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Does Verizon Hire Felons?

does verizon hire felons

Verizon is a renowned telecommunication company that has its presence in multiple countries. Verizon has a broad reach which makes it one of the most demanding companies to work in. It is known to give equal opportunities to its employees.

When it comes to a felon, it does get challenging for such individuals to secure a job at reputed companies such as Verizon. During the interview process, individuals with a criminal record have to go through their share of struggles, especially during the background check.

There is one question that revolves in the people’s minds, and that is whether Verizon hires felons or not?

1 Does Verizon Hire Felons?

There are no official statements that the company officials have released regarding carrying out their hiring, or there is no information about the hiring policy. After digging deeper, by interacting with the former employees, there was sufficient information that was collected.

does the verizon hire felon

It can be said that Verizon is open to hiring felons. Verizon is one of the companies known for giving equal opportunities to employees regardless of caste, region, sex, history, etc. The company has always focused on hiring employees who have the right qualification, skill-set, and passion for joining the company.

2 In The Past, Has Verizon Hired Felons?

Verizon has not openly put it on their website or claimed about hiring felons, but in the past, there have been employees who had a criminal history and were still hired by Verizon. From this information, it does look like Verizon hires felons.

3 Has Verizon Been Hiring People Who Have Had Misdemeanors?

The answer to the question is yes, Verizon has hired people with Misdemeanors. Felon is one of the shortcomings that could come in between the individual getting hired at Verizon, but there are other aspects, such as Misdemeanor. Verizon, in the past, has hired such employees as well.

4 Is Verizon Listed On The Ban the Box List?

The Ban of the Box Movement is a positive attempt nationwide to push companies to keep the criminal records out of the application. This is a crucial step. It helps the individuals who have a criminal record to not face rejections in the job due to their past.

There are many times that this happened when employees with a criminal record are talented and have the desired skill-set, but due to their past, they get rejected for their dream jobs. This is why there was an initiative to introduce the Ban the Box list, and there are a plethora of companies that are a part of it.

does the verizon hire a felon

Another initiative is known as the Fair Chance Business Pledge, which is a very similar initiative to that of the Ban the Box List and has the same motives. The only difference between the Fair Chance Business Pledge and Ban the Box List is that, in the former’s case, the companies voluntarily sign up for the pledge and assure not to discriminate the worthy employees during the hiring policies.

Unfortunately, Verizon isn’t a part of any of the above two mentioned above. This may sound unfair on behalf of the company, but in reality, there are still many reputable companies that are yet to be a part of such initiatives. Even though Verizon isn’t a part of such initiatives, it follows the same ideology of not discriminating against the employees on any grounds.

Also, in the past, as per the information gathered that is gathered, it can be claimed that Verizon has always proved that it is never a part of discriminating against employees on any grounds, even when the individuals have a criminal record.

5 Are There Any Special Programs That Verizon Is A Part Of To Hire Felons?

Many companies have various special programs to hire employees of a specific kind, which makes the hiring process more comfortable. No doubt, these programs are a great initiative and one of a kind. The unfortunate part is that such outstanding programs are scarce to be seen.

It is not a surprise to know that Verizon does not have any such programs in place. This does not justify our claim that it would be impossible for you to get a job as a felon. There are plenty of companies that do not have such special programs in place, still hire felons.

6 What Can Be The Odds For A Felon To Get Hired At Verizon?

With the information that has been dig through the sources, it can be said that the odds are high for securing a job for a felon. This is only if the felon is qualified and suits the role perfectly well. There have been various statements from the ex-employees online that give relief to the felons for their odds being pretty good in terms of securing a job at Verizon.

The hiring process for felons depends on two significant factors. One is the crime and the other is how long ago it happened. If a felon were convicted seven years back, then there would be no signs of the conviction during the background check. Some companies do get very lenient if the record dates back to many years.

7 At Verizon, What Are Some Entry-Level Jobs?

Verizon is a huge company that caters to multiple different divisions and offers excellent employment opportunities to the people looking for a job at Verizon. If you are someone who comes along with a technical background, you must apply for the technical team at Verizon. This is because there are multiple openings in the tech department.

does verizon hire felon

Other than that, there are many entry levels jobs in the customer service department. The employees’ primary duties at the customer service department are to cater to the queries and problems faced by the customers. They also need to keep the customers updated about the new phone and service plans. They should also help them choose what suits their needs and budgets.

The working hours tend to vary depending on the store the employee is working in. 90% of the stores are open on all days. Most employees work day and night shifts.

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8 Does Verizon Conduct Background Checks?

Yes, like any other reputed company Verizon also conducts thorough background checks. The point to note is that not all background checks are the same. It all depends on the state or the country where the employee is located. In many of the states, employers do a background check for only the past seven years.

9 Tips On Securing A Job At Verizon?

Here are some of the essential tips that could help you secure a job at Verizon:

  • The candidate should prepare well before the interview. It is essential to read about the company in detail and its current dealings. Apart from that, the candidates should also focus on reading more about the role they have applied for.
  • Dressing well is a mandate. It speaks volumes of the personality and how serious the candidate is for the job.
  • ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’, is one of the strongest recommendations that we give. Candidates should be smartly honest and not hide anything about their past records or be ashamed of them. The candidates should instead embrace it and be confident about it. This will give them the chance that they were looking for.
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