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Does Walmart Do Money Orders? (2023 Guide)

does walmart do money orders

Money orders allow you to send and receive money safely. There are also little to no hassles with the processing fees. Above all, your personal information is safe. Simply put, a money order is a prepaid check. This makes sense when writing a personal check for an ordered product or service doesn’t cut it. 

These orders are easier to use at retail shops because of accessibility. Walmart is one of the multinational retail corporations in the U.S. with an extensive chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discount department stores. 

So, does Walmart do money orders?

So, does Walmart do money orders

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Walmart does money orders via MoneyGram. Moneygram has more than 350,000 agent locations and kiosks in more than 200 countries. If you choose to apply this service, go to Walmart, and take a detour to their Money Service Centers. But first, prepare yourself for a shock!

Not only can orders be done through MoneyGram, but there are other services available. You can opt for Walmart2Walmart Powered by Ria. There’s also Western Union which offers competitive rates. Even though these services are secure, remember that having identity theft protection is a must.  

Domestic Money Orders

Domestic Money Orders

When you send a money order at Walmart, you can complete the transaction using cash or a debit card. Using a credit card is the same as taking out a loan. You can send money to friends and family across the U.S, including Puerto Rico. The processing fee is $1 or less, but this may vary between locations.  

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International Money Orders

Not only does Walmart do domestic orders, but yes, they are also international. The fees start at $4. But there’s a catch! For both domestic and international transactions, each order has a sending limit of $1,000. A good look while completing your transactions would be to use an RFID Front Pocket Slim Wallet.

How to Send Money Using Walmart MoneyGram

How to Send Money Using Walmart MoneyGram

At the Customer Service Desk, or Money Service Center, you must ID yourself. This is easily done using a U.S driver’s license, state ID, or U.S permanent resident card, among other options.

 A form needs to be filled in, and it’s a straightforward process. Provide the receiver’s name, address, the amount being sent, and your name and address. Then finally, mention the purpose of the money order. For a better experience, why not fill in forms using a Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen with medium point blue ink?

You can pay for the order using U.S currency or a PIN-based debit card. Walmart provides tracking numbers on its website. These details are found on the receipt, and the money is usually available for collection within minutes. Keep your receipt safe in case you require a refund or have problems with your money order. 

Perks of Using Walmart to do Money Orders

90% of the U.S population lives within ten miles of a Walmart store. Money orders are available during the official Walmart trading hours from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. It gets better… some selected stores are open 24/7, making the services easily accessible. 

If you buy a money order from Walmart, the charge is simply a dollar or less. If you buy from a bank, expect to pay $5 for domestic orders. That’s five times more than what Walmart will charge. If you use the bank regularly, those fees eventually add up. 

Your personal information is guarded. When doing a money order, your bank details, and routing number are not required. Without these, it’s hard for anyone to steal your financial identity.

Think About This for a Moment

Think About This for a Moment

This has been said a thousand times over, but you must be cautious of fraudsters. Even though money orders let you send and receive money safely, this doesn’t make us immune to fraudulent behavior. There’s a need to avoid small mistakes that could expose you to fraud. Here’s a shortlist to help you remain alert and smart about your orders.

1 Avoid Doing Money Orders for Telemarketing-related Purchases

Telemarketing is done over the phone or the internet. Unless you know the sales representative as a family member or friend, don’t do it. If you do an order, it can be paid out quickly. You won’t be able to get a refund. 

2 Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger

Never send money to a stranger. Yes, this still happens! A potential receiver may claim to be an organization representative. They could also claim to be in dire need of medical attention or groceries. Always know who you’re dealing with.

3 Refunds

If you require a refund, make sure to present your receipt with the tracking number. Unfortunately, processing fees are non-refundable. You can also request a refund online using the Transaction Details page. Another option is to report fraud by filling in a form with as much information as possible.

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The Bottom line – Does Walmart do Money Orders?

To sum it up, not only does Walmart process money orders, but there are options too. MoneyGram is a favorable service because of its processing fee and convenience. 

So, give it a go! Next time you want to securely send money, consider using Walmart’s MoneyGram service. Walmart offers fast, reliable, and everyday low prices on orders. But always verify the IDs when buying from a private seller or when selling to a private buyer.

 It’s time to save money and live better with Walmart and the services it provides. Stay safe!

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