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Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay? (And 3% Cashback)

does walgreens take apple pay

With technology ever-evolving, the introduction of Apple Pay was a somewhat revolution. No more worrying about leaving your wallet behind or finding out you are cashless on a first date. Apple Pay allows you to pay with your phone and, yes, even your watch.

Apple is at the forefront of the revolution when it comes to technology, and that’s why they want to make it easier for people to pay and purchase things with ease. Walgreens has over 800 stores throughout the US and is one of the country’s most used drug store chains. They offer everything from designer clothing to grocery items to prescription drugs. 

So have they jumped on the technology bandwagon? Let’s find out…

Does Walgreens Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, it does. Walgreens accepts Apple Pay in-store, online, website, and through the app. However, it does not accept Apple Pay for online purchases of photo items. Customers wishing to use Apple Pay can use their Balance Rewards card with Apple Pay and receive 3% cashback every time they use an Apple card at Walgreens.

How to Use Apple Pay at Walgreens

First of all, make sure your device is an iPhone 6 or above. Unfortunately, if it’s an older version of the phone, it won’t work. You must also install the Apple Pay app set up. You don’t want to be downloading the app in-store, make sure you’re prepared and have the app ready. No need for cash or a card nowadays!

You must also have a valid credit or debit card linked to your Apple account. You can follow these instructions to find out how to do it. 

Once you are ready to checkout in-store, you must hold your phone close to the reader and hold down the Touch ID sensor. If all goes well, your payment should go through with ease.

The Walgreens payment option is simple, easy, and secure.

Can I Use Apple Pay on Online Purchases?

Can I Use Apple Pay on Online Purchases

100% yes, you can! Any customer with access to the walgreens.com official website can purchase and pay using Apple Pay

There will be multiple payment options at the final stage of your purchase. There you can choose the Apple Pay option and follow the steps on the website. Make sure you check everything and can finalize the payment with Face ID or Touch ID.

Can I Pay With Walgreens Balance Rewards Using Apple Pay?

Can I Pay With Walgreens Balance Rewards Using Apple Pay

Walgreens has gone out of its way to deliver excellent customer service by making it super easy for its customers to use their Balance Rewards cards while paying with Apple Pay.

You can now earn points for every valid purchase. It would be best if you remember the following procedures:

  • Authorize your Balance Rewards account
  • Make sure your phone is close to the reader so it recognizes your Balance Rewards
  • Keep your phone close to the reader and scan

Make sure to open your Walgreens app, choose the Balance Rewards Card option, and the Add to Apple Wallet. That’s the process complete!

Can I get Cashback At Walgreens With Apple Pay?

You are in luck. Apple Card offers 3% cashback on daily purchases. Now that’s not the highest in the market; there are better deals; however, with Apple Pay, there are no limits. If you want to receive 3% back on every purchase using this method – you can!

Other Payment Methods Walgreens Accepts

Other Payment Methods Walgreens Accepts

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Gift card
  • Debit card
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Network
  • American Express
  • CareCredit
  • PayPal

Advantages of Using Apple Pay

Easy Payment

Since you can store your credit or debit card easily in your Apple Wallet on your iPhone, it means that you no longer have to rummage through your bag for cash or your wallet. Using your phone makes payment simple with the touch of a button (literally).



Since you do not have to use a debit or credit card, it reduces the risk of someone stealing them. In fact, Apple Pay doesn’t use your card numbers either, which is an added security. It uses something called a “device token” to finish a transaction. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a security breach.

You Don’t Have to Be Online

This might be surprising to some, but you can use Apple Pay while your device is offline. That means you don’t need data or wifi to make a purchase. This even includes when your phone is on airplane mode!

No Hidden Charges

Apple Pay takes around 0.15% from each purchase. But don’t worry, this doesn’t come from you. It comes from the merchant. Because Apple has worked closely with multiple credit card companies to give users an easy experience, there are no hidden fees for using the app.

Convenience and Availability

It is convenient to pay with a device that is always in your hand or pocket. Furthermore, Apple Pay is now available at almost every store. Most companies, big and small, want to get on board with all payment options to make it easy for their customers. 

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

If you asked kids 20 years ago to look into the future, I wonder if they’d have thought of paying for things with a watch. Well, Apple Pay allows you to do just that. How does it work?

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  • Double click the button on the side and choose your default card
  • Hold the front of your watch close to the contactless reader until you hear a beep
  • That’s it!

Simple as that.

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Does Walgreens accept Apple Pay? 

Well, yes, they do! It’s a fantastic way to pay for items from the store and a great incentive with 3% cashback in return. Remember, you can use Apple Pay online too, which is another convenient way to pay for products if you can’t make it to the store. 

The introduction of Apple Pay to any business is likely to please its customers. With the many advantages, including security and accessibility offline, it’s a great payment option for everyone.

There has never been a better time to go on a shopping spree!

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