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Does Vatican allow shorts?

Does Vatican allow shorts?

Yes, the Vatican does not allow visitors to wear shorts when visiting the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica. As the center of the Catholic Church, the Vatican has a strict dress code in place to show respect and maintain the sanctity of the religious sites. The dress code states that both men and women must cover their shoulders and knees when entering these places of worship. This means that wearing shorts or sleeveless tops are not permitted.


1. Can I wear skirts or dresses that are above the knee?

No, any attire that exposes the knees is not accepted. Skirts and dresses should fall below the knee to meet the dress code requirements.

2. Are there any exceptions for children?

Yes, the dress code applies to both adults and children. However, due to the practicalities of dressing young children, the staff at the Vatican may be more lenient with enforcing the dress code for children.

3. Can I bring a shawl or scarf to cover my shoulders?

Yes, bringing a shawl or scarf to cover your shoulders is a good idea if you are wearing a sleeveless top or dress. This will allow you to easily comply with the dress code when entering the Vatican.

4. Are there any specific dress code requirements for men?

For men, wearing long pants and shirts with sleeves is mandatory. Sleeveless shirts and shorts are not allowed.

5. What are the consequences of not following the dress code?

If visitors do not comply with the dress code, they may be denied entry to the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica. It is always recommended to dress appropriately to avoid disappointment.

6. Can I rent or borrow appropriate clothing at the Vatican?

Unfortunately, the Vatican does not provide rental or borrowing services for appropriate clothing. Visitors are advised to come prepared and dress accordingly before arriving at the Vatican.

7. Are there any alternatives to wearing long pants?

Yes, in warm weather, men can opt for lightweight trousers or long shorts that fall below the knee. This way, they can still stay cool while adhering to the dress code.

8. Can I wear sandals or flip-flops?

Wearing sandals or flip-flops is generally not recommended when visiting the Vatican. Closed-toe shoes are more appropriate and show a greater level of respect.

9. Can I wear a hat or a cap?

Wearing hats or caps indoors is generally not allowed in the Vatican, as it is considered disrespectful. However, you can wear them outside on the Vatican grounds.

10. Can I carry a bag or backpack?

Yes, bags and backpacks are allowed, but they may be subject to security checks upon entry. It is advisable to travel light and bring only necessary items.

11. How far in advance should I plan my outfit?

It is recommended to plan your outfit in advance and ensure that you have appropriate attire before your visit. This will help you avoid any last-minute wardrobe dilemmas on the day of your visit.

12. Is the dress code strictly enforced at all times?

The dress code is typically enforced at the entrance of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica. Staff members may refuse entry to those who do not meet the dress code requirements.

By following the dress code and dressing appropriately, visitors can show respect for the religious significance of the Vatican while experiencing its cultural and historical treasures. It is always better to be prepared and ensure compliance with the dress code to make the most of your visit to the Vatican.

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