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Does Taco Bell Drug Test?

does taco bell drug test

Taco Bell has popularized Mexican food across the US. This fast-food chain offers an affordable meal to customers which include tacos, burritos, and nachos. The company has 7000 locations across the US which employs 2,10,000 employees across all locations. The interesting question however is whether Taco Bell conducts a drug test for felons.

Taco Bell’s Drug Test for Felons

  • Taco Bells is popular for Mexican food.
  • Felons with a criminal history can fill up suitable positions at the entry-level in Taco Bells.
  • Taco Bells has many locations with long working hours.
  • High employee turnover.
  • Felons must impress the hiring manager to get hired at Taco Bell.
  • They must also enquire about a policy that relates to drug testing.
  • Felons must enquire about policies that relate to background verification checks.
  • The organization considers factors such as the severity of the offense, a period of crime getting committed, credit reports, and other criminal convictions. These factors influence whether felons are eligible for a job at Taco Bell.

Reasons for Drug Test at Taco Bell

  • A drug test is important for assessing criminal history.
  • Many criminal convictions are older more than 10 years; these do not appear in a background verification record when criminal history gets scanned.
  • Drug test evaluates felon’s current state to understand whether he is under drug influence before or during the interview process.
  • Drug tests allow Taco bell to remove risks that interfere with work during the work shift in the restaurant.
  • Felons must be of sound mind to perform their duties appropriately at Taco bells.

does taco bell drug test tip

  • Taco Bell doesn’t invest in felons who use drugs and also fail to perform their duties.
  • Taco bell trains felons in safety measures that need consideration while working with hot grills, hot oil, knives, etc. which protects felons from any kind of injuries during work.
  • Felons can work as delivery agents with Taco bell.
  • Injuries can happen in a collision or any other accident
  • Taco Bell also provides accidental insurance for felon coverage.
  • Drug tests are also conducted through specific agencies to deal with staff effectively.

Steps to Conduct Drug Test

  • The management conducts drug screening in several ways. The company tests urine, blood, sweat, saliva, and also hair.
  • Taco Bell uses urine tests to validate drug consumption in a body.
  • The urine test helps to validate the metabolism of the felon applying at Taco bell.
  • It also validates the number of drugs consumed by the applicant.
  • The most common test is the immunoassay test. If this test comes positive then a secondary screening is necessary.
  • Taco bell restaurant conducts a 5-panel urine test to check 5 kinds of drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, THC, OPIATES.
  • The management conducts more expansive drug tests for felons taking up more job responsibilities.

Hiring Decisions on Basis of Drug Test

1 Every store is eligible to take independent hiring decisions.

2 Background checks and drug tests depend on every store independently.

3 Online employee testimonials allow felons to join Taco bell.

4 Drug tests are not a regular practice in every franchisee.

5 Taco bell franchisee’s generally hiring basis the pre-employment screening.

6 These restaurants employ a lean team which means they will not invest extra money in drug and background checks.

does taco bell drug test passed

7 The management reported many incidents where drugs were found with felons in the restaurant premises.

8 Drug tests help in ruling out employees involved in bringing drugs to the restaurant. This safeguards company reputation and customer interest.

9 Taco Bell fires employees who test positive for drugs.

10 Certain locations conduct random drug screening.

Steps to Pass a Drug Test

Felons must filter out all drugs from the body by keeping their body away from drugs for 3 to 4 days. This exercise must get completed before the interview process. THC or Marijuana is a very stubborn drug, requires a longer time to get detected. This gets detected from the urine when it turns normal.

Felons can use detox treatments to speed up their metabolism. Water helps in detoxication. Use a natural detox before a drug test. Felons can consume fruits and vegetables with detox value. Felons have to be smart not to leave urine samples unsupervised. This can risk a chance of a fake sample getting introduced.

Benefits Of Working For Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a decent employer which offers a flexible work schedule to boost the confidence of felons. It offers 4 weeks of vacation and Fridays as half days. Felons get genuine reimbursement schemes and scholarship opportunities for themselves and their kids.

does taco bell drug test guide

Felons get 6 weeks of paternity leave with paternity leave allowance for both parents. They can secure many benefits if they join Taco bell, however, they need to ensure they clear the drug test to get a proper job offer from taco bell. Random drug screening creates problems ass felons have a higher chance of getting dismissed. Random screening for drugs leads to the dismissal of employment for felons.


Felons receive good career opportunities with Taco Bell, taco bell focuses on uplifting felons by creating new challenging roles for them. Background verification and drug tests have both positive and negative impacts on the employment of felons. Every franchisee doesn’t have drug tests to hire felons. Random screenings in drug tests allow the company to rule out drug addicts from job opportunities.

Felons must obey all rules and regulations to secure a job with taco bells. Felons can enjoy many employees and health benefits at Taco Bell. They risk their future by using drugs before the interview process. Felons receive an opportunity to work for a friendly work culture when they join Taco Bell.

Drug tests use urine, sweat, and blood samples to get different drugs tested in a felon’s body. Felons can use all available opportunities with taco bell to build a better future and support their families. Felons also receive benefits for child support and also to pursue higher education themselves for career growth. Hardworking felons who demonstrate team spirit, hard work, and dedication must get hired at taco bell. Violent and serious felonies eliminate a felon’s application before the interview call gets scheduled.

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