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Does Target Hire Felons?

Does Target Hire Felons

Hiring felons was not a normal thing in the past. Nowadays, the progressive mindset of reputed companies is normalizing felony employment. Many big companies worldwide are looking to hire felons. They are recruiting them in many job positions, including managing and assisting.

This progress was essential because felons were at the bottom of the ocean without a stable job. Convicted felons could not get any job positions due to their records. They could not earn even earn minimum wage to survive. This was a massive drawback in the life of a felon.

Target is one of the biggest companies looking to recruit felons. Target believes in the ability of the person rather than their record. Hence, they have demolished the idea of a felon being a threat by recruiting them.

Many felons have confessed that their life is getting better because of a secure job at Target. There are however some rules and regulations Target has when it comes to hiring felons in Target.

Target intends to recruit more felons. They are giving felons an equal chance to prove themselves. This is a massive opportunity for felons to get a job in a reputed company like Target. There are mandatory processes Target has when recruiting felons.

Here you will see all the necessary information appointing felons at Target.

Why Is Target A Good Place For Felons To Work?

Target is the second-largest discount store just after Walmart. They have approximately 2000 stores in the USA. This makes Target one of the largest employers in the USA. Felons should be optimistic because a company as big as Target is open to hiring them.

There are many more reasons that make Target one of the best places to apply for felons.

1 Multiple Opportunities

With approximately 2000 stores in the USA, Target offers up to 341,000 job posts. This massive number of employees suggests that they have a vast number of vacancies. More vacancies are a golden opportunity for the felons.

does target hire felon

Usually, companies with fewer vacancies try to include fresh applicants without records. When there is an abundant amount of vacancies, employers will hire felons too. This is why a felon should keep Target on the top of the priority list.

2 Ban the Box Member

The most attractive feature of Target is that they have signed the Ban the Box campaign. This campaign suggests that the application will not ask about previous convictions. This means the company will not ask about the candidates’ records while applying. This campaign will provide a fair and equal chance to every candidate.

Employers can’t reject any candidate based on their conviction. Target is a member of this campaign. This is helpful for the felons.

3 Multiple Job Position

A felony should apply to as many jobs as they can. The more number of applications, the higher the chance of getting the job. It is important to remember to apply within your skillset. Applying for a technical job without knowledge will impact your application negatively. This is why many felons don’t get a job even after passing the preliminary rounds.

Target does offer a great range of jobs that include:

  • Cashiers
  • Logistic assistants
  • Food assistants
  • Sales executives
  • Managing agents
  • Warehouse executives
  • Cleaners
  • Stockers
  • Driving agents

Various type of job positions needs different capabilities and work experiences. Felons with relevant work experience or capability can apply to the respective positions. This range of jobs benefits felons.

Has Target Hired Felons In The Past?

Yes, Target has hired felons in the past. Based on the information, it is evident that Target hires employees with a felony conviction. While they never made an official statement about hiring felons, they still do so. Various felons have admitted to working at Target.

Applying For A Job Target As A Felon

If one had convictions in the past and is looking to get hired at Target then here are a few tips and tricks.

1 Love For The Job

Target is a company where they focus on capability and interest. If a felon applies for a job at Target, he should love it. This is the best way to bag a job at Target.

2 Department

Target has a vast number of departments to choose from. Always mention the department you want to work for and the reason behind it. If a felon has any work experience in any particular department, then mention it in the application.

does target hire a felon

3 Eagerness To Work

Felons must be careful when applying at Target. They should show their eagerness to work through the application.

4 Special Skills

If a felon has any special talent that relates to a job position, he or she should mention it. This would catch the eye of the employer.

5 Online Application

Applying online for a position at Target is always better.

6 Reach Out To Them

Always note down the date of application. Email the employer in case of a delay in the result. Employers will get impressed if you show eagerness.

Factors That Affect The Employment Of Felons At Target

Many factors affect the employment of felons at Target. Target may reject an application based on the severity of the crime. Certain stores need to adhere to the state policies and may refrain from hiring a felon in adherence to the law.

If a felon has lied on the application or during the interview, they could be rejected. Every Target store has a different set of hiring when hiring felons. Certain factors however remain the same for all Target stores.

does the target hire a felon

These include:

  • State law
  • Company policy for recruiting felons
  • Time elapsed since the felon committed the crime
  • The term of conviction of the felon
  • The seriousness of the crime committed by the felon
  • Mental state of the felon
  • Capability of the felon to handle the job properly.

If felons fulfill all the criteria mentioned above, then there is no reason why Target won’t hire them. While this is disheartening, felons should not get upset if they are rejected.

Does Target Run Background Checks On Felons?

Like every other company, Target also checks the background of applicants before recruiting. Background checking has become an essential procedure before hiring any individual. Most companies are strict when it comes to background checking.

Target will also check for criminal background if one has any records. This is the phase where most of the employers reject convicted felons. While many outlets of Target have hired felons after background checks, some may reject them. One should however be optimistic and keep trying till they succeed.


Felons are also a part of the community. One should be responsible for their well-being after the term of the sentence. The primary necessity of felons is a stable job. Some companies and offices tend to reject felons as they pose a possible future threat. Even though they enough capability, they don’t have sufficient opportunity.

Fortunately, many reputed companies like Target are employing felons. A suitable job will provide felons a second chance and a better life. This not only helps them move forward but also prevents them from leading a bad life.

It helps felons look at the positive in life. It also helps them become honest and hardworking. Grab your chance with both hands and begin your journey towards a new life.

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  1. Target does not hire felons. Most of the companies that you claim do hire us in reality they will never hire anyone with any type of alleged violence act. I have a 6 year 9 month old conviction from calif. For agg assault sounds dramatic but was not violence is not a strike. Anyhow I get hired but never pass background check even though I’ve completed parole and the crime was almost 7 years ago. Nobody is available to put in any human thought to there process. And this has happened 50 times for jobs in past 3months. Ban the box is a scam as is your website it’s full of bull and the only thing all this does is make me put forth way to much effort for what should have been put there right up front if your never going to hire me why not get that out the way first.

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