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Does UPS Hire Felons?

Does UPS Hire Felons

UPS or United Parcel Service is one of the most recognized logistics companies in the US with a vast network. The services of this eminent logistics company are available in all the 50 states of the USA and the massive network consists of a huge number of employees.

According to the latest job statistics, a significant percentage of the working individuals of the USA work at UPS. Being a leading logistics company, this brand offers several perks and benefits to the employees.

That’s what makes the company an ideal option for job seekers from different states of the USA.

Getting A Job

Getting a job opportunity in UPS is not an easy task for a felon. Being an ex-felon means that you’ve already lost numerous job opportunities due to your conviction charges. The company, however, gives chances to felons to reform their lives by offering jobs.

Unlike several major brands or companies across the US, the United Parcel Service has dedicated hiring programs for felons and offenders. Though the process of hiring felons is not way too different from the regular hiring process.

In this article, you will come to know about your chances of UPS hiring you as a felon.

Why Should A Felon Consider Working In UPS?

Many job opportunities do not come felons way. That’s why they should grab whatever opportunity they get. A felon lives hand to mouth after release from his imprisonment.

At that point, the most important thing he needs is a stable job with a considerable monthly income. There are not many companies in the market like UPS that offer such opportunities to felons and offenders.

does ups hire felon

While most reputed companies refrain from hiring convicted felons or ex-felons, UPS hires a lot of offenders every year. This company doesn’t discriminate among ex-offenders and common workers. Apart from that, the company offers a lot of attractive benefits to the employees and that’s what makes the company an ideal option.

As far as job stability is concerned, UPS includes the finest management board in the industry. All these reasons collectively prove that UPS is a great organization that ex-felons should work for.

What Job Opportunities Can A Felon Expect In The Company?

UPS usually keeps a huge number of job openings throughout the whole. As it is one of the biggest logistics and supply network in the whole US, this company requires thousands of people to handle extensive workloads. Moreover, the company has different positions to offer for different kinds of candidates based on their skills.

A felon is not deprived of getting an opportunity to work in a vital position in this company. There are however certain positions that a felon should look for inside the company.

Job Listings

  • Felons having adequate driving experiences can become delivery driver assistants and they can get appointed in the delivery department of the company. This is a comfortable position for a felon and it is prestigious as well.
  • The company hires most felons as in-house package handlers. UPS hires around one lakh package handlers yearly and the management considers most felons for these positions. This position however is not a good option for older candidates as the position demands adequate physical strength.

does ups hire the felon

  • Apart from the positions mentioned above, being a warehouse executive is another position that a felon might aim for. Prior experience in managing warehouse operations might make a candidate a preferred choice for this position.

Most of these positions demand around 12 hours of duty time and the management mostly distributes rotational shifts among the workers.

Hiring Policies That UPS Have In Terms Of Hiring Felons

Though it seems that a felon can become a UPS employee easily, it is not that straightforward. The company has some hiring policies and terms and conditions when it comes to hiring felons. The positions in this company are not open to all types of felons. Besides that, the hiring process of a particular candidate completely depends upon the HR team.

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Steps For The Hiring Policy

Let’s check out the hiring policies of UPS that apply to felons.

1 If you’re a felon, your selection as an employee in the company will be judged based on the crime you committed. The company will run an in-depth investigation to evaluate the nature of the crime you committed and its circumstances.

After judging your criminal offense, if the management finds you a good choice for a position, they will hire you or else you will be disqualified straight away.

does ups hire the felons

2 A felon can’t apply for a job position in UPS immediately after getting out the jail. A felon’s application is rejected if they were recently released from prison. The company will determine the time frame according to the crime that a criminal had committed.

Checking Skills & Experience

1 The company also checks whether an applicant has been convicted for more than one allegation or not. If you have more than two or three criminal charges on yourself, the company might disqualify your candidature.

2 UPS also examines your skills and experience in the field that you’re applying for. If the management finds you a perfect fit for a position, you will get hired.

3 The management observes a candidate’s honesty about his felony and this is treated as a great parameter to evaluate the candidature. Several felons try to hide their offenses or represent fake agendas regarding their crimes. In such cases, the management of UPS rejects the applications of those candidates.

Banned Offenses

The company doesn’t accept applications from felons with certain offenses. You can find the list of those certain offenses below:

  • Firstly, UPS authority is pretty strict with criminals with violent charges. If you’re a felon with a history of creating public or domestic violence then you should be open at the first stand, you’re less likely to get a job opportunity in UPS.
  • Secondly, felons involved in drug trafficking or alcohol abuse are not eligible for a job. The company policies of UPS clearly state that anyone with a drug-dealing history is rejected.
  • If the authorities charged you with theft then the company authority will further investigate your application. The chances however of getting hired for a felon are 50-50 in such a case.
  • Most importantly, you should remember all these points as it will come in handy when you submit your application at UPS. If you don’t match all the factors mentioned above, there is no point in applying.

How Does The Application Process Go?

1 An ex-felon can visit the official website of UPS to apply for his desired job position in the company. He needs to fill in all his details and submit that application.

2 After reviewing every application, the company calls every candidate for personal and group interview rounds.

3 If a candidate gets selected in all the preliminary rounds, the dedicated team of the company will run a background check of the candidate. If everything seems clear, the company provides all the relevant documents to the candidate for joining.

Visit the official website of the company to be a part of the extended family of UPS today.


Lastly, you should never doubt yourself when applying for a job. Always, remember, your job application is scrutinized well and you cannot lie about anything on the UPS application. Make the most of your time after your release from prison and begin your new life and a new career.

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5 thoughts on “Does UPS Hire Felons?”

  1. Micky misdemeanor

    False. I have a misdemeanor arrest from 8 years ago and I couldn’t get a part time position handling packages. Why advertise blatant lies?

  2. No UPS nor FedEx hire felons in the state of PA. They claim to be ‘Fair Chance’ employers but they are not. Your conviction can and will be used against you in the decision making process. My offense is over 7 years old non violent and I applied for warehouse positions with both companies in my region. Both denied due to background. They would not specify what exactly in the consumer report processes by First Advantage was the determining factor in their decision(s) What UPS and FedEx says and what they do are two different things entirely. It was not a theft charge either.

  3. for the felons with 6 or so charges , like me , all class d but some serious stuff including theft , i currently work for ups in stl, it TRULY depends on if they need the help or not !

  4. I have a lot of felonies u der my belt from my drug days & find it near impossible to find a job in the state of Florida. It’s very hard to live down here. Been ean almost 4 years & still without a job

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