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Does Target Pay Weekly?

does target pay week

Target is one of the most well-known retail corporations on earth, but it wasn’t always this way. From humble beginnings in the Midwest in 1902, all the way to the 8th largest retailer in the United States, the history of Target is a long and winding road.

Founded by George Draper Dayton, a former banker, and real estate agent, in Minneapolis just after the turn of the century – Target (or the Dayton Dry Goods Company as it was originally known) quickly built a reputation for providing reliable goods at a fair price, and for the charitable work of the company.

Starting out with just a select few items, Target has slowly but surely grown to include a vast array of merchandise and was one of the first true “superstores.”

does target pay weekly

Great, but Does Target Pay Weekly?

Well, in the USA, target stores do not pay weekly. They play every second week, or fortnightly as it’s known in Europe and Australia. The pay week is calculated from the starting Saturday and closed out the following Friday. They pay by direct bank debit unless a cheque is requested.

Bi-weekly payments are not the result of guesswork. Getting paid every second week has been proven to increase overall productivity, help with financial stress, and in some cases, result in fewer holiday and sick days being taken. The list of countries where bi-weekly payments are the norm has been slowly growing over the past two decades and shows no sign of slowing down.

Normal Working Hours

To be considered a full-time employee of target that can access all the benefits that this entails, you need to work a minimum of 40 hours a week. However, certain states offer some benefits at the 35 hours a week mark, so check with your local store. Some stores also offer a $2 per hour bonus for overtime during peak seasons such as Black Friday.

What Sort of Benefits Do Full Time Employees of Target Receive?


  • Medical and pharmacy bonuses
  • Dental help
  • Vision and eyewear cover
  • Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Programs designed to encourage healthy lifestyle choices
  • Support programs for life events such as a death in the family
  • Free access to self-improvement resources to inspire a healthy lifestyle
  • 20% Wellness discount for in-store products.

does the target pay weekly guide


  • Above-average 401(k) plans
  • Vacation leave, nationwide days off, and personal days
  • Early release of pay in certain circumstances
  • Family compassionate leave
  • 10% discount at Target and Target.com
  • Life insurance packages
  • Disability insurance
  • Annual bonuses
  • Adoption financial assistance
  • Debt-free education loans
  • Target Credit Union
  • Discounts on a huge range of lifestyle boosting activities

Jobs at Target

If you’re thinking of starting a career with Target, here’s a handy list of all the job titles available for store or warehouse roles.

In-Store Roles

  • General Merchandise and Food Sales
  • Specialty Tailored Sales
  • Service and Engagement
  • Support Roles

Distribution Center Roles

  • Packing and Warehouse Operations
  • Logistics/Transportation
  • Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Assets Protection
  • Administration/Clerical

does target pay weekly guide

Store Leadership

  • Team Leader
  • Store Director
  • Executive Team Leader
  • District Senior Director

What is the best role to start in?

Well, that really depends on your skills, interests, and capabilities. But, for the most part, starting out as a cashier is a great way to begin your career with Target. The skill and expertise level required is relatively low, and the training takes around two days.

No, But Does Target pay its employees well?

Again, that all depends on the role, but in general, Target pays above what other similar companies pay for similar roles.

Where Did the Target Name Originate From?

The corporation began its life as the Dayton Dry Goods Company, but in the early 1960s, the company started looking for new ways to penetrate the market. There had been a shift in the middle class, with many families looking for more value-oriented and budget-friendly shopping experiences.

This is where Target first appears!

In an effort to “target” this growing market, the Dayton Dry Goods Company looked at ways to move away from its high-class department store reputation. The idea of a new name was floated around the board room, and soon enough, Target was born. The move was thought of as risky by some industry leaders, but it turned out to be the spark that lit the fire!

Soon enough, Target was dominating the cheap-chic market, and they made some key changes from the “Big-Box’ formula to ensure their relevance. The most obvious of these was the decision to customize each and every store to make sure that Target stores were culturally relevant to the local community they serve.

They have continued to grow in market share, store locations, and employees – even through the global financial crisis of 2008. In 2005 there were a total of 1,308 store locations in the United States with 292,000 employees on the books. By 2009 that number had grown to 351,000 employees and 1,682 stores. At present, these numbers now stand at 401,000 employees and 1,909 stores.

The Target Uniform

One of the biggest perks of being an employee for Target is that there is no store uniform. There is a dress code, but this is quite loose.

The main Target employee dress code is any style of red shirt – t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, polo, etc. – with either jeans or khaki pants. Of course, the shirt you choose to wear at work should be appropriate in terms of movement, style, and not include any text or imagery that anyone may find offensive.

Target employees are also required to wear their own shoes. Any pair that have fully enclosed heels and toes will be fine. So that rules out sandals, flip-flops, and heels. Most employees tend to wear a pair of trainers or boots.

does the target pay weekly

Superb open policy…

Target makes a point of not only allowing but encouraging their staff to express their individuality through their fashion choices. This also goes for piercings, tattoos, facial hair, and hair coloring. All of these are acceptable for target employees, and if you walk around any target store, you are bound to see staff with exposed tattoos or brightly colored hair.

Of course, you can’t be a Target employee if you have uncovered offensive tattoos. You also cannot wear ridiculous earrings that could be a hazard in the workplace.

Overall, Target is one of the most relaxed large retailers in the country when it comes to uniform choices.

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The Wrap Up

If you are looking to start a career with one of the big retailers, Target is one of the best. They pay their staff better than the competition, provide fantastic support and benefits, give their employees the freedom to express their individual identity how they please (as long as those choices don’t offend the wider public), and are hiring right now!

All the very best with your Target Application.

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