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Does USPS Deliver On Sunday? (Yes, But Something You Need To Know)

does usps deliver on sunday

Are you waiting for an important parcel to arrive? 

For many years, the post office was the main way to send packages and other types of mail. However, limited weekend postal services led people to search for quicker and more efficient methods.

In recent years, the United States Postal Service has added additional delivery times to its schedule. Commonly known as USPS, this postal service serves millions of customers in the United States.

 If you are wondering, ‘does USPS deliver on Sunday?’ then it’s time to find out…

Sunday Deliveries 

Sunday Deliveries 

These days, the United States Postal Service distributes packages on both days over the weekend. However, only certain types of mail are delivered on the traditional day of rest. Thanks to a deal made in 2013, the United States Postal Service distributes Amazon packages

They also distribute Priority Mail packages that have been specified for distribution on this day.

Distribution times

Due to a reduced number of staff, delivery times on this day of the week tend to vary. If you are waiting to receive an Amazon parcel, you could receive your parcel as late as 21:00 or 22:00. However, you are likely to receive your parcel much earlier in the day. 

When you opt for Priority Mail Express through the United States Postal Service, you are given a money-back guarantee. As a result, you can be sure that your parcel will arrive on the specified day. To meet the conditions of the guarantee, you have to receive your parcel by 18:30. If this does not happen, the sender is eligible to receive a full refund. 

Facts About Sunday Deliveries

There are several things to think about if you want to receive a parcel on this day of the week. While it may seem unconventional, for some people, this is the only day they are sure to be at home. Here are some useful and interesting facts about distributions on this day of the week. 

Upgraded city distribution

If you live in a major city, you may start receiving regular mail on this day. In recent years, the United Postal Service has received an ever-increasing increase in packages to distribute. This is largely due to the increasing popularity of online shopping. 

The United Postal Service recently decided to offer a limited regular service to help prevent backlogs. 

Temporary staff

All full-time United States Postal Service staff receive this day of the week off work. As a result, the staff who work on this day are temps. They work on this day to earn a little extra money. 

During peak seasons and on public holidays, the United States Postal Service receives a much higher volume of mail. Temporary staff also work during these periods to make sure the mail continues to flow. This helps to make sure that you will receive greetings cards and parcels in time for special occasions. 

Fast mail

Fast mail

Priority Mail Express is the fastest domestic service in the United States. It is available every day of the year and can be sent to any address in the United States. This includes PO boxes throughout the country. The United States Postal Service guarantees overnight delivery, and your parcel could be distributed as early as 10:30. 

Value for money

Priority Mail Express is available at a much lower price than the price quoted by most delivery services. Prices for this fast and efficient service start from around $23, depending on the weight and size of the parcel. It is possible to arrange the service through the United States Postal Service website and at various Post Office locations. 

Types of packages

Priority Mail parcels and those from Amazon are given priority on this day of the week. While these packages are distributed first, it is possible to receive other types of mail. During quiet periods it is not unusual to receive First-Class parcels on this day of the week. 

Volume of distribution

While Sunday distribution is limited, the United States Postal Service still delivers millions of parcels on this day. The number is particularly high during the festive season. For example, a record eight million parcels were distributed on a Sunday in December of 2018. 

Visiting The Post Office On Weekends 

Most Post Office branches in major cities are open on Saturdays. It is possible to visit those branches and send parcels and other types of mail. However, you should be aware that queues are likely to be longer than on many other days of the week.

All post office branches are closed on Sundays to give postal workers a day off. However, you will find a wide range of useful tools on the United States Postal Service website. You can use these online tools to print out labels for your parcels and schedule a pick-up. 

Numerous online services…

While you’re on the website, you can also take advantage of a range of other services. You can buy stamps, purchase money orders, and create custom mail envelopes and cards. The site also features tips on how to properly prepare your package before it is picked up.  

How To Prepare Your Parcel

If you are sending a gift to a loved one, you need to know that it will arrive at the destination safely. The last thing you want is for the contents to get lost or broken, especially if they are fragile. Let’s take a look at the best way to package your parcel so that the contents remain safe and secure. 

Choose the right box

Make sure you have a box that is large enough for the item you want to ship. The box should be sturdy and have enough room inside to add packing material. While you can reuse an old box, you need to cover or blackout the old address, shopping labels, and logos. 

Pack the box

Make sure the contents of your box are insulated to keep them safe and secure. Take the box on all sides so that the edges will not come open during distribution. It is best to use two-inch wide packing tape and avoid string or twine, as it can get caught in equipment. Avoid restricted and prohibited items like alcohol, perfume, and other potentially flammable items. 

Address the package

Address the package

Make sure the address on the package is correct and easy to read. Printing out the address label will help to make sure the package reaches the right destination. Make sure you include your address so that the package can be returned to you if necessary. If you choose to write the address, use ink that will not smear or run if it gets wet. 

Select a mail service

You are now ready to go online and select your preferred mail service. If you are sending valuable items, it is a good idea to choose shipping insurance. This allows you to insurance the contents up to a value of $5,000. 

Apply the correct postage 

Make sure you calculate the shipping cost correctly before you ship your parcel. The exact cost will depend on several different factors. This includes the weight and size of your package, where you are sending it, and your chosen mail service.

Fortunately, you can use the online USPS Postage Calculator to take the uncertainty out of the process. Simply enter the details of your package to receive the exact price. You will also see the price for different mail services, which helps you to choose the perfect option. 

Ship the package

The final step is sending your parcel. You can take it to your nearest Post Office branch if you happen to be in town. Otherwise, you can arrange for the package to be picked up from your home. 

If your package weighs less than ten ounces and is under half an inch thick, sending the package is especially easy. Simply drop it in your nearest Post Office lobby mail slot or a blue collection box. For larger parcels, you need to use a Post Office retail counter or a Post Office Self-Service Kiosk.

Make Sure Your USPS Package Arrives!

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Does USPS Deliver On Sunday? – Final Thoughts

As you can see, whether or not you will receive your package on a Sunday depends on the type of delivery.

 You cannot expect to receive Priority Mail or First-Class mail on this day of the week. However, you may receive packages from Amazon and Priority Express packages on a Sunday. 

If you opt to send a Priority Express package on this day, you will be charged an extra fee of $12.50. While this may seem a bit steep to some people, this service provides extra peace of mind. If your parcel is not delivered by 18:30 on the specified day, you will get your money back!

All the very best with your USPS Sunday Delivery!

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