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Does USPS Take UPS Packages? (2023 Guide)

does usps take ups packages

Do you have a United Parcel Service (UPS) parcel you need to send in a hurry? 

Trying to arrange a collection can be tricky if you are not at home when drivers are available. This can make it difficult at times to find a convenient way to send your parcel. If you live close to a branch of the United States Postal Service, dropping off your parcel there will be easy. 

However, the two companies are rivals, and you need to make sure that your parcel will be accepted. If you are wondering, ‘does USPS take UPS packages?’, then it’s time to find out…

UPS Mail Innovations 

UPS Mail Innovations

While it is possible to drop off a United Parcel Service parcel at your local post office branch, there are certain restrictions. 

Your local post office branch only accepts UPS Mail Innovations parcels. This is because the two companies have come together to offer customers this unique and versatile shipping service. However, other types of parcels shipped through UPS will not be accepted by your post office

About the service

About the service

UPS Mail Innovations is a separate divison of the company. It is designed to make it easier and cheaper to send and receive parcels. As a result of collaboration between the two companies, the shipping process is faster and cheaper. 

United Parcel Service planes are used, while the United States Postal Service provides the drop-off points. 


Only individuals who have a U.S. Postal Services Mail Quality Control certification are allowed to handle parcels. These are specially trained to safely handle sensitive documents and parcels without them becoming compromised. As a result, you can be sure that this service is safe and secure.

Larger mail

This service can be used to ship large parcels and other heavy pieces of mail. This is because planes are used rather than regular delivery vans. This makes it a good method of sending larger and heavier parcels to different destinations. 

International Delivery 

Sending a parcel to an international address through the United States Postal Service can be tricky. There is often a high fee for the service, while some branches may refuse to accept your parcel. Fortunately, the UPS Mail Innovations service makes it easy to send international mail and packages.

This is largely because an international network has already been established. UPS partners with mail carriers in other countries to offer a smooth and reliable service. Because they are a private company, they are able to utilize a larger fleet of planes. These planes are permitted to fly across international borders to deliver mail. 

The United Parcel Service Returns Flexible Access Service

The United Parcel Service Returns Flexible Access Service

This also allows you to drop off your parcel at a post office branch. It takes advantage of the return parcel service that is available at all post office branches. It is only available to businesses that sign up with UPS in advance.

Once a business has signed up, they can use USPS to receive their returns. It is necessary to have a return label printed that shows it is from a particular store. The label also needs to indicate that UPS will handle the return. 

Making returns so much easier!

Once the label has been created, you can take the parcel to your local post office branch. Alternatively, you can arrange for USPS to collect the parcel. This makes it easier for customers to return broken or unwanted items. As an added bonus, it is both more efficient and cheaper for businesses. 

Tracking your Parcel

You can use the shipping number provided by UPS to keep track of your parcel. Alternatively, you can use the USPS tracking number that will be provided in a confirmation email. This is sent once your parcel is in a USPS facility.

The tracking number is usually 22 characters long and features a combination of letters and numbers. It can take up to 48 hours for the tracking information for your parcel to be updated during its journey. If you do not find the information you need immediately, it is best to be patient. 

United Parcel Service Access Points

United Parcel Service Access Points

If you don’t have a post office branch close to home, it is best to search for an Access Point. These are drop-off areas where you can send parcels and other types of mail. It is also possible to arrange for an Access Point to collect your parcel for you.

This is a good option if you are concerned about a parcel being left sitting on your doorstep for hours. Your parcel will be kept safe and sound until you are available to collect it.

USPS Does More Than That!

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Does USPS Take UPS Packages? – Final Thoughts

It is important to note that UPS and the United States Postal Service are in fierce competition with each other. Both companies offer similar services and work hard to retain customers and gain new ones. Therefore, the two companies do not usually work together to offer joint services.

The main exception to this is the UPS Mail Innovations fusion shipping service. The agreement between the two companies means you can drop off these parcels at your nearest post office branch. However, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions that apply to this service.

Good luck, and I hope your parcel arrives safely!

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