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Does Subway Have Pizza? (Full Guide)

does subway have pizza

Yes, featuring Subway Personal Pizza.

Although best known for its submarine sandwiches, the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain, Subway, now offers personal pizza as part of the wide variety of items available on its menu.

Subway’s dedication to providing healthy, fresh, fast food has ensured that they have remained at the forefront of the fast-food industry. They strive for “Eat Fresh,” and they’ve branded themselves as a healthy alternative to typical fast food establishments. The company has taken the submarine sandwiches to the next level by using the same choice of toppings that you like on sandwiches. 

Quick and nutritious…

They have become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious meals that the whole family can enjoy. From the beginning, the company has had a clear vision for the Subway brand. As they continue to grow, they are guided by the passion for delighting customers by serving delicious, made-to-order sandwiches.

However, not all Subway franchises offer pizza on the menu. Only selected stores have broadened their horizons by adding the new addition everybody loves.

Subway Brand

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The company has 36,821 restaurants worldwide, with more than 21,000 in the US and over 2,500 in the UK. All Subway franchises follow their Gold Standard policies regarding prepared food and product manufacturing and inspection specifications. 

All restaurants follow the necessary food handling procedures in order to prepare your meal to the fullest and to give the best to you, the customer. Plus, everything on the menu is as fresh as it can buy, with all food being prepared daily.

How to enjoy Subway’s Pizzas?

In Italy, pizza is served unsliced with a knife and fork. However, you can enjoy one of Subway’s Pizzas any way you like by visiting your local Subway store or ordering them online.

To find out more, check out Subway.com.

Customize your order

Subway’s sandwich and personal pizza artists will prepare your freshly made pizza or sandwich as your heart desires. In fact, there are over two million sandwich combinations available using the menu items available at the average store. This gives you the option to have your Subway creation with any combination of ingredients available.

If you include all menu items that are available worldwide across different subway stores in different countries, you would get a mind-boggling 38 million possible sandwich combinations! Now that would be a Subway worth visiting!

Size up Subway Pizzas

Subway personal pizzas are around eight inches, or 20.5cm, in diameter. And, on average, you are looking at 700-900 calories with a personal Subway pizza.

The sizes and toppings for subway personal pizza are not limited to their subs but can be customized to your liking.

Top-up Subway Pizzas

Their famous subs can now be converted into personal pizza. Starting from their famous Italian B.M.T Chicken Pizzio Melt, Subway Club, and all the amazing varieties you like to enjoy. But if you want to keep to tradition, classic pizza toppings are also available, such as Hawaiian, Margherita, or Pepperoni.

Pricing, Nutrition, and Allergen

Pricing, Nutrition, and Allergen

On average, a personal pizza at Subway is around $5.50, with an additional cost of $0.50 for extra toppings or to add extra cheese to your favorite meal. All pricing can be found on Subway’s online menu

Providing healthy food is one of Subway’s missions. This is shown by the company giving nutritional values of each item on the Subway menu, allowing you to choose the healthiest option. All of the core menu items do not contain artificial trans fat (partially hydrogenated oil), and there are only a few menu items that contain a small amount of naturally occurring trans fat, which is found in meats and dairy. 

Subway also has allergen information at your disposal.

Vegetarian or Vegan?

Subway has many delicious and healthy options for those who choose not to eat meat.

Subway Delivers

The company is partnered with leading delivery partners, including…

  • Just Eat.
  • Uber Eats.
  • Deliveroo

Also at Subway

Personal Pizza is on the menu at Subway, but they still have their excellent subs, wraps, salads, sandwiches, baked goods, hot sides, soft drinks, and breakfast.

How to Order

How to Order

It is as easy as can be, simply…

  • Start with bread and size – You can choose a tortilla wrap or a classic salad. Take a pick from freshly baked bread, pizza dough or Italian White Bread, Healthy Italian, Tiger Bread, Herbs & Cheese, 9-Grain Multi-Seed to Gluten Free Bread (6-inch only)
  • Size things up – make it 6-inch or Footlong.
  • Name your fillings or toppings – ham, double meat, tender chicken breast, juicy meatless meatballs, spicy pepperoni, mushroom, extra cheese, sausage, onion, black olives, green pepper, fresh garlic, tomato, or fresh basil
  • Top up with salad – sweet or spicy, fiery jalapenos, crunchy veggies, sliced peppers, black or green olives, or mushrooms. They will also add pineapple if you like.
  • Sauce-it-up for the finishing touch – Lite mayo, garlic aioli, sticky sweet chilli, or honey & whole grain mustard, to name a few.

Why Personal Pizza?

The question should rather be, why not personal pizza? The good news is you can always get exactly what you want on your personal pizza, no matter how popular or unpopular the ingredient is with other people. And considering how popular Subway pizza has become, their customers obviously love how customizable and delicious they are.

Subway launched selling personalized pizzas in 2006 in select US franchises. The world pizza market is around 128 billion dollars, and in the US alone, it is 44 billion dollars spread across 76,000 pizzerias. Subway has decided to take a chunk of this market, which makes a lot of sense considering that 13% of the U.S. population aged three years and over eat pizza on any given day.

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Does Subway Have Pizza? – Final Thoughts

Yes, it does! You can now get a delicious healthy pizza at Subway. It’s super nutritional and worth every last bite. Simply request the secret menu item known as the pizza sub. All your favorite toppings and sauces in one.

Happy your next pizza at Subway!

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