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Does Target Take EBT? (But Something You Should Know)

does target take ebt

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federal program that benefits low-income families. It’s used as cash to purchase food. These benefits are delivered monthly. It’s done through electronic benefits transfer (EBT).

The official poverty rate in the US is 14.5%, with 45.3 million people falling into this group. An additional 33% are low-income. This is an estimated 97.3 million people. These figures show that 48.5% of the population is below average income.

This is when EBT steps in. It’s an accepted contactless payment method used by many retailers. Target – the eighth largest retailer in the US, has stores in all 50 states. In fact, 75% of the population lives within 10 miles of a Target store.

So, does Target take EBT? Let’s find out more…

Target And The EBT Program

Target And The EBT Program

So, let’s get straight to it: Yes! Target takes EBT. Customers can shop using this program. However, customers can only use EBT to purchase certain items. Some products are not approved under this program. Shoppers can use an EBT card to buy any food for the household. This includes meat, dairy products, and snacks. Additionally, you can buy seeds and plants which produce food for the household.

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Prohibited purchases using EBT

Prohibited purchases using EBT

When using an EBT card, take note that there are products that can’t be purchased. Remember, this program aims at helping families afford sufficient food to survive. Having said that, products such as beer and supplements are not available for purchase.

You might be wondering: “How can one be so sure they are purchasing EBT eligible products?” Target uses WIC labels for products that can be purchased using EBT cards. Long shelf-life products are good purchases. A great deal is a packet of Indian Jaipur vegetables, a very healthy vegan and gluten-free product.

Eligibility for EBT

Now that we have a breakdown of what can and can’t be bought. A crucial step is to check the SNAP/EBT eligibility in case you could benefit from this program. To get these benefits, you must apply to the state you currently live in. Requirements include resource and income limits.

An additional set of requirements is provided for households with elderly or disabled members.

Shopping At Target Using EBT

Shopping At Target Using EBT

Target has over 1,900 stores across the US. Its mission is “To help all families discover the joy of everyday life.” This is possible by having EBT as one of its payment methods. Shopping categories include household essentials, electronics, and groceries.

Paying with and the benefits of using ETB

Paying with and the benefits of using ETB

Now that you have filled up your trolley, what’s next? At the checkout, you should separate your EBT products from non-EBT items. The EBT items are swiped first. Payment is made when you swipe your EBT card or insert the card.

Purchasing household food using this method encourages healthier eating. The limited list of what can be purchased minimizes alcohol intake and indulgence eating. The SNAP program is also a safety net for low-income families.

Target.com And The EBT Program

Target.com And The EBT Program

For now, EBT cards can’t be used for most Target online purchases. This helps to avoid attempted purchases of non-grocery products such as cleaning products. For such products that keep a home sparkly clean, disposable Handsome Scrub Dishwashing Sheets are a good addition.

What about Target.com and EBT in the future? Target officially stated they would roll out a digital SNAP payment option. This would, of course, be for selected EBT-eligible items. This is expected in late 2023, although a specific date hasn’t been set.

What about using EBT at Target’s mini-stores?

There may be other mini-stores at Target. These have varied brands and include pharmacies, cafes, and opticians. EBT cards generally can’t be used at these mini-stores.

So Where Else Can ETB Be Used?

So Where Else Can ETB Be Used?

Let’s now identify some retailers and stores that allow customers to shop using EBT. In some cases, the cards can be used for online purchases. EBT online shopping is available, and grocery delivery services such as Instacart can seal the deal.

Groceries on Amazon and Amazon Fresh

Groceries on Amazon and Amazon Fresh accept EBT cards. As of now, this service is available across the US except in Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Montana. The Grocery and Gourmet Food Section offers a broad selection of EBT-eligible food items. These are mostly non-perishables or have a long shelf life.

Amazon Fresh offers a range of perishables. These include meat, poultry, fruit, and vegetables. There’s only one catch: you must schedule your EBT delivery within one or two hours of ordering.

What other grocery stores accept EBT online?

What other grocery stores accept EBT online?

Several retailers accept EBT cards. To be on the safe side, it’s best to first check with your local store. These stores include Kroger, Albertsons, and Shoprite.

Does Target Take EBT? – Alternative Payment Methods

Why Target is popular

There’s now a better understanding of why EBT cards are beneficial for low-income families. This franchise offers affordable products. The store layout helps customers to find what they want efficiently. The stores are welcoming, and shelves are stocked sufficiently.

The Target Effect

Simply put: The Target Effect is “The result of going into a store only intending to buy a few things, and then leaving with much more.” This Urban Dictionary definition gives a glimpse at shoppers’ experience and satisfaction. Having EBT payments available gives low-income families the ability to purchase good-quality products.

Other Target Payment Methods

Other Target Payment Methods

Target has other contactless payment methods. These are Target RedCard, Affirm, PayPal, and Sezzle. Debit and credit cards are also acceptable. I’m not through yet: third-party gift cards from Discover, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard are welcome!

Target also has an insanely wide range of contactless or non-contactless payment options available. These include cash payments, Gift Certificates, Merchandise vouchers, Alipay, and Campus Cash. Mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are ideal too.

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Does Target Take EBT? – Final Thoughts

Target’s inclusivity has made it a favorite with customers apart from its affordable products and services.

SNAP/EBT is one payment method that has been effective. It has contributed to creating healthy lifestyles for others. Here’s a tip: SNAP benefits need to be recertified annually. At the same time, Target has progressed by introducing the use of EBT cards for online shopping. Shopping experiences continue to improve in the form of product availability and payment options.

The SNAP program has a philosophy: to help families gain access to nutritious food. It’s good to know that Target is on board with this mission.

All the very best and enjoy shopping at Target!

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