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Does Walmart Have A Fax Machine? (2023 Guide)

does walmart have a fax machine

Fax machines are devices that create identical copies of electronically scanned documents and deliver them as data over landlines. They are incredibly useful to businesses because they allow them to send important documents easily and quickly. 

There are many fax machine models available on the market. Therefore it is important to choose one that best meets your demands. If you’re at Walmart and want to send a fax, you may wonder – does Walmart have a fax machine?

Let’s find out…

Can You Fax Documents At Walmart?

While Walmart is well-known for its low prices and extensive range, the retailer does not have everything. Faxing is one service Walmart doesn’t offer. The store has no fax machines for public use, nor does it provide fax-sending services.

If you want to fax something while at Walmart, you’ll need to find a different place to do it. You have a few options at your disposal. For example, an office supply store, a university, a public library, or a business center. These places often charge a small fee, but it’s generally less than $1 per page. 

So, let’s find out about the places that offer faxing services!

Other Stores With Public Fax Machines

While Walmart does not have a fax machine, there are a number of other places that do. One such store is Staples, and their machines are located in the office supplies department. Furthermore, certain UPS outlets also provide faxing services.

The cost of using fax machines is usually very low, and most stores charge by the page. However, it is always a good idea to call ahead to confirm availability and pricing.

Other Stores With Public Fax Machines

Places that offer Faxing Services

In today’s digital world, it’s worth remembering that sometimes the old-fashioned approach still works just as well. A fax machine can come in handy if you have to send a physical document. Here is a list below of your options:

  • Business centers like co-working offices and internet cafès might have public fax machines.
  • Office supply stores like Office Depot, Staples, and USPS. These fax machines are always available during business hours.
  • Schools and universities can provide students with access to fax machines if they have one on campus. Students might even be able to use such a service for free.
  • Public libraries might offer faxing services. Contact your local library to learn what services they can provide.

How Much Does Sending Faxes Cost?

The price of using a fax machine varies based on the machine’s location and the destination of the fax. As mentioned, some places, like schools, may offer faxing services for free, while other places charge a fee per page.

The cost of sending a fax is typically determined by the distance between the sender and the receiver. This means local faxes are usually cheaper than long-distance ones. Because fax machines need a landline connection, the cost of faxing is also affected by the recipient’s location.

For example, sending a fax to someone in a different country will be more costly than sending it locally. Ultimately, the cost is determined by a variety of circumstances and can vary greatly from one case to the next.

Does Walmart Sell Fax Machines?

While Walmart does not provide faxing services in their stores, they do sell a wide range of machines. These vary in price, costing from $150 to $500.

The kind of fax machine you buy will most likely depend on your individual needs and budget. A less expensive machine might work if you only send faxes occasionally. However, if you own a business and regularly send faxes, a more expensive model may be necessary.

Does Walmart Sell Fax Machines

What to Consider When Buying a Fax Machine?

Besides pricing, there is more to consider when buying a fax machine:

  • Print quality: A fax machine’s print quality is crucial. Ensure the machine you pick produces faxes that are clear and readable.
  • Speed: Because fax machines vary in speed, it is important to select one that works fast and efficiently.
  • Features: Fax machines have a range of features, so it is important to select one that has the functionality you require. For example, features like speed dialing, out-of-paper reception, and dual access are quite useful.

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Final Thoughts

While Walmart does not have fax machines available for public use, there are other ways to send a fax. Many places provide this service, and their prices tend to be reasonable. Furthermore, Walmart sells a wide variety of fax machines that can be bought in-store or online.

The cost of sending faxes ultimately depends on several factors, including distance and location. Whether you buy one from Walmart or a different store, there is a fax machine out there that will meet your needs. 

Happy faxing to your friends!

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