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Does The Military Run Background Checks?

Does The Military Run Background Checks

When released, felons find it difficult to secure a job. Before recruiting felon’s military recruiters to conduct strict and stringent background checks for making a hiring decision for felons. This article clearly states the aspects of a background verification check.

  • Basic Inclusions in Background Check
  • Military Background Check for felons
  • A Military Background Check for Recruited Felons
  • Military Waiver
  • Self – Background Verification Check
  • Success Strategies for Military Service

Basic Inclusions in Background Check

Military reviews applicant’s background to avoid hiring someone who can prove a threat to the nation and doesn’t succeed.

  • Fails to produce quality work.
  • Always demonstrates a negative attitude.
  • Fails to work with military staff as a team player.
  • They fail to follow orders from superior authorities.
  • Fails to demonstrate the right skills for military service.
  • Has problems with attendance and his attitude.
  • Felon is dishonest on the job.

does military run your background check

The next question is criminal history becomes a challenge for felons before they want to join military service. Leading an honest life becomes tough. Military service views the following records before hiring a felon:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving records
  • Educational records
  • Criminal offenses
  • Past mistakes
  • Good character
  • Financial Stability

These details get reviewed in the background check for a felon. The Military also uses this information to rule out risks for security and safety. The criminal record gets scanned for a background verification check which examines criminal history in detail before hiring felons for military service. Any felon who doesn’t show up for 7 years can also get expunge his record for non–conviction cases.

Military Background Check for Felons

Every felon must undergo a military background verification check before he becomes eligible for any position which involves national security. Any position involving government security clearance also requires in–depth analysis for a background check. Some of the entry-level positions do not require a security clearance but they require a background check to assess reliability, trustworthiness, and good character with loyalty towards the United States.

The in-depth background check depends on every position in military service. Denial for background verification checks from a felon also leads to disqualification from employment. Military background checks also provide felons an opportunity to express themselves with appropriate answers to open better career opportunities with military service.

does the military run background check

Background checks involve checking a felon’s background from the support network of felons such as family friends and neighbors. It also uses professional references and educational references to understand more about the felons. Military employees require fingerprint screening and screening via FBI Criminal Database. Background screening also involves drug tests for various job roles.

Security Clearance is also necessary for joining military service. The government interviews friends, neighbors, educators, and also other professional references to provide a clean chit to felons before they join military services.

Military Background Check for Recruited Felons

  • All military recruits need to submit a questionnaire that discloses information relating to criminal history and drug use.
  • Felons who want to join the military service also need to undergo an extensive background verification check conducted through the FBI.
  • This gets initiated at the military entrance processing station.
  • It also includes comprehensive checks for federal state and local background checks.
  • A criminal record doesn’t disqualify felons to join the military service.
  • A waiver also helps to get the criminal record expunged at the time of recruitment.
  • Some of the criminal offenses such as family violence, substance abuse, unpardoned felonies, credit, and financial difficulties will also not receive acceptance in military service.

does military run background check

  • Felons getting convicted for violent crimes or possessing a firearm requires to get pardoned from the court and get their felony record expunged to join military services.
  • History of financial and credit difficulties create challenges for getting a security clearance for a felon.
  • The military security background check validates the following information.
  • Previous name and aliases
  • Previous addresses
  • The previous employer for the last 3 years.
  • Credit Check
  • Criminal history
  • Driving record check
  • Every military branch has different rules and regulations to disqualify felons from getting hired in any military service.
  • Felons must value serving in military services since it is a privilege to do so.
  • Military services open their doors for felons with a commitment to lead an honest life.
  • It doesn’t allow dishonest felons to serve in the military.

A Military Waiver

This waiver is possible for the following crimes:

1 Civil Offences

2 Misdemeanors

3 Minor Non – Traffic-Related charges

4 A combination of minor and misdemeanor charges

5 Serious misconduct for a felony charge.

Repeat Offenses

Military service doesn’t permit waiver decisions for repeated offenses such as:

1 Drug and alcohol abuse

2 Dismissed from military service for drug and alcohol abuse

3 Criminal history for selling drugs like marijuana.

4 3 convictions for drinking and driving.

does military run a background check

5 When a felon is on parole and probation.

6 Serious civil convictions or traffic violations.

7 5 misdemeanors resulting in disqualification from military service.

8 A waiver is not necessary for someone who gets arrested with no charges or the charges are dismissed without proven guilty.

9 Felons must demonstrate a good moral character which becomes the source of entering military service.

10 Not achieving this puts the nation and felons at security risk which is harmful to society.

Self – Background Verification Check

Self – background verification check on self allows felons to join military services easily by discovering what aspects can get revealed in a military review. A felon requires an attorney to complete this requirement without causing any tampering to results related to background verification checks.

It is essential to take action at the right time for eliminating risks. Personal background checks include getting a good character certificate from the court the felons get charged, reviewing a credit report, driving records for any driving task such as truck driver, reviewing educational records.


Felons can follow some basic strategies to join the military service such as reach early for an interview, dress appropriately, make the first impression for interviewers. Speak clearly and make way for a new job opportunity. Emphasize relevant experience and skills. Be ready to provide a job history with a current resume. Felons should never hide details about felony conviction as it comes up. Felons must explain clear facts without emotions.

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