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Does The CTA Hire Felons?

Does The CTA Hire Felons

CTA is Chicago’s staple which allows people to travel across a windy city. It offers public transport in Chicago to people at the same time creates many job opportunities for felons. CTA also focuses on felons being willing to work hard and willing to grow.

The article explores and makes a sincere effort to answer the question Does CTA hire felons?

  • Program for Felons by CTA
  • What do you understand by working in CTA’s second chance program?
  • Requirements for CTA’s second chance program.

Program for Felons by CTA

The Chicago Transit Authority offers a second chance program for felons who find it difficult to establish their place in society. The social services organization offers this program to felons to support their families and also provide full-time career opportunities to them in the transportation sector.

  • According to CTA’s second chance program, felons receive job readiness and specific training at the minimum age of 18 years.
  • Felons should meet the basic criteria of the program and also undergo a training program for gaining job readiness for 10 weeks.
  • This allows felons to get certified from 13 referral agencies in the city.

does cta hire felon

  • Felons must also try and obtain work in the mainstream through the second chance program.
  • The second chance program allows felons to get released from house arrest and live in a drug or alcohol rehab center.
  • Felons also live and work in a work-release center.
  • This program offers 265 jobs in one calendar year to many felons.
  • The program also uses a rotational method for each participant to circulate jobs.

What Do You Understand by Working in CTA’s Second Chance Program?

Felons undergo a training program for 12 months. This program facilitates felons to earn 10 dollars every hour.

1 Felons require to work for 40 hours each week.

2 Felons receive their paychecks in a bi-weekly pay cycle.

3 The program offers apprentice positions to felons by contacting the referral agency.

4 Each referral agency suggests felons who have completed the training program.

5 Each felon gets their fingerprints and also completes their medical exam.

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6 The background check gets conducted for felons before they attempt an employee orientation program.

7 Program guidelines, requirements for eligibility get shared with felons before the orientation.

8 The authorities share tasks with felons through an apprentice job with placement opportunities.

9 Felons receive appropriate job opportunities with proper hiring documentation in place.

Safety Training Program for Felons

  • Felons must complete the safety training program to begin their payment cycle.
  • The safety training program facilitates felons to understand the safety guidelines of CTA before they begin their jobs.
  • Felons undergo a 30-day review cycle during their training program under the supervision of the immediate reporting manager.
  • Both managers and felons focus on evaluating the scores and provide specific feedback and address specific concerns. The agencies in Chicago read about every case and provide course management for every felon in a periodic manner.

Completion of Apprenticeship Program

When felons complete an apprenticeship program, they receive a certificate along with a letter of recommendation from the Chicago Transit Authority.  If felons remain honest and lead a dignified life, felons get a chance to apply for a suitable vacancy in CTA. They can apply for roles like bus driver and transit car operator.

Requirements for CTA’s Second Chance Program

1 Felons can contact the website of CTA to understand information regarding the programs offered.

2 They can also reach out through telephonic calls so that they can get suitable career opportunities by contacting the referral agency.

does cta hire felons

3 Felons utilize referral agencies to gain a clear understanding of the recruitment process of CTA.

4 A residence proof helps you secure better and steady work in the organization.

5 Felons in Chicago consider expunging their records.

6 This facilitates them to seek suitable employment with CTA.

Sealing Felons Records

Felons focus on getting their records sealed through the court for crimes like Motor Vehicles Theft, Drug Possession, and Burglary. Drug distribution also requires felons to get their records sealed. Felons with crimes like forgery and retail theft also constitute this category and require their criminal record to get legally sealed.

It’s Time To Begin Now

Felons can use available resources at Chicago City to get their record cleared so that they can apply for suitable positions at CTA and start earning an honest living with long-term employment. Felons can support other felons by using the testimonial method to talk about long-term learning opportunities after their serving time and their overall experience working with CTA.

Benefits For Joining Second Chance Program At CTA

The second chance program of CTA focuses on uplifting the lives of felons and provides them specific opportunities to learn and grow. Felons get a chance to work on a long-term assignment which puts them back on their feet. Felons use referral agencies to gain access to employment. Many felons join CTA to regain financial stability and begin employment with honesty and dignity.

As the name of the program suggests second chance program facilitates felons by providing them a fresh chance to develop a new life with new challenges and opportunities. These challenges allow felons to build their reputation in the eyes of society.

The referral agency assists in completing the application for applicants. Facilitates fingerprint analysis and background verification screening. The referral agency conducts a medical examination for felons to rule out health issues and the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Bottom Line

Felons use suitable opportunities with CTA to grow as professionals and earn an honest living. Felons undergo stringent training programs to upskill themselves. Background verification checks allow CTA to understand more about the history of felons so that they make the correct hiring decision. Felons can explore new opportunities to grow and excel in their careers while working with CTA.

CTA permits felons to gain appropriate skills to make a better professional future with this organization. Felons can utilize every training program to their advantage. Felons must focus on staying away from any kind of legal troubles to work with CTA easily and systematically. This will give them the second chance and also help them build their career.

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