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Does Walmart have a Copy Machine?

does walmart have a copy machine

Oh, Walmart! That one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need. From the photo center to the pharmacy, groceries to gift cards, there’s something for everyone here. But what about printing services?

Not everyone has the facilities for printing at home. What if you need to print off some resumes or make copies of important documents?

Can Walmart help?

Let’s find out as I take an in-depth look at…

Does Walmart Have A Copy Machine For Public Use?

There’s an easy answer here! And usually, it’s a no. Unfortunately, Walmart has no copy machines for public use.

However, they do have a couple of options for you. To start with, Walmat offers a printing service. If you need copies of beloved family memories, you can check out some of Walmart’s printing services right here. And it’s not only canvas prints and normal photographic paper. You can have your pictures printed on a variety of other mediums. You can even get your face blown up on a blanket as an unusual gift for your significant other!

Which Stores Offer A Copy Service?

Don’t worry! There are a whole host of other stores that do have public copying facilities.


The United States postal service isn’t just for your mailing needs. It offers printing services, too. And as a bonus, it provides both black-and-white, and color copies.

To find your closest USPS printer, check out this copy machine locator. Simply search by city, state, or zip code to find the closest facilities to you. This site also contains helpful links to other USPS printing services, such as graphic design and Every Door direct mail.


Many Staples locations offer self-service copy machines. You can take in original documents or print from either a USB drive or the cloud. These machines also offer scanning and fax services, as well as both black-and-white and color copying.

But Staples has so much more than just self-service printing. Their in-store employees are trained in providing binding, booklets, and presentation making. You can get more information here, as well as search for your closest store.


With FedEx, you can walk into the store and print directly from a USB drive, the cloud, or your email. There’s a copy machine, too, for replicating previously printed documents. And if you want those documents blown up, you can find large-print services besides.

Other in-store services include scanning, faxing, and laminating. Plus, the helpful employees can advise on design choices. Look for your local store here, and begin searching the possibilities.



Believe it or not, the USA still has several public libraries that anyone can use. And these libraries are not only for borrowing books. People can usually make copies there as well. Just ask your friendly local librarian! They have plenty of experience in helping the general public use the copy machine. Some libraries provide other useful services, such as internet access, scanning, and laminating.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Copies?

There is no set, regulated price for making copies. Each business is free to charge as much, or as little, as they see fit. And those costs can seriously vary from place to place. Libraries are often the cheapest places to make copies. They are public services, after all, and therefore are publicly funded. This means they can offer lower rates than other locations.

For other businesses, the rate usually depends on exactly which service you’re looking for. Some are understandably more expensive than others. A lot of it depends on how much ink is being used as well as the color of that ink.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Copies

What is the Average Cost?

For black and white copies, you’re looking at a starting rate of just $0.03. However, this can easily go all the way up to $0.25 per page. Plus, some places offer a bulk at, which helps keep costs down. Color copies are usually a little pricier. They generally start around $0.10 per copy. But it can be as much as $0.75 per page, so it’s best to enquire in advance to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Where Can I Buy One?

It gets irritating, having to go to the store every time you want to make copies. So, perhaps it’s time to buy a machine of your own!

While the superstore may not offer in-house printing services, you can buy a copy machine at Walmart. A basic model starts from around $40, but that price can easily rise to over $1000. Why not check out some options here, which can all be bought online.

Where Can I Buy One

Can I buy one anywhere else?

Of course! Any big box store has copy machines available for purchase. Take a look at Staples, Best Buy, or Target to find your perfect machine.

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Final Thoughts

No, Walmart doesn’t have a copy machine available for use by the general public. That doesn’t mean it has no printing services, though. If you’re looking to print some photos, Walmart is an awesome option.

But there are plenty of other places to use a copy machine! Staples, FedEx, and USPS all have a place to do some printing. And don’t forget about your local library, either!

Good luck with your latest project!

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