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Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks? (What You Need To Know)

does walmart cash personal checks

Do you need to get a personal check cashed in a hurry?

If you have noticed a long queue inside the bank, you are likely to search for a more convenient option. Fortunately, Walmart is known for offering customers a wide range of useful services. If there is a branch of Walmart nearby, cashing your check there is sure to be faster and more convenient. This leads to the question of whether Walmart cashes personal checks.

So, let’s find out if they do as well as details about other services you can take advantage of.

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks?

This is one of the main and most popular financial services that the department store chain offers. This service is available at the Money Center and customer service desk at each store. The service is designed to be as quick and convenient as possible.

1 Limits

The limit on the size of the payment you can cash is likely to vary from store to store. However, it is generally $200 for two-party payments. There is a checking maximum of $5,000 for business-issued payments. During tax season, the store may process payments of up to $7,000. 

However, it is best to call ahead to make sure this will be accessible before visiting a store. Stores located in the states of New Jersey and New York are unable to cash payment orders.

No handwritten checks are allowed…

Stores do not process payment orders that have been handwritten. If the paper has been written on in any way, it is likely to be rejected. This is especially likely if the total on the paper has been adapted or written over.

Payment orders cannot be processed if they are more than 180 days old or expired. Post-dated payment orders will not be accepted. Other types of payment orders that are not accepted include savings bonds, EFS orders, and Comdata orders. 

2 Fees

The fee for processing payments depends on the size of the payment. It typically ranges from just a few cents to $8. The maximum you will be charged is $8 for cashing a payment of $5,000. The fee will be deducted from the value of the payment, so you don’t need to hand over any money. 

3 What you need to have with you

You need the physical payment order that is made out to you. It is also necessary to have a form of identification. The best options are your United States passport or government-issued ID card. Other acceptable forms of ID include a military ID or Tribal ID.

It is important to make sure you have the right ID with you before approaching the store’s Money Center. If the employee is uncertain about your ID for any reason, they are likely to ask you for additional identification. Therefore, it is a good idea to have at least two different types of ID with you.

4 How to receive your funds

How to receive your funds

You can receive your funds in dollar bills if you wish. However, you can also choose to purchase a and have your funds transferred onto the card. The card costs just $1 and saves you from having to carry a large number of dollar bills around with you.

Once the funds have been transferred to your MoneyCard, you can then use it on goods in the store. You can use the MoneyCard to cover the full cost of purchases when you get to the checkout counter. 

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks? – Companies Used For Verification

Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks

Once you present the payment order, an employee will ask for your identification. Verification of your ID, customer information, and payment order needs to be made. Walmart uses one of the following two systems to do this. 


The company has been in partnership with TeleCheck for more than forty years. This system is used to verify all types of payment orders and make sure that they are valid. TeleCheck provides a feedback signal which indicates if the payment order should be accepted or rejected.

The innovative TeleCheck proprietary Algorithm is used to make sure that the payment order is legitimate. It quickly scans for red flags that indicate identity theft, account fraud, or purchase type. The signal that indicates the personal payment is fraudulent is discrete to allow an employer to quickly contact their manager. 


This system is used to make it easier to process orders from unknown customers. The system is used to quickly cross-reference customer details along with the details of their payment order. This provides an extra safety measure for both the retailer and the customer.

Like with the TeleCheck system, the Certergy system produces a discrete signal to indicate acceptance or rejection. The rejection signal is triggered if there are insufficient funds available to make the payment. Other potential factors include poor checking records, potential identity fraud, and theft. 

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Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks? – Final Thoughts

Thanks to this special service, shopping at Walmart is now even easier. Next time you have a personal check, simply take it to the store. You can then receive your payment in dollar bills or have it transferred to a MoneyCard.

However, you will be unable to take advantage of this service if you live in New York or New Jersey. Certain restrictions also apply, and the terms and conditions can change at any time.

 Generally speaking, this is a fast and convenient option, especially if you don’t have a bank account.

Good luck cashing your check, and enjoy your shopping!

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