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Does USPS Deliver To Door

does usps deliver to door

The United States Postal Service has been delivering America’s mail for nearly 250 years.

They’ve been rolling with the times since the 1770s and have evolved into a slick, well-oiled mail, parcel, and package delivery machine. However, the question on many people’s lips “Does USPS Deliver To Door?” Let’s find out as well as cover some other queries about USPS delivery practices.

So, let’s get started!

Where Does The USPS Deliver?

USPS delivers mail and parcels to every single residential address in the country. It doesn’t matter if you are in the backwaters of a tiny village, miles from an actual post office, in the heart of a busy, beating city, or in a care home. The USPS works hard to get your mail to you as quickly as it can.

Where Does The USPS Deliver

When Does The USPS Deliver?

You’ll find that USPS usually delivers mail between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, no matter what type of delivery service you use. Sunday is the only day they do not deliver standard mail. 

Mailmen and women serve their mailing routes daily. So if you’ve been receiving mail in your home for a while, you’ll have a general idea of what time they routinely call into your street. 

Late delivery times during the holidays…

Interestingly, during holiday seasons and times when there are a lot more mail and packages to be delivered, you might receive mail as late as 6:30 p.m., sometimes even later. This is also true in the cases of unforeseen circumstances (such as severe weather, natural disasters, traffic, staffing fluctuations, changes in a carrier route, etc.) Uncontrollable factors such as these can cause deliveries to be made outside of the regular 9 – 5 schedule.

Does USPS Deliver To Door?

The United States Postal Service delivers the post to your mailbox. So the answer is… might be yes or might be no. This is all to do with the placement of your actual mailbox. Is your mailbox attached to your house or front door? Do you have a mail slot where the mail drops down into a little cage on the inside of the door? If this is the case, then yes, USPS does deliver the mail directly to your door

On the other hand, if your mailbox is located to the side of your house or further out on your driveway. Down near the curbside, or you live in an apartment that has a centralized mail point, then technically, it’s a no. 

Does USPS Deliver To Door

If You Live In An Apartment

All of your regular and business mail will likely be delivered to the centralized mail department for your building rather than your front door. The mail is pre-sorted before it comes out for delivery, so it allows the entire building’s mail to be done in one go.

However, USPS will always attempt to deliver packages and oversized items to your door. If they are unsuccessful, you’ll be left with a redelivery note rather than your package left by your condo door for safety reasons. 

Having Regular Mail Delivered To Your Door

If, for any reason, you are unable to collect your mail from your curbside or outside mailbox. You’ll be pleased to know that it is possible to request for your mailman or woman to deliver it to you at your front door.

 It is important to note that this is usually only for extenuating circumstances. So for people who have a handicap, are facing some sort of hardship, medical issues, or have an illness that prevents them from physically collecting it. To request this extra service, you’ll need to do a couple of simple things.

How to Request this Service?

  • The first is to get a testimony from your Doctor stating the facts as to why you are unable to collect your mail. This will be from curbside if you are in a house or a centralized mailbox if you are in an apartment or condo. 
  • Then you need to write the USPS a letter requesting this change and include the supporting document from your Doctor. You must send the two items to the Post Office that delivers your mail for approval. 
  • The final decision is down to your local United States Post Office on whether or not door delivery will be granted or denied.

Is It Different When It’s A Package Instead Of Regular Mail?

Yes, it is. The Postal Service delivers all regular and business-sized mail to your mailbox, along with any parcels and packages that will fit inside. If they deliver something that doesn’t fit or requires a signature, they will come to your doorstep to do so. 

Your USPS mailman would prefer to hand your parcel over to you and get a signature if required. But sometimes they come when you aren’t home. If the package doesn’t need your signature and you’ve left specific delivery instructions, they will leave it in the specified place. 

How Does USPS Deliver If You Have A Gate?

If you have a gate, you’ll no doubt have your mailbox located outside of the gate. That way, your delivery person can simply pop your mail inside as per usual. However, if you have a gate and are receiving a package, it will go something like this. 

  • Firstly your mail person will try to ring the bell or buzzer. If there is no response, then they’ll place the package into the dropbox if you’ve supplied one. 
  • If it doesn’t fit, it’s likely that it will be bagged up and either left by the drop box or, if there is no drop box, then simply by the gate. Unless you have notified of another place, you’d like it to be left if it comes when you aren’t home.
  •  If the package requires a signature, a redelivery notice will be left in your mailbox. You can find everything you need to know about redelivery here.

Does USPS Leave Packages At The Door If I’m Not Home?

If you are expecting a delivery of a larger package and aren’t home, then yes, sometimes USPS drivers will leave your parcel for you by the door. You are also able to leave specific delivery instructions to place it somewhere in the case of not being home. This could include under the bench seat, behind the plant, in the garage, etc. 

However, there are quite a few instances in which it will not be left.

Does USPS Leave Packages At The Door If I’m Not Home

Requires A Signature

If your package requires a signature, then no, it will not be left by your door. Even if you didn’t request that a signature be received, the sender could have decided to request it with or without your knowledge, to ensure the package ends up with the correct recipient. Instead, a redelivery card will be left, and the package goes back to the Post Office. 

No Secure Location To Be Left

If you aren’t home and you don’t have a safe and secure place for the item to be left. If you live on a busy street, then your driver will probably not leave your package. 

This isn’t because he is trying to make your life more difficult! But simply because he feels the package would be at risk of being stolen. Again a notice of redelivery will be left to arrange a better time when you will be home, or for you to collect it yourself. 

There Is Postage Due 

This is pretty rare these days; however, it still does happen. If the sender didn’t pay the correct amount when first shipping the item, then you will need to pay the difference before receiving your parcel. If you aren’t home, then you will be unable to pay it. 

Weather Conditions

Sometimes your mailman will not leave a package on your doorstep because of the weather. For example, if you don’t have a covered porch or area by the door, the driver will use their discretion and probably not leave your package outside in the rain or heavy snow in case it gets damaged. 

You Have A Dog 

 If you have a dog and the postman has to interact with it. It’s more than likely they will choose not to for fear of being attacked or bitten, no matter how friendly it may appear. So if you have a dog, make sure it’s out the back or outside the house, so your postman feels comfortable doing his job and getting your mail to you. 

Is It Possible For The USPS To Skip Houses?

Absolutely. The USPS allows its mail carriers to skip any residence where the mailbox is blocked or impeded. Whether it be blocked by cars or trash cans, has been placed behind a fence and can’t be reached safely, or any other number of reasons. 

It might be that your mailbox is far into your property and can’t be seen. Or you have a rather scary dog running around the front yard, and the mailman doesn’t feel safe entering your property to deliver the mail.

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Final Thoughts

The USPS works hard to get your mail to you as quickly as possible. They deliver to your mailbox, whether that be located curbside or attached to your front door. However, if it is a parcel, they will more than likely deliver it to your front door if it’s too big for your mailbox or requires a signature. 

Hope your USPS parcel arrives safely at your door!

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