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Does Vrbo make you clean the house?

Does Vrbo make you clean the house?

When it comes to planning a vacation or a short getaway, accommodation plays a crucial role in ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience. With the rise of vacation rental platforms like Vrbo, travelers now have more options to choose from when it comes to finding their perfect home away from home. However, a common question that arises is whether Vrbo requires guests to clean the house before checking out. Let’s explore this topic in more detail.

FAQs about Vrbo’s cleaning policies:

1. Do Vrbo hosts expect guests to clean the house themselves?

The cleaning duties at a Vrbo rental can vary depending on the host and the specific listing. While some hosts may require guests to clean before checking out, the majority of Vrbo listings include a cleaning fee in the booking price, which covers the cost of professional cleaning services. It is essential to review the listing details and communicate with the host to clarify any specific cleaning expectations beforehand.

2. What if the Vrbo listing does not mention a cleaning fee?

In cases where the listing does not explicitly mention a cleaning fee, it is best to reach out to the host and inquire about their cleaning policies. Some hosts may ask guests to clean the house lightly, while others may charge an additional fee for cleaning. Effective communication with the host is crucial to avoid any misunderstandings and ensure a smooth experience.

3. Can guests opt for cleaning services during their stay?

Vrbo allows hosts to provide the option of cleaning services to guests. If you prefer not to worry about cleaning during your vacation, you can inquire with the host about the availability and cost of cleaning services. This allows you to enjoy your stay without the hassle of cleaning up before departure.

4. Are there any penalties for not cleaning the house before check-out?

Vrbo holds hosts responsible for the overall cleanliness and maintenance of their listings. If a guest leaves the property in an unsatisfactory condition, the host may file a claim against the security deposit or leave a negative review. To avoid any disputes or additional charges, it is advisable for guests to treat the rental property with respect and ensure it is left reasonably clean.

5. What if I encounter cleanliness issues upon arrival?

If you encounter cleanliness issues or find the rental property to be unsatisfactory upon arrival, it is crucial to communicate promptly with the host. Vrbo encourages open communication between hosts and guests, and most hosts are willing to address any concerns or rectify the situation promptly. Vrbo also provides a messaging platform where you can document and discuss any cleanliness issues with the host.

6. Can I hire a third-party cleaning service myself?

While it is generally recommended to discuss cleaning arrangements with the host, there may be instances where guests prefer to hire their own third-party cleaning service. In such cases, it is essential to receive the host’s approval and discuss any potential implications or requirements. Transparency and effective communication are key to ensuring a smooth experience for both guests and hosts.

7. Is the host responsible for providing cleaning supplies?

Typically, hosts are responsible for providing basic cleaning supplies necessary for guests to maintain the rental property during their stay. This can include items such as cleaning solutions, paper towels, and trash bags. However, it is essential to review the listing description and contact the host if you have any specific questions or requirements regarding cleaning supplies.

8. Do all Vrbo listings have the same cleaning policies?

No, the cleaning policies can vary from one Vrbo listing to another. Each host has the flexibility to establish their cleaning expectations and fees. Therefore, it is important to carefully review the listing details and reach out to the host to understand their specific cleaning policies before making a booking.

9. What if I have specific cleaning requests or concerns?

If you have specific cleaning requests or concerns due to allergies, sensitivities, or any other reasons, it is recommended to communicate these needs with the host in advance. This allows the host to address your concerns and make necessary arrangements to ensure your comfort during your stay.

10. Can I leave the property in a reasonable condition instead of deep-cleaning?

While each host may have different expectations, leaving the property in a reasonably clean condition is generally sufficient. This can include tidying up, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and following any other specified instructions provided by the host. It is advisable to discuss specific requirements and expectations with the host to ensure a smooth check-out process.


When booking a vacation rental through Vrbo, it is crucial to understand the specific cleaning policies and expectations of the host. By reviewing the listing details, communicating with the host, and clarifying any uncertainties, you can ensure a pleasant stay without any surprises. Remember, effective communication, respect for the rental property, and adherence to any cleaning guidelines provided by the host are key to a positive experience on Vrbo.

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