart their career. The restaurant offers a safe and family-like work culture. Felons can learn and grow easily under proper supervision and guidance from their managers. Felons can apply to locations spread in the US, Europe, and West Asia.

Why Felons Choose to Work Here?

Felons choose to work with Steak N Shake to generate loyal customers and earn a good living to support their families. They also receive consistent training to improve their skills and monthly paychecks which assist them to meet their financial expenditures.

does the steak n shake hire felons

Felons can earn additional money by receiving service tips in cash. The basic knowledge any employee at Steaks n Shakes must have is reading and writing skills and the ability to communicate. Felons must ensure to work sincerely and take complete advantage of the training programs provided. Sincerity and hard work assist in climbing the career ladder and achieve employee benefits.

All employees work in an inclusive environment where discrimination does not take place. A flexible work schedule allows felons to earn a regular income and study to enhance their skills. Additionally, they also receive insurance and retirement plans.

Bottom Line

Steak n Shakes considers felons as equal employees who require a fair chance to showcase their talent and earn an honest living. The organization provides complete support to felons and makes them hardworking team players. Felons use every available opportunity to go up the career ladder and reestablish a good reputation by earning well.

Monthly paychecks and cash tips both provide financial support to felons and their families. According to Steaks n Shakes, felons get hired keeping their past conviction away from their new life.

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