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Does Walmart Give Bonuses? (The Answer Here)

does walmart give bonuses

From Walmart’s humble beginnings in 1962, it has quickly expanded worldwide and is now the number 1 company in the USA according to Fortune 500.

 They employ around 2.3 million people worldwide, 1.6 million of those living on US soil. Walmart has gained respect for recently upping its staff wages. After all, such a successful company should be able to pay their staff a decent salary, right?

So as the biggest retailer in the US, are they generous enough to offer their staff bonuses? Will a cashier see a little extra in their paycheck for the hard work they’ve committed to over Christmas and New Year?

Let’s find out… 

Does Walmart Give Bonuses?

Does Walmart Give Bonuses

As of January 2023, Walmart no longer offers bonuses to their staff. You may be thinking the greed of them, but wait. They backed this up by explaining that instead of bonuses, they would raise the hourly wage of all employees; it was a move preferred by all associates.

If you were a previous employee of Walmart or worked there before January 2023, you could expect quarterly bonuses. That meant that you could expect a little extra something in your paycheck four times a year. If you want to know more about the previous bonuses people earned and the new hourly wage, keep reading…

How Much Did Walmart Give As A Bonus?

Walmart did offer these bonuses to staff for over a decade. It was a token of appreciation for the hard work their team members put into their shifts.

However, the bonus they earned came down to their store performance. So you had to be performing well, with little to no sick days, to see your bonus. The average quarterly bonus worked out at around $184.70 per person. This could lead to a feeling of instability and could affect your mental health.

Employees chose the higher wage!

Employees chose the higher wage

Therefore Walmart believed it was doing the right thing by introducing the idea of a higher wage but no bonuses in September 2021. In addition to that, a spokesperson for Walmart said that after speaking with a large number of employees, an overwhelmingly large majority also chose the idea of a higher wage over quarterly bonuses. 

Do team leaders get bonuses at Walmart?

Walmarts quarterly bonus program for staff members is officially over. However, through online research, it seems that team leaders and managers can still receive bonuses based on their store performance.

 A thread on Reddit even recently suggested that store managers can gain a bonus of up to 50% of their salary. It is also hearsay that assistant managers can get up to 15% of their salary. This could cause some friction between superiors and staff members if this is the case. 

Does Walmart Offer Pay Rises?

Surely, if you don’t receive a bonus anymore, you can expect a pay rise after working for a few years. The minimum wage for a Walmart worker was raised by $1. Meaning that staff who previously earned $11 per hour now earn $12 per hour. This brings the average hourly wage to $16 per hour. Depending on the role in-store, your salary will vary. 

It has been reported that based on your performance, you may be entitled to a pay rise. Most people reported that it’s around 0.25$ every six months to a year. 

Does Walmart offer yearly rises?

It depends on the role you take on within the company. If you are in a higher position, you will likely see a rise more frequently. However, staff members have reported working at the store for years with no sign of a raise at all. If you are interested in a role climbing the payscale yearly and making progress with your salary, Walmart probably isn’t the right place for you.

Walmart Employee Benefits

Walmart Employee Benefits

Something that everyone wants to know before applying for a role or looking for a new job. What are the incentives and benefits? Will I be taken care of if something were to happen to me? A full-time hourly associate can apply for the benefits scheme after their first paycheck. 

Benefits Include:

  • Medical.
  • Dental (for two full calendar years).
  • Vision.
  • Critical Illness Insurance.
  • AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment).
  • Accident insurance.
  • Company-Paid Life Insurance.
  • Business Travel Accident insurance.
  • Resources for Living.
  • Short-Term Disability Basic Plan.
  • Optional Associate Life Insurance
  • Optional Dependent Life Insurance
  • 401(K) Retirement Savings Plan.

Does Walmart Give Bonuses? – Other Added Benefits


Employees can expect discounts on Walmart merchandise through their employee assistance program. A bonus is an opportunity for discounts on travel, entertainment, and other items with the Perks at Work program.

Career Advancement

An important one for many people. Is there a possibility of advancing my career and making more money? Although it’s not an easy process, the company does promote in-store hiring. Therefore there are opportunities to apply for superior roles. Walmart does provide training and development opportunities to those who want to advance in their career. 

Pay and Training

Walmart offers a higher than average minimum wage to employees and offers in-store training. This gives you the experience in a retail environment if you ever want to pursue a career elsewhere. There are also online courses to inform new staff about Walmart’s policies and procedures. 

Parental Leave

A big issue for many Americans is parental leave. Walmart offers up to six weeks of parental leave for new mothers and fathers. This is pretty average for the states. Walmart also offers adoption assistance. They will reimburse up to $5000 for adoption-related expenses.

Time Off

Walmart does allow its employees time off. That includes sick leave, vacation time, and personal days. A full-time Walmart employee can earn two weeks of vacation time after working in the store for a year. Employees can also earn longer vacation time depending on their commitment and years of service. 

Inclusive Environment

Inclusive Environment

Walmart states they do not discriminate based on race, sexuality, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or genetic information. They claim to offer a safe work environment for all employees, no matter their background. 

Community Involvement

Walmart is committed to supporting the communities where the employees live and work. They provide grants to non-profit organizations that support education, economic opportunity, and workforce development. Part-time employees will be eligible for some benefits based on the number of hours they work. 

Do employees get free Walmart+ memberships?

Unfortunately not; however, they do get the membership at a reduced price. Walmart+ is a subscription service you can sign up for that offers free shipping and early access to discounts and deals. 

Jobs At Walmart

These are the estimated average hourly wage working in these job roles at Walmart. Salary also varies greatly depending on your location. This is due to cost of living factors in the area. 

1 Cashier

Average: $12.75

2 Customer Service Representative

Average: $19.11 

3 Warehouse Worker

Average: $21.91

4 Package Handler

Average: $18.58

Best Paying Retail Roles At Walmart

Team Leader

Average Hourly Rate: $28.76

Walmart team leaders must guide their team on how to reach certain goals. They must have excellent communication skills and be able to delegate tasks to the team. They must also have great knowledge of new products and the location of items in the store. To become a team leader, one must have experience in retail and supervising a number of people. 

Department Manager

Average Hourly Rate: $20.27

A department manager is responsible for taking care of their department and the staff. For example, if your department is electronics, you must be up-to-date on all new products and the stock list. You must also be knowledgeable about products. It helps if you have an interest in this department too. They are also responsible for sales and promoting new products in their section along with a merchandiser

Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager

Average Hourly Rate: $19.99

An assistant manager must have excellent communication skills and be comfortable dealing with conflicts. They must provide excellent customer service and deal with any customer queries. They are also responsible for handling large amounts of money and are responsible for making cash deposits, and noting cash shortages.

Ready To Start Work At Walmart!

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Are you fascinated by the company’s history? Then check out Walmart: Behind Closed Doors, as well as Wal-Mart: A History of Sam Walton’s Retail Phenomenon, available online in 2023.

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Does Walmart Give Bonuses? – Final Thoughts

Although Walmart ended its quarterly bonuses in January 2023, it has increased its wage for over 500,000 employees. This had overwhelming support from the Walmart employees themselves. 

However, in this day in age, there are questions about whether this minimum wage is enough to live on with the soaring house prices and rise in gas and food prices too. Only time will tell if Walmart will again increase wages for their staff. 

Beyond the wages, there is a nice Walmart benefits program for staff and perk packages that employees can receive.

All the very best in your new job at Walmart!

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  1. This is beyond off. Walmart stop bonuses 3 years ago. The omly people that gets them are team leads and bonuses higher. Walmart raised the minimum wage to $14 but what does that say to the people that was already there working prior to this. A SLAP in the face basically. You mean to tell me that you can work there for nine years and dont make $14 , then all of a sudden they bump you up to $14 …. The same as someone coming in the company, that worked less than 6 months. WHAT!! Its beyond me.

  2. Team leads can get a quarterly review raise from $0.50 to $2.00 depending on their performance. My team lead recently got a $1 raise. We also get free Walmart+ benefits and we get Paramount+ for free. I was told when I started we could also get Spotify, but I haven’t looked into that yet. But no, associates don’t get raises anymore unless minimum wage goes up and you aren’t grandfathered in to what you earn. My grandma was grandfathered in for her pay after like 15 years, so new people started at what she was making or more.

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