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Does UPS Run Background Checks?

Does UPS Run Background Checks

Felons looking for a career opportunity must have experience in driving, loading trucks, or deliver. These kinds of roles are available with UPS. The important question is whether UPS runs background checks for felons.

  • UPS Hires Felons
  • The application process to hire felons
  • Background check process for UPS.
  • Felony type impacts your job
  • Self-background verification check
  • Strategies to handle failure in background verification check

UPS Hires Felons

1 UPS has a hiring history of hiring felons in various roles.

2 Hiring felons is a regular activity

3 The package handling and delivery industry requires qualitative workers for a wide range of positions

4 UPS is an international shipping company that began in 1907 in Seattle.

5 The main business of the company is delivering packages to retail companies.

6 Today it serves 300 countries with 4,95,000 employees.

Application Process to Hire Felons

Felons require to create a profile on the UPS website to begin the application process. All eligible applicants receive a call from the HR department of the company for the first round of interviews. Each batch includes 10 to 15 applicants for 1 interview panel. The company focuses on hiring more employee strength during the holiday season since demand is at its peak.

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Physical fitness and sports background are also a must for this kind of job where felons have to lift 70 pounds of packages. If felons apply for the position of a commercial driver, they must also know how to read maps and directions. Customer service and computer skills also prove an added advantage for this role.

Most employees begin their careers as package handlers or drivers. Package handlers prefer to work part-time in 3 to 5 hours of shift on different days and time schedules. Each assignment also demands heavy physical lifting of packages in this nature of work.

Background Check Process for UPS

1 UPS conducts a background verification check to analyze criminal history and screens for drug tests.

2 If these tests return clear, a job offer is sanctioned for felons.

3 UPS however conducts an extensive background verification check to understand the driving history of potential drivers.

4 Both personal and work-related driving history gets assessed.

5 Parking and speeding tickets

6 History of drinking and driving is also checked

does ups run the background check

7 Other driving-related convictions

8 Felons get screened through an electronic database to understand criminal convictions at state and federal levels.

9 UPS also focuses on examining theft, drug-related offenses, and violent crimes.

10 The company also requires to eliminate applicants who can prove a potential risk.

11 UPS decides to offer a job to someone basis many factors.

12 Length of sentence completion, type of felony conviction, specific criminal charges, and multiple felonies also matter.

13 UPS conducts a background verification check according to the location which gets done keeping in mind different laws of each state.

14 UPS considers your sentence completion time and also the steps you have adopted to rehabilitate and live a decent and dignified lifestyle.

Felony Type Impacts Your Job

  • UPS hires honest and hardworking felons who can follow basic instructions to deliver customer service and directions to deliver packages.
  • Background check also evaluates criminal history and violations of moral value.
  • In case a felon gets involved in a DUI case, he loses a chance to get hired as a commercial driver.
  • History of theft convictions during package handling make felons lose a suitable job opportunity with UPS.
  • Felons who handle packages of others must maintain confidentiality for people.

Self-Background Verification Check

It is a good idea for felons to conduct a self – background verification check, this allows felons to understand what are the possible findings in a formal background verification process. This provides felons to tackle questions raised about their felony conviction in a better way.

There are various methods to undergo a self-background verification check. The court can certify the good character of felons during their service term in prison. Court also helps in the validation of driving records and provides a credible report.

Felons can connect with an attorney to seek legal assistance while conducting self – background verification checks. It is a good idea if felons receive a chance to get their record expunged.

Strategies to Handle Failure in Background Verification Check

  • Every felon doesn’t qualify for a background verification check.
  • Depending on the results, felons can challenge the possible findings and identify their mistake.
  • Felons must learn from every experience.
  • Other employers also offer jobs to felons in America.
  • Felons must actively search for job opportunities in their area of interest and should not settle if they do not find the appropriate fit.

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  • Felons should never give up and be persistent in their job search.
  • The best job opportunity awaits felons shortly.
  • Finding a decent job with an appropriate pay scale.
  • Felons must focus on getting their felony records clear to seek job opportunities of their choice.
  • Felons who wish to work for a global packaging company must focus on skill development and clear their records by doing some good deeds for society.

Questions in Minds Of Felons While Applying For UPS Job Roles

Felons are often curious about tackling questions such as:

  • Will a felony disqualify a felon from getting a job with UPS?
  • Does UPS hire felons with misdemeanors?
  • What is the best way to apply for a UPS Job opportunity?
  • Does a felon qualify for background checks conducted by UPS?

does ups run the background checks

Successful research assists felons to seek appropriate job opportunities with professional experience, secure a job with UPS. It also assists to understand personal and professional challenges for felons. Felons are curious to understand more about whether a felony record allows them to lead a normal life and get a job to meet their financial necessity.

UPS provides equal opportunities to felons and doesn’t discriminate on caste, creed, culture, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or felony convictions. UPS doesn’t hire felons with serious felony convictions such as rape, murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking, human trafficking.

What Are The Risks for Hiring a Felon with Felony?

Felons with a violent criminal history or minor felony convictions can prove a risk for UPS and its customers. Before hiring felons, UPS takes precautionary measures to avoid all kinds of potential risks to the business.

Felons get a fair chance under the Ban the Box initiative where UPS creates proper job opportunities to provide a stable career to felons. Dishonest and untrustworthy felons lose their chance to achieve a good job with financial stability at UPS.

Felons choose entry-level jobs to begin their professional life with UPS. Many positions at UPS are seasonal due to the nature of work. The nature of work requires felons to be physically fit and work under high work pressure.

Bottom Line

UPS creates new job opportunities for felons to ensure they receive a definite career path and financial stability in their careers. UPS follows an initiative to uplift the lives of felons so that felons can live a respectful life with integrity and dignity. Felons can seek appropriate professional guidance and develop skills to succeed in jobs at UPS.

Felons can once again enter society to lead a meaningful life. Background verification checks ensure the right kind of felons receives appropriate opportunities. Felons need a fair chance to rectify past mistakes and lead a proper life. Once that opportunity is available, they should not let go of it.

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