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Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras? (Price, Waiting Time And More…)

does walmart develop disposable cameras

Do you love taking photos with your disposable camera

Also known as single-use cameras, these are designed to be disposed of after use and save you from having to pay a lot more for a professional camera you will only use occasionally.

You can enjoy very high-quality images with these compact and convenient devices. The only issue can be trying to find somewhere that will process the camera so you can enjoy your photos.

 If you are wondering, ‘does Walmart develop disposable cameras?’, then it’s time to find out.

Developing Single-Use Cameras

Before visiting your nearest superstore, you should check if they have a Photo Center. If you are unsure, you can find details of stores with Photo Centers on the Walmart website. If the store boasts a Photo Center, they will be able to process your film.

Once you get to the Photo Center, you will need to fill out the form with all the details. This will include the size and number of prints you want and your choice of delivery option. You then need to place the form and your photo device into the provided envelope and drop it into the box.

They send your film away…

A member of staff from the Photo Center will send your envelope to a third-party film development lab for processing. Once your photos are ready, you will receive an email notification. Depending on the option you choose, your photos will be delivered, or you will need to collect them. 

The price

The exact price you are charged will depend on how many exposures you want to process. There will also be a higher cost if you want to order several sets of prints. 

For example, you will be charged $7.96 for a set of twelve prints. However, if you want a set of thirty-six prints, you will be charged $13.96. No matter how many prints you order, you will also be given a CD with your images on it free of charge. 

Waiting time

It typically takes around a week to receive your prints. However, the time could be longer if there is a delay due to a high volume of work around the holidays. If you want to have your photos printed on high-quality photo paper, this will take a few days longer. 

Many couples give disposable cameras to their guests at weddings to help capture the experience. It is common practice to arrange some type of party a little later to share the photos with friends and family. If you are planning to share your photos, make sure you take the waiting time into account. 

The negatives

Unfortunately, you will not be able to get your negatives back when you choose this service. This is because the superstore sends the film to a third-party company to be processed. They then retrieve the images electronically, which allows them to save on extra shipping costs. 

When the third-part company processes the film, they destroy the negatives, meaning that they cannot be returned to customers. However, you should request to have the negatives returned to you if you want to keep them. While your request may not be honored, it’s worth a try. 

The size

It is important to note that photos of this type are always supplied in a four-inch by six-inch format. This is the traditional size for photos of this type and the most popular order. If you want another size, you will have to have to pay an additional fee and wait a little bit longer. Make sure you request the size you want when ordering your prints.

Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras? – How To Get Film Processed

How To Get Film Processed

You can also get other types of film processed in the store. All you need to do is go to the Photo Center in the Supercenter of your choice. Place your roll of film in one of the supplied envelopes and seal the envelope. Place the envelope in the designated Film Development & Print box. 

The cost

It costs $7.96 to develop a twelve-exposure roll of film. The cost is $9.96 for a twenty-four-exposure roll of film or $10.96 for twenty-seven photos. If you want to process a thirty-six-exposure roll of film, you will be charged $13.96. This makes the Photo Center one of the cheapest places to process your films. 

The waiting time

You can expect to receive your photos within two weeks from the day when you send them. Every effort is made to process photos as quickly as possible, and you could receive them in just one week. While you may have to wait three weeks to receive your photos at some times of the year, this is quite rare. 

The Pros And Cons Of Walmart Photo Centers 

Before heading off to your nearest Photo Center, you want to make sure it is the best option. The last thing you want is to have your precious snaps ruined because you chose the wrong service. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Photo Centers so you can make an informed decision.  

The Pros

The Photo Centers in the company’s superstores promise to provide an excellent deal. They make it very easy to arrange to have your photos processed while you are doing your shopping. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of using Walmart Photo Centers

1 Low price

The superstore offers some of the lowest prices around for developing film. It costs around $7.49 to process a twelve-exposure roll of film. You will also get your images burned onto a CD and a single set of prints for this price. You also have the option of paying an additional $2 for an extra set of prints.

2 Excellent image quality

Despite offering a great deal, the quality of the images is very high. The Photo Center works with a third party to ensure that each image is perfect. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the images, you can apply for a refund. You can choose to have your photos printed on special photo paper, which is especially high quality. 

3 Smooth web interface 

The company’s website is very easy to navigate. There is a dedicated section on the Walmart website where you can order photos or find your nearest store. You also have access to a wide range of other photo services to take advantage of. 

4 Smartphone ordering app 

Smartphone ordering app 

The beautifully designed Walmart app makes ordering photos and arranging services even easier. The app allows you to arrange photo services while you are on the move. You can even do a spot of shopping at the same time. 

5 Online photo sharing

The handy CD that comes with your prints makes it very easy to share your photos online. All you have to do is upload the images to your desktop computer or laptop. You can then edit the images if you want and share them on your favorite social media sites. 

The Cons

However, it is important to understand that this service is not perfect. As we have already seen, you will not get your photos back when you receive your photos. Here are some of the other cons of using a Photo Center. 

1 Waiting time

No matter which service you choose, you are going to have to wait to receive your photos. The average waiting time is between one and two weeks. This can be difficult if you are waiting to receive photos from your wedding or another special occasion. 

2 Flimsy packaging for shipping

The packaging that your photos come in is not particularly sturdy. It is sure to protect your photos during shipping. However, you will want to find another way of storing your photos to protect them for a longer period. 

All in all, Photo Centers offer a great service, especially if you are on a budget. While the cost of printing and processing photos is low, the quality of the images that you will receive is high. As long as you aren’t in too much of a hurry to see your snaps, you are sure to appreciate this service. 

Can You Buy A Disposable Camera At Walmart?

The superstore is constantly searching for ways to offer customers new and improved services. Offering this type of single-use photo device would cut out the middleman and make the service much quicker. It would also allow customers to hold onto their negatives.

The company has already created a plan to capitalize on this revitalized photo-taking trend. This would allow customers to make lasting memories while they are doing their shopping. This could also be an interesting way for the company to enjoy a little free marketing. However, no official plans to launch this new service have been confirmed as yet. 

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Does Walmart Develop Disposable Cameras? – Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for somewhere to get a disposable camera processed, Walmart is a good option. This is especially convenient if you are planning a shopping trip. All you have to do is drop off your device at the Walmart Photo Center and pay the required fee.

However, you are going to have to wait a week or maybe longer before you can finally enjoy your snaps. You will also have to say goodbye to your negative when you choose this processing method.

 If you are searching for a quick and convenient way of taking snaps, a smartphone may be the best option.

Hope you find a Walmart for your Happy Snaps!

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