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Does The Marine Corps Accept Felons?

Does The Marine Corps Accept Felons

Working for the military is a job wanted by many. A felon may wonder if he/she is still fit to serve in the disciplined forces after a conviction. This article looks at some of the questions felons have about joining the Marine Corps.

The questions that will be answering are:

1 Who is the Marine Corps?

2 Do the Marine Corps accept felons?

3 What kinds of felonies are accepted?

4 How far do they conduct a background check?

5 What are the qualifications for joining the Marine Corps?

What is The Marine Corps?

The United States Marines Corps is a US Army branch and among the US’s eight uniformed services. The Marines Corps is part of the US Navy. It is an elite fighting force and has close relations with the US Naval forces. Their work is to protect and guard US Embassies, naval bases. They are always ready and quick to protect the United States’ interests. The US needs its services at all times anywhere in the world.

The Marine Corps covers many officers. It contains many divisions and sub-divisions.

Do Marine Corps Accept Felons?

The simple answer is yes. Felons can apply and get accepted into the army, including the Marine Corps. But it is not an easy process. Marine Corps and other uniformed services are also known as disciplined forces. A felony does not count as disciplined. The Marine Corps look at these factors for felons interested in joining the Marine Corps.

  • The type of felony conviction.
  • If you have committed the felony as a juvenile or as an adult.
  • Whether you have finished with your parole or probation.
  • Your felony history. It matters if you are single or a repeat offender.
  • And finally, whether the Marine Corps is hiring.

Felonies That Do Not Attract a Waiver

The basic truth is, certain felonies are unacceptable in the military. There are also not accepted by many other employers. There cannot be an exception or waiver for such crimes to allow you to join the Marine Corps.

These felonies will disqualify you from the Marine Corps.

1 A drug conviction, including trafficking of controlled substances, sale, and distribution.

2 Any serious felonies like rape and other sex crimes. Extortion, grand theft, and involuntary manslaughter.

3 If you test positive for drugs during your application.

These convictions will make you ineligible for the Marine Corps. There are some felonies or crimes that attract a waiver. The waiver allows you to apply and with the Marine Corps.

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Some of the waivers available are for:

  • Between five and nine traffic offenses (minor)
  • Two –five traffic offenses (serious)
  • one felony
  • Where you have two or more minor non-traffic offenses (Class 1)
  • In two to nine minor non-traffic offenses (Class2)
  • Between two and five serious offenses.

As you can see, felons have quite a chance of joining the Marine Corps. The military is tolerant in many ways and giving felons a second chance.

The crimes below are a partial list of crimes that need a waiver or cause your exclusion.

  • Being an accessory to a crime
  • Fraud and intent to defraud (over $500)
  • Child abuse
  • Murder
  • Arson
  • Bribery
  • Assault
  • Theft/Robbery/extortion
  • Riot

How Far Does The Marine Corps Conduct a Background Check?

background check is mandatory when applying to a Marine Corps as with other employment. The marines conduct the background checks at the initial phase of the recruitment. The check includes juvenile-related crimes, traffic offenses, misdemeanors, and other felonies.

In short, the Military Corps background check can go far back to underage years. In most cases, the background check goes ten years back. Without any offense, the Marine Corps assumes no threat to its standards. You will be fit to join them.

does marine corps accept felon

The Marine Corps conducts a thorough background check for the following reasons:

1 To avoid enlisting candidates who have no discipline. Marine Corps is a serious designation that requires sober-minded persons.

2 They can keep away persons with bad social habits. The habits might pose difficulty in a unit’s best performance.

3 To ensure that applicants are not linked in any way with criminals.

How Lying Affects Your Chances of Joining The Marine Corps?

As discussed above, the Marine Corps and the military conduct background checks. They will do background checks before recruiting anyone, especially felons. Sometimes, you may even get to training, but if caught, you will be dishonorably discharged. The discharge is under Article 83 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The penalty may also be confinement for up to two years.

The punishment varies depending on the seriousness of the lie. Now that you know not to lie in your interview be honest and reveal any run-ins you have had with the law. It will comprise sealed or expunged records, juvenile records. Disclose records labeled “unavailable,” too. Lay all criminal records on the table at the screening session.

Since you will need a waiver, all necessary documents are important. You will use the documents to support your application for a waiver. You may need recommendation letters from the prosecutor or probation officer. It will help in proving your fitness.

What Are The Qualifications for Joining The Marine Corps?

Listed below are the basic qualifications and requirements for joining the Marine Corp.

1 Only US citizens or resident aliens are eligible for enlisting in Marine Corps.

2 You must meet all the mental, physical and moral standards.

3 The eligible age is 17-29 years, but seventeen-year-olds must have parental consent.

4 When you are at least educated to the high school level.

5 Pass the Military entrance Processing Station Medical Examination.

6 You must pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test (ASVAB)

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test (ASVAB)

This test measures your skill, talent, and general capabilities. It contains ten short tests that check your arithmetic capability. It also tests science, comprehension, mathematics, electronics, and mechanical and comprehension capabilities.

does marine corps accept felons

Some Benefits of Joining The Marine Corps

  • You get to receive a steady income mid-month and end month.
  • There is potential for advancement and promotions.
  • You can choose your area of specialization. It depends on your strengths from the aptitude test.
  • You don’t pay for your medical and dental needs.
  • You earn paid vacations.
  • There are many allowances and privileges.
  • There are no taxes except on your basic pay.

Final Thoughts

Finally, this is what you need to know about felony waivers. Any crime classified as a felony must get a waiver approval from the Head of Recruiting Command. It means all, plus those committed as a juvenile. A waiver is least likely on violence-related felonies. There were about 1.2 million violent crimes committed in 2019.

You can receive a waiver for one felony committed when you were under 15 years if:

  • It was not a sex crime.
  • You were not involved in any physical violence.
  • It did not involve drugs or alcohol.
  • There were no involving dangerous weapons.

The good news is that the Marine Corps is willing to accept felons. For help with recruiting, many recruitment agencies can assist. Always be honest about your criminal history. Keep all your papers available and well organized. It will help when presenting your case for a waiver.

The Marine Corps is a disciplined, well-trained force. It will help if you get prepared both mentally and physically.

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