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Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards?

does walmart accept american express gift cards

Walmart is one of the largest retail chains in the world, offering a wide range of products and services to customers. However, do they accept all the gift cards that are currently so popular?

Well, I decided to find out Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards?

And if so, you can shop ’til you drop at Walmart with it! 

So, let’s find out, starting with…

Shopping With Your Gift Card at Walmart

American Express gift cards are accepted at all Walmart locations, making them a convenient option for you. This retail giant accepts them as a form of payment for purchases made in-store and online. This means that you can use your gift cards to buy a wide variety of products at Walmart, including groceries, electronics, clothing, and more. 

Available Types

The company offers several types of gift cards, including:

  • American Express Gift Card: This is a standard gift card that can be used for purchases in-store or online.
  • American Express eGift Card: This is a digital version of the standard gift card that can be sent via email or text message.
  • American Express Business Gift Card: This gift card is designed for use by businesses and can be used to make purchases, reimburse employees, or as a reward or incentive.
  • American Express Business eGift Card: This gift card is a digital version of the business gift card. Just like the American Express eGift Card, it can be sent via email or text message.
  • American Express Gift Cheques: American Express gift checks are a type of check that can be purchased and gifted in various denominations. They can be replaced by American Express if lost or stolen.

Using American Express Gift Cards at Walmart

Using a gift card at Walmart is easy and convenient. You can simply present it at check out, and the card’s value will be applied toward the total cost of the purchase. If the purchase amount is greater than the value of the gift card, you will need to pay the remaining balance with another form of payment.

When making a purchase online, you can enter the gift card number and security code during the checkout process to apply the card’s value toward the purchase. This process is simple and secure, making it easy for you.

Using American Express Gift Cards at Walmart

Using American Express Gift Checks at Walmart

Unfortunately, just like bank checks, American Express gift card checks cannot be used at Walmart or any other retail store.

Instead, to redeem your gift check, you have to call American Express customer service at 1-800-221-7282 and register a redemption claim. The representative will then provide instructions on how to redeem the gift check. 

The Benefits 

There are several benefits to using American Express gift cards at Walmart

  • They can be used to purchase a wide variety of products. 
  • The gift cards are accepted at all Walmart locations.
  • You can purchase them in specific denominations, allowing you to set a buying budget. This can be useful if you want to limit their spending or want to give a specific amount as a gift.

The Benefit

Buying American Express Gift Cards at Walmart

Walmart also sells American Express gift cards in their stores and online. You can purchase them in denominations ranging from $25 to $200. Additionally, you can also purchase them on the Walmart website but would have to pay a 13% “percentage fee.”

You will need to pay the full value of the card at the time of purchase. The gift card will be activated and ready to use immediately. This makes it easy for you to buy them as gifts or for your own personal use.

Security and Protection 

American Express gift cards are secure and protected. Each card has a unique security code that is required to be used online and in-store. Additionally, American Express provides a range of protection and security features, such as fraud protection, zero liability, and dispute resolution services.

In cases of loss or theft, gift cards can be replaced if you report them to the company within a certain time frame. In addition, you can also register your gift cards online to have additional protection and easy access to your balance and transaction history.

Customer Service and Support

American Express provides excellent customer service and support for their gift cards. You can contact them with any questions or concerns they may have about the gift card. This can include issues with activation, balance inquiries, or reporting a lost or stolen card. American Express customer service is available 24/7 to assist customers with any issues they may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an American Express gift card at other retailers?

Yes, they can be used at any retailer that accepts American Express cards, both online and in-store.

Can I reload an American Express gift card?

These are typically not reloadable; therefore, once the funds on the card have been used, it can not be refilled with additional funds. 

Can I use multiple gift cards for a single purchase?

Yes, you can, simply present all of the gift cards at the time of purchase, and the total value will be applied towards it.

Is there a fee?

No, there are no fees for using an American Express gift card. However, there is sometimes an activation fee if you are using it for the first time.

Can I check my balance at Walmart?

No, Walmart cannot show you your balance. You have to visit the American Express website or call the customer service number on the back of the card.

Can I return an item purchased with an American Express gift card?

Yes, you can return items as per Walmart’s return policy. The refund will be credited back to the American Express gift card used for the purchase.

Can I use the gift card for partial payment?

Yes, American Express gift cards can be used for partial payment. The remaining balance can be paid with another form of payment.

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Final Thoughts

American Express Gift Cards can be used at all Walmart locations to purchase a wide variety of products. They are a convenient and secure option for people looking to make purchases at Walmart. So, you can give them as a gift with confidence, knowing that they are readily accepted.

Happy Shopping at Walmart with your American Express Gift Card!

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