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Does USPS Print Labels? (Full Guide)

does usps print labels

USPS provides a wide range of shipping services, from priority mail express for time-sensitive post to a ground shipping package service for catalogs and printed media materials.

Its also the largest postal system in the world, shipping 47% of all the mail that gets delivered worldwide. That sees USPS handling around 128.8 billion pieces of mail annually. That’s a serious volume of letters and parcels!

But does USPS print labels? Or do you need to print them at home?

Do They Print Labels At USPS?

You are about to send a package via the United States Postal Service, and of course, your printer has just run out of ink! After arranging the pickup service online, you are a bit unsure of how this will now work as you no longer have access to a printer.

You gather your things together and head to the nearest Post Office to try and sort it out. With over 31,330 locations across the 50 states, there is sure to be one close by. You wonder if they will be able to help you directly or if you’ll need to go elsewhere to print it. Let’s find out…

Can You Print Labels At The Post Office?

You’ll be pleased to know that, yes, you can get your USPS labels printed at the post office! When you arrange a shipment via USPS, they have two options for printing labels.

The first is to print them at home or on your printer. The second is to find a participating Post Office that can print them for you in-store. I’ll explain how a little later.

You can do it online too!

Recognizing the shift in the world’s working dynamic, where many USPS customers now work from home without access to a printer. The team at USPS came up with a plan to merge its two existing services into one easy and helpful platform.

In October of 2020, USPS combined its two separate services, Label Broker and Click-N-Ship, into one convenient online tool. It really is a win-win for both customers and workers of USPS.

Does USPS Print Labels? – What Is USPS Label Broker?

Does USPS Print Labels? - What Is USPS Label Broker?

Label Broker is a feature that allows its customers who don’t have access to a printer the ability to have their shipping labels printed at a Post office location. You can print Pre-Paid shipping labels and also No Postage Necessary shipping labels. (For example, Return shipping labels).

This is wonderful for people that don’t have a printer and also for small businesses and eCommerce sites that want to provide free return shipping for their customers. The Label Broker service makes it free and hassle-free for the customer to return the unwanted item.

Can I Print The Label Straight From My Phone?

Yes, you can. The USPS agent can scan your unique Label Broker generated QR code right from your phone or a printed copy.

If you already have a printed copy of your QR code and, therefore, a printer, you are most probably in need of some packing tape or even a suitable box or bag for sending your item, which is all available for purchase from the Post Office.

Your parcel won’t be posted…

It’s also super important to make sure your handwriting is neat and readable! Bad handwriting is the bane of shipping companies and can cause all sorts of issues. These can range from delays in delivery times, the item going to the wrong address, or even, in the worst cases, non-delivery and the return of your item as the label was illegible.

To prevent issues like this, it’s important to make sure all of your handwritten information is clear and legible.

How Does The Label Broker Option Work? 

How Does The Label Broker Option Work? 

When you have an item that needs shipping, you can create an online shipping label via your account with Click-N-Send. You’ll be given the option to receive an email that includes a specially formatted QR Code that works as your personal Label Broker ID during the course of creating your shipment.

This unique Label Broker ID or QR Code is then stored within the super secure USPS Label Broker repository. You then need to bring your package and your personal Label Broker ID, i.e., the QR Code, with you either as a printout or on your mobile phone or tablet to your local participating Post Office.

After you present the Post Office associate the QR code, they will:

  • Scan it with one of their readers.
  • Print the shipping label for you.
  • Affix it to your package.
  • Hand you a receipt.
  • Send the package right from their location.

Nothing more for you to do! 

Is It Free To Print My Labels With The Label Broker Service? 

Yes, the service of getting the labels printed via USPS is absolutely free. However, just like all shipping services, you do need to pay for the actual shipping costs. This is always paid beforehand via your account with Click-N-Ship. The great thing is you can also do this for return labels for your customers to make it free and easy for them. 

You can’t take the label home…

One super important thing you must remember is that you have to take your item with you if you are printing at the post office. They DO NOT allow you to print the label and then leave with it. 

It is company policy to print the label, attach it to the package, and process it in-store after giving you a receipt with all the relevant tracking information.

What Type Of Labels Can I Print?

USPS will print whatever type of label you have bought from Click-N-Send. It doesn’t matter if you are sending something to another part of the city, across the state, a return interstate, or even internationally! The Label Broker will print out everything you need.

Is This Service Available At All Post Office Locations?

Will You Get Charged For Refusing A Package?

Not all Post Offices have this service, so it’s always best to check with your local Post Office. Alternatively, you can check online using the USPS location finder. It’s super simple, just enter your location into the ‘Find A Location’ box, and a list of post offices will appear within your designated mile radius.

To find out if a location has the USPS Label Broker Option, you can click on the store and check for it on the list of ‘Services At This Location.’ Luckily, this service is available at most Post Office locations these days. 


If you are in a smaller town or live fairly remotely, you can expand the search radius to up to 100 miles from your location. Don’t forget to take your package with you when you are printing labels at the Post Office. Again… They DO NOT allow you to print the label and then leave the store with it.

Do I Need To Take The Package With Me When I Print From USPS?

Yes, it’s very important to remember to bring the item/s you are shipping with you to the Post Office location. As mentioned, once you have presented the QR code to the associate at the participating Post Office location, and the shipping label has been generated. The associate will then need to complete the action by affixing the label to the parcel and processing it for you at the store. 

Any Other Important Information Before I Head To Print My Labels?

Any Other Important Information Before I Head To Print My Labels?

I briefly touched on a few things, but let’s go over them again as they are very important in ensuring your parcel arrives at its intended destination and on time.

The first is to make sure your package is readable. That means all of your handwritten information needs to be very clear and neat. That way, every USPS worker who comes into contact with it can easily read the information and makes sure it goes to the correct place. I can’t stress enough how important this is! So, don’t rush the handwriting part of packing your shipment.

The second is to make sure you have checked that the post office you a heading to has the Label Broker service. The third and final is to make sure you take the package with you to the Post Office to print your label. You will need it for USPS to complete the shipping process for you.

Expecting A Parcel From USPS?

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Does USPS Print Labels? – Final Thoughts

USPS is a big name in shipping, and with really great rates for all types of shipping, they are a reliable and very price-competitive company to use.

With the merge of Label Broker and Click-N-Ship, you now have the option of printing your labels at home or at any participating Post Office location. The service of printing your pre-paid label is free, but remember to take the item you are sending with you to the post office so they can complete the shipping process for you.

Good luck and happy shipping with USPS!

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