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Does Walgreens Run Background Checks?

Does Walgreens Run Background Checks

For anyone with an interest in the retail pharmacy business, Walgreens a familiar brand. Many consumers will also know it as it is the second-largest pharmacy retailer in the country.

The chain has over 9,000 stores across the country. It has also employed over 225,000 employees.

Given its size and widespread presence, it is no surprise so many want to work here. But for those with criminal records, there is one key concern. Does Walgreens run background checks?

There are a variety of jobs at Walgreens. They can be found at their pharmacies, clinics, distribution networks, and head office.

Many entry-level positions require no or little work experience. Others, like pharmacy technician jobs, can often come with training to get you certified. This is good news for those that have limited job experience.

The salaries are competitive. Employees also get to enjoy multiple benefits. This includes health insurance, paid leave, and stock purchase plans.

So with all these benefits, why should I be concerned about a background check?

What Is a Background Check?

A background check is a research into a person’s past. So what shows up on a background check?

It can include:

  • Criminal background check
  • Credit history check
  • Identity verification
  • Work history verification
  • Professional license verification
  • DMV records check
  • Education history check
  • Drug and alcohol screening

For employers, what is most relevant would be the criminal background check.

This is an investigation into a person’s history of criminal activity. Most specifically any crimes they have been convicted of. This can be in a local, state, or federal court.

In some states, this report can also include arrests without prosecution.

Every state has its credit reporting limit. This is the period for which such history can be reported on. At the federal level and in many states this limit is set at seven years. This means background checks should only report on convictions within the last seven years.

does walgreens run the background check

If the job involves driving, a DMV records check is in order. This is to ascertain a driver’s license is valid and is suitable for the vehicle. It also ensures the person has a clean driving record. Employers and their insurers will require this.

Those taking up financial positions will often also require a credit history check. This will ensure they are fiscally responsible and unlikely to commit fraud.

If the job calls for a professional license, this certification will also need to be verified. Employers will also want to establish that any academic certificates are real and that work history is true.

So what is the hiring process at Walgreens

Hiring Process at Walgreens

The job application process at Walgreens is online. You begin by looking up available positions on their Careers page. Here you can refine your search using keywords and location.

There are five career area groupings. These are:

1 Call center

2 Corporate

3 Distribution

4 In-store

5 Pharmacy

Once you search, you will be given a list of available positions in that area. Each listing will give a profile of the desired candidates.

does walgreens run background check

This is in terms of such traits as;

  • Problem-solving
  • Flexibility
  • Compassion
  • Efficiency
  • Leadership
  • Listening skills
  • Team player

You will also find testimonials from other employees in similar jobs. The benefits of the job are also indicated. Responsibilities and qualifications are also provided at the end.

Be sure to match up your resume to the qualifications indicated. The better a fit you are for the job, the better your chances of getting hired.

Entry-level jobs, like customer service associates, may not require work experience. But having some retail experience can give you an edge.

You will need to register an account on the site. This will allow you to either save the job listing for later review. Or, go ahead and apply for the job.

At the end of each listing, you are provided an online form to sign up for job alerts. You will need to provide your first and last names. A valid email address too.

You may also indicate the job category you are interested in and the location.

Once your online application is submitted, wait to be contacted for an assessment test. The test focuses on basic math skills and behavioral assessment.

If you pass these stages, you are then booked for an in-person interview. If you pass the interview, you will receive a conditional offer of employment.

Does Walgreens Run Background Checks?

Yes, they do. Walgreens acts like many other large companies that hire felons. They extend a conditional offer of employment. It is contingent on the candidate passing a background check and drug screening.

The company has however not stated what offenses may disqualify a candidate. The general opinion is that it depends on several factors.

These can include:

1 The nature of the offense

2 The severity of the offense

3 How long ago since completing the sentence

4 Work history of the applicant since release

5 Any incident of repeat offending

6 How honest the applicant is to the interviewer

Do note that these checks are vital for the employer. It helps them determine if a potential hire will be a risk to the business.

They are obligated to ensure the safety of other employees and customers. So they will want someone not likely to endanger others or their property. Insurers will also be interested to know what precautions they take.

Online testimonials also indicate that Walgreens does pre-employment and random drug screenings. It is also likely that those convicted of drug offenses may find getting work difficult. Not surprising given they are a drugstore chain. Employees would have access to narcotic medications.

So how does one boost chances of getting hired?

Tips to Getting a Job at Walgreens

Walgreens is among the felony-friendly companies. Though they will not hire all felons, many get a fair chance at a job. But much of it depends on how you present yourself.

Since background checks are a certainty, it is advisable, to be honest. When it comes to the interview stage it is best to be forthcoming. Let the hiring manager know your history and how you have turned things around.

Express a willingness to be flexible. That means being ready to work odd shifts. Also being willing to work at other locations can help.

does the walgreens run the background checks

When employers have many vacancies to fill, they appreciate someone willing to go where help is needed.

Also, try to get good references. People with good standing in the local community can be helpful. They should attest to your hardworking nature and willingness to learn.

Ensure that on the day of the interview you arrive on time. Tardiness is never a good thing in an employee.

Be sure to dress appropriately and speak politely and clearly.

Look up recent information on the company to demonstrate your interest in what they do. Show enthusiasm and a cheerful disposition. More so when it comes to retail jobs.

Having a steady work history is ideal. Even if at a small company or outlet. They want to know they can rely on you for the foreseeable future. Be sure to express your eagerness to work with them long term.

Also, run a background check on yourself. This will make you aware of what a potential employer will discover. It will also give you a chance to prepare how to reveal your history during the interview.


Having a criminal past does not mean you cannot earn a good career. Many companies believe in second chances.

But it is good to remember that desirable jobs will attract a competitive field of applicants. This means you may not end up being the best candidate for the job. Even without a criminal past.

To secure a job as a felon, your best bet is to go wide. Apply to a variety of companies, including those on our best jobs for felons list. This will increase your chances of securing work.

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