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Does Target Have a Student Discount? (Yes And Other Benefits)

does target have a student discount

Most of us love a good deal or a discount on quality products and services. But you know who would benefit even more from these? University and college students, of course. Between trying to save up and working part-time, the average student just about gets by when they take advantage of discounts.

As one of the largest discount retailers in the U.S, Target sells a wide variety of food and merchandise. The store is also known for its hands-on customer service. And don’t forget the promos and deals offered. As a Target member, you’d never want to miss those. And if you’re a student, it’s time to find out how to get a piece of this pie.

 You might be wondering, “Does Target have a student discount?” Well, it’s time to find out…

What Is A Student Discount?

What Is A Student Discount?

Students get a 15% discount on all regular-price items. Target offers this discount whether students shop online or in-store. To place an order and to get a discount, you are required to have a Target account. Create one now, and you’ll be able to track all your orders, including the ones with a whopping 15% discount.

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How To Get A Student Discount

The Target discount applies to college students currently enrolled at a university or a degree-granting college. Unfortunately, if you’re a student in junior college, you don’t qualify. To be eligible for this student benefit, you must verify your status as a student.

After creating your account on Target.com, the next step is to prove that you’re indeed a scholar. Simply provide your basic personal information and proof of studies. Personal information required includes your name, age, and address. 

How to get your Student Discount Verified

After creating your account, Target will verify your student status. It does this with SheerID, which gives Target control over who can claim that they’re a student. The company collects your information on behalf of the retail company.

All the information that you provide to the SheenID is protected by rigorous protocols. The company is trusted by major brands, including Nike, Spotify, and Tableau.

Activating Your Student Discount

To activate the discount, log in to your Target account. You can use the website or the Target App. Navigate the settings page and click on “Get verified.” Fill in your details, and click “Verify.” 

You’ll receive a code through SMS. The last step is to verify and provide your proof of ID. In some instances, you might have to go the extra mile to prove that you’re currently enrolled in school. You can do this by providing hard proof that you’re studying and getting course credit that contributes to your degree. 

Proof that you’re a student…

This can be done using a current class schedule that shows you attend school at least part-time. You could also use a copy of your official transcript from your institution. Lastly, you can submit a copy of your valid student ID card. If you have any problems getting verified, call Target’s guest service at 1-800-440-0680.

Does Target Have A Student Discount?

Does Target Have A Student Discount?

Target already boasts of having a large following of loyal customers. Providing sales, promos, and discounts to its customers plays a key role in this. 

Giving student discounts as high as 15% is Target’s way of supporting students during their academic journey. It shows that this company tries to make life easier and better for others. Target already has a history of offering custom discounts to its customers.

Target understands times are tough!

As a student, you can’t help but get the feeling that Target understands the challenges you face during your studies. This is just its way of cutting down on your expenses. Keep in mind that the discount doesn’t apply to most sale items and promotions. So, let’s find out…

What Can You Get A Student Discount On?

What Can You Get A Student Discount On?

There’s a good list of items that you can buy and apply your student discount without any problems. These include shoes and clothes, groceries, electronics, postcards, and jewelry. If you’re a book worm, Target has you covered. The student discount also applies. 

As a student, you need more than just daily amenities. That’s why Target applies the discount on bikes, furniture, sports equipment, and household items. Have a look at Target’s furniture online, which includes living room furniture, kitchen and dining furniture, and bedroom furniture. Furniture accessories are also available. 

What Can’t You Get A Discount On?

There are a few items that you can’t use your student discount for. They are either considered to be a luxury and personal lifestyle item or are medically related. So, you cant use your card when purchasing non-prescription drugs or Target Optical products. 

You also won’t get your hands on some Target-branded smoking cessation products, alcohol, or Target gift cards using the discount. You could still get a Target gift card on the side as there are different types to choose from. All of them allow you to shop for thousands of items online and in-store. 

How To Use Your Discount?

Once you’ve been verified, you’ll get a unique coupon code to get 15% off your purchases. When you shop in-store, show the cashier the coupon at the check-out counter. For online shoppers, browse for eligible items and add them to your cart.

When you click “Check-out,” you’ll have the option to also click on “Have a promo code?” After you use the code, click on “Apply Code” and complete your check-out and payment method. Most times, you can’t stack different discounts. This means that an item can have a sale price. It could also have a coupon, but you can’t use both at once. 

Does the Discount Need Renewing?

No. The discount doesn’t need to be renewed, and you can use it for the duration of your studies. It can also be used at any time. There are no limits as to how many times you can use the discount per year. Remember, this is Target’s way of supporting you throughout your studies. When you graduate or cease being a student, the discount will expire. 

Sign Up For A Target RedCard

Sign Up For A Target RedCard

You can still enjoy more discounts! Check this out! Sign up for a Target RedCard and enjoy an additional 5% on top of your 15% student discount. The RedCard, which is also known as Target’s credit card, has no annual fees. You also get an extra 30 days for returns and exchanges.

Sign Up For Target Circle

This loyalty program lets you earn 1% in Target Circle earning rewards. This is done every time you make an eligible purchase with non-RedCard payments such as your student discount.

 If you’re shopping online, the Target Circle offer will be applied at checkout. It’s valid when you choose order pickup, same-day delivery, shop in-store, or when you choose standard shipping on eligible items. 

Here are the steps to follow…

So how do you sign up for this program? It’s easy! You can do so in-store or create an online account. If you sign up online, go to your Target account and click on “Target Circle.” Select “Create Account” and enter your name, e-mail address, and phone number. When you’re done, click on “Create account.” 

So, not only is it easy to create an account, but it’s also free. It gets better! The program also gives you access to exclusive deals and early sale access. And if you love celebrating birthdays, take advantage of their unique birthday perks. 

Other Benefits That Students Can Enjoy

Other than the 15% student discount, students can enjoy other benefits at Target. These include more discounts when shopping at the Apple mini-stores located inside Target. The only difference is that Apple offers a 10% discount instead of the 15% deal offered by Target.

UNiDAYS gives students an instant 10% discount on purchases in-store and online at Target. It’s also a student verification service. Discounts are offered at more than 200 brands worldwide, and Target happens to be one of them. 

Can Teachers Also Get a Discount?

Teachers or educators who shop at Target are eligible for a 15% discount too! Likewise, it applies to purchases done in-store and online. The verification process is similar to the student one. When you navigate your settings page, choose “I am a teacher” and begin the verification process. 

To be eligible, you must be a college professor, home school teacher, daycare teacher, or K-12 teacher. 

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Final Thoughts

Not only does Target offer a student discount, but it offers other programs that students can take advantage of.

 The 15% discount can be applied for online or in-store purchases. While some items can’t be purchased using the discount, the list of eligible items is still extensive. Verify your discount by opening an account at Target and then verifying that you are a student. 

Target tries to make shopping easier and accessible to its customers. Therefore, you can also enjoy their other programs, such as Target Circle and RedCard.

Good luck with your studies, and happy shopping at Target!

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