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Does Walmart Do Car Inspections?

Does Walmart Do Car Inspections

Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers and is the biggest employer in the United States. And over 2500 out of their 10,593 retail store locations around the world have an Auto Care Centre attached to them. 

So you know your vehicle is in good hands when getting that oil change or tire balance. If you are like myself, and many other Americans who usually head to Walmart for simple car repairs and services. You may be wondering can if you can get your next car safety inspection done there as well.

So, let’s find out, does Walmart do car inspections?

Walmart Car Inspections

It’s unfortunate, but I have to report that the answer is no. As of November 2023, Walmart does not do car safety inspections. Even though Walmart Auto Care teams can perform many simple tasks, from battery testing, flat tire repairs, lube services, and tire rotation. 

They do not undertake any type of safety inspection, apart from a very basic one with every oil change. This, however, does even come close to meeting the standards that state car safety inspections need to adhere to.

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The Reason Why They Don’t… 

Well, it’s actually quite simple. Walmart trains and certifies its own mechanics using a self-designed program by Walmart, for Walmart. These trainees are certified to work specifically within Walmart Auto Care Centres, working on cars with only the specific services they provide. 

If a Walmart-trained mechanic decided to up sticks and leave, seeking car mechanic work elsewhere. It’s more than likely that they will have to undergo further training to receive State Recognised certificates to continue on in the field. 

Not a government-recognized training program…

So it’s for these reasons that Walmart can not perform these specialized safety inspections. The fact that its training program isn’t recognized by the majority of American state governments. 

But hey, we are not saying that the Walmart Auto care crew aren’t professionals or good at what they do. Due to their stylized training, they simply don’t meet the certified state level needed to perform vehicle safety inspections. But I am always very happy to get my oil changed and tires balanced there!

The Reason Why They Don’t

Why Might I Need A Car Safety Inspection?

You will need to double-check with your local state DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) as to the rules and regulations when it comes to buying, selling, and owning a vehicle. For example, you may be required to get an annual car inspection to make sure your vehicle is safe and sound and ok to be out on the roads. 

Outside of the ownership reasons, perhaps you are thinking of doing a side hustle like driving in car-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. If so, you’ll probably be required to get your car inspected before starting.

Every vehicle is different!

The requirements are deemed on an individual basis, not one rule for all. As it depends on your location, vehicle type, and where you might be driving (over state lines) during your working hours. You can find out even more about car safety inspections for your vehicle type and state information here.

Why Might I Need A Car Safety Inspection

Where Can I Get My Car Safety Inspection Performed?

Of course, there are many other alternative automotive service centers where you can get your safety inspection. You are going to need to find a certified mechanic to assess the vehicle’s safety and driveability according to your particular state.

 You can check out places like Jiffy Lube, Valvoline, Midas, and Mr. Lube. As well as many smaller mom-and-pop style mechanics and local independent car shops. Just confirm that they are certified to perform these specialized safety inspections!

Confirm they are certified!

Be sure to verify that they are certified, as this way, you know your car safety inspection will be performed correctly under the strict guidelines of your state’s vehicular law. That way, you know you won’t run into any legal issues down the road.

What Other Car Services Does Walmart Provide?

Walmart Auto Care Centres offer quite a range of basic car services. However, they are very specific and are more about car maintenance than fixing any major blowouts or subsequent issues. The stores sell things like new car batteries and tires, as well as a lot of different parts for your car. Whether or not they will be able to replace these on your car is another question entirely.

If your vehicle requires any of the following, then Walmart is a super cost-effective place to take it; you can see a detailed services list here.

What Other Car Services Does Walmart Provide

  • Air Filter Installation
  • Battery Installation and Testing
  • Battery Recycling and Non-Corrosion Treatment
  • Coolant Exchange 
  • Coolant System Cleaning
  • Flat Tire Repairs
  • Fuel System Maintenence
  • Headlight Installation
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Lube Services
  • Miniature Bulb Installation
  • Oil Changes and Oil Filter Replacement
  • Refrigerant Recharge
  • Tire Road Hazard Warranty
  • Tire Balancing, Installation, Replacement, and/or Rotation
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange 
  • Wiper Blade Inspection
  • Wiper Blade Fluid Change

How Do I Find My Local Walmart Auto Centre?

Not all Walmart Supercenters have Auto Care Centers. To find one near you, you can use the Walmart store locator. Enter your zip code into the information box, and you will be met with a list of centers close to you. 

What Other Vehicle Services Do They Provide?

The Walmart auto center offers a variety of services such as How Much Is An Oil Change At WalmartDoes Walmart Replace Brake Pads, and for a new battery, check out the Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty, the Walmart Car Battery Return Policy, along with what is a Walmart Battery Core Charge?

When it comes to tires, find out Does Walmart Fix Flat Tires, or if you need to replace yours, Does Walmart Install Tires, as well as Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignments, and just in case your car is not ready, knowing all about Overnight Parking at Walmart may come in handy!

The superstore also offers monetary services you might need, such as Does Walmart Have ATMs and Does Walmart Do Money Orders, or perhaps you get paid with checks and need to know What Time Does Walmart Stop Cashing Checks, including Does Walmart Cash Personal Checks and Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks in 2023?

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Walmart’s Auto Care Centers do not do car inspections. However, they do offer a wide range of other vehicle services, including a variety of tire services, oil changes, and engine maintenance. And all at competitive prices!

There are many other car shops that have highly trained and certified mechanics available to perform safety inspections. Whether you need your annual inspection or one done in order to sell it, check out Jiffy Lube, Midas, Mr. Lube, Valvoline, or other local automotive repair shops.

Good luck, and remember to drive safe!

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