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Does USPS Deliver On Saturdays? (2023 Guide)

does usps deliver on saturdays

The USPS, also known as United States Postal Service, Postal Service, Post Office, and U.S. Mail, has been servicing our great nation since the 18th century.

Having been first established in July of 1775 and delivering mail for almost 250 years, USPS has rolled with the times and is still the most popular federal service in America today. 

But, Does USPS Deliver On Saturdays? If so, is it just letters and smaller parcels, or does this include larger and bulkier items as well? 

Let’s find out…

The United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service

USPS provides an array of shipping services like Priority Mail Express for time-sensitive posts. Along with Ground Retail Shipping and Marketing Mail for catalogs and printed media materials. 

It’s also one of the largest postal systems in the world, shipping a giant 47% of all the mail that gets delivered worldwide. That sees USPS handling around 128.8 billion pieces of mail annually. That’s some serious volume of letters and parcels, and these figures are increasing annually!

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USPS Store Operating Days

You’ll find that most USPS store locations are open Monday – Saturday. With Saturday having shorter opening hours than they do Monday – Friday. Whereas some are also opening their doors on Sundays for extra convenience to the public. 

It’s always best to double-check with your local USPS store or check online with the USPS store locator tool to be sure of the operating hours. You can post your mail and collect your post from these locations, print shipping labels, and drop-ship. As well as buy everything you could need by way of stationary and packing merchandise. 

The Big Facts And Statistics

The United States Postal Service has more than $70 billion in annual revenues, employs over 644,000 workers, and with 211,000+ vehicles, it has the world’s biggest civilian fleet. 

They are in the midst of going green with their transport system. An order of 50,000 battery electric vehicles (BEV) was placed in March of 2023. The first round of 10,019 vehicles is due to be delivered by the beginning of 2023.

What is the Postal Service Reform Act?

The Post Office serves over 160 million homes, businesses, and other delivery points. They are lawfully obligated to serve every American, regardless of his or her geographical location, at uniform quality and price. In April of 2023, the President signed a law known as the Postal Service Reform Act of 2023. 

This important legislation aids the sustainability of USPS’s mission statement. Which is to “Provide reliable and affordable service to every address in America six days, and sometimes seven days, a week.”

Does USPS Deliver On Saturdays?

It most certainly is! USPS counts Saturday as a regular working day. Yes, it’s technically a weekend day, NOT a business day. However, for the United States Postal Service, Saturdays have always been treated as any other regular business day. You can expect to get every “class” of mail delivered on Saturdays. 

The six different classes of mail:

What Is First Class Mail?

First class mail is what we know as regular mail; so all letters, business-sized mail, and small or light packages. It is the cheapest way to ship something small and lightweight and is delivered six days a week. According to their website: USPS Mail delivers First-Class letters and envelopes in one to five business days and small packages in two to five business days. 

What Is Priority Mail?

What Is Priority Mail?

Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail are the fastest ways to get get your items delivered. Compared to First Class Mail and Ground Shipping, you are paying a lot more for the faster service; however, it’s guaranteed. Therefore it is worth it for peace of mind if you are sending something important. 

Priority sees your package arrive at its destination in two to three days (depending on what level you choose and pay for). Whereas Priority Express is fast and efficient one to two day delivery, where your item can be guaranteed to be delivered to its final destination the very next day. 

No extra charge…

So, if you have paid for Priority or Priority Express shipping and the proposed delivery date falls on a Saturday. Great! You can expect to receive your post like you would any other business day. Plus, these Saturday deliveries come with no extra charge!

Does First-Class Mail Get Delivered Each Saturday?

Yes, it does. USPS delivered First Class mail on a regular schedule of six days a week. Monday to Saturday. Sunday is the only day that First Class or regular mail are not delivered. Expecting a letter in the mail that was sent via First-Class Mail on Monday? USPS guarantees delivery of mail in one to five business days. So if it hasn’t arrived by Friday, rest assured it should be in Saturday’s mail delivery.

What About Priority Mail?

Did you send an important piece of mail by Priority Mail on Wednesday? You can be assured it will arrive at its recipient by Saturday as that is what you’ve paid for. 

If your delivery date happens to fall on a Saturday. Especially if it is Priority Express mailed on a Friday, then yes, you should receive your package on Saturday. If not, be assured that it will be delivered to you the very next day. Which, in this scenario, happens to be a Sunday, as that will be within the promised 2-day time frame. 

I will touch on USPS Sunday delivered a little later on…

Keeping The Delivery Times

Keeping The Delivery Times

USPS is good at making sure that mail is delivered during the correct time frame. It’s only a rare occurrence that this might not happen. 

For example, mother nature may intervene with a crazy snowstorm or hurricane, which either grounds flights or holds up the delivery fleet. Or even a bad road accident might disrupt the shipping process; however, that is very unusual. If this happens, you’ll probably just receive your package much later in the day than expected, or worst case scenario, it’ll be the next day. 

However, as mentioned, this is very unusual, and USPS’s track record for on-time deliveries speaks for itself.

Other Types Of Mail Delivered On A Saturday

USPS has a lot of other classes of mail, and you might be wondering if these also get delivered on a Saturday. Take a look at the table below for specific delivery time frames and delivery days. 

Days and Times Priority Mail Express Priority Mail First Class Mail USPS Retail Ground Marketing Mail Periodicals
Specified Delivery Time 1-2 business days with a money

back guarantee

1-3 business days 1-5 business days 2-8 business days 2-8 business days Not Specified
Delivery Days Monday – Sunday

(365 days a year)

Monday – Saturday (except holidays) Monday – Saturday Monday – Saturday Monday – Saturday Monday – Saturday

As you can see, you can expect to receive pretty much every single type of mail on a Saturday, just like any other weekday. 

What Time Should I Expect Saturday Delivery?

Being that USPS treats Saturdays like any other business day. You can usually expect your mail to arrive around the same time it does every other day. Delivery generally starts at 8 a.m and finishes around 6 p.m. There might be times when your mail is delivered later than this. Sometimes around busy holiday periods, when there’s an influx of packages needing to be delivered. 

Most USPS packages arrive by 2 p.m on Saturdays. While parcels sent through delivery guaranteed services like Priority Mail Express should arrive by 10:30 a.m. However, you may find that your mail can be delivered as late as 6:30 p.m during peak holiday seasons. 

Does USPS Delivery On A Sunday?

Does USPS Delivery On A Sunday?

Yes, it does; the U.S Mail service currently delivers Priority Mail Express items on Sundays; if this is the day of the week that the delivery falls on. Plus, they have also got a contract with Amazon, which sees them delivering certain types of Amazon packages on Sundays.

With the volume of packages and mail always increasing over time. The USPS is even proposing to start including more Sunday deliveries into the schedule to keep the system running smoothly. So if you do not currently have Sunday deliveries in your area, watch this space! There is a chance that, in time, this will also start to be a regular thing.

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Does USPS Deliver On Saturdays? – Final Thoughts

The United States Postal Service not only offers its customers affordable rates and fast delivery schedules. It also backs it up with money-back guarantees on these delivery times. They deliver every type of mail on Saturdays, as it is designated as a regular business day. 

Plus, through an agreement with Amazon and with the conditions of Priority Mail Express, you can also expect these two types of packages to be delivered to your doorstep on Sundays. Rest assured, if you haven’t received your mail by Friday, you can expect to receive it on Saturday from your local USPS delivery driver!

Good luck with your weekend delivery from USPS!

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