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Does Walmart Make Keys? (Yes, Something You Need To Know)

does walmart make keys

Not only does Walmart meet customers’ shopping needs, but it offers different services.

 It often has an auto care center and health services. However, these services vary according to location. But they cater to customers’ everyday needs regardless of how small they may appear to be. 

One such service which seems small is the duplication of keys. Due to mobility, we need keys for different things and places. From offices and homes to cars and safety boxes, keys are essential. 

So, does Walmart make keys? Let’s find out!

Walmart’s Key-Making Service

Walmart’s Key-Making Service

Walmart does make keys. A lot of times, we find ourselves losing keys from time to time. The good news is that Walmart has Minute Key kiosks that offer key-making services for most keys. Now, let’s dive right in and understand what a Minute Key Kiosk is. 

What Is A Minute Key Kiosk?

Does Walmart Make Keys

This is a bright green kiosk located at the front of many Walmart stores. It offers self-service for key-making. Before you make your drive to your nearest location, check the Minute Key locator. You’ll find a Walmart near you that has a kiosk.

As the name suggests, Minute Key kiosks can copy keys in as little as one minute. They use the help of robotic technology. Some kiosks are fully automated. These feature a user-friendly touch screen that guides the shopper through the key copying process. 


It costs between $2 to $6 to copy each key. Accurate pricing depends on the key design. For payments, you can use a debit or credit card. Paying using cash is also optional. However, you might want to avoid this because the key machines don’t offer change. 

On the brighter side, the kiosks guarantee their products. They’ll even give you a full refund within 30 days of purchasing keys. Factors influencing the refund are based on keys that are miscut or don’t function properly.

Which Keys Can Be Duplicated At Walmart?

Home and office keys can be easily duplicated. The following are acceptable brands and styles which can be copied with little to no issues. A Kwikset KW1 and KW10 are two of the most common key styles. And the less common Schlage SC1, Weiser WR3, and WR5 can be duplicated at select kiosks. 

Accessorize your keys with this Teskyer wristlet wallet keychain. Made from leather, it’s also a credit cardholder. It’s stylish and wrist wearable via a lanyard.

Which Keys Cannot Be Copied At Walmart?

As long as a key isn’t too technical, the kiosk can duplicate it. The key shouldn’t have any programming chips inside. This is usually the case with car keys, so double-check before trying to make a copy. 

Minute Key can’t copy school keys, high-security buildings, public institutions, or other restricted properties. There’s a high chance these keys are too technical to duplicate. While other keys are simply labeled “Do Not Duplicate” or “Do Not Copy.”

How To Duplicate Your Key At Minute Key Kiosk?

Most kiosks are self-service, but the process of copying your key is simple. Here’s a breakdown of what you have to do. 

  1. Press the “Start” button on the touch screen. 
  2. Insert the key that you would like to copy. 
  3. Insert the key in the Self-Service slot.
  4. Select a design. 
  5. Choose a suitable payment method. 
  6. If you’re paying using a debit or credit card, insert your card details.
  7. Once the machine copies your key, you can take it. 

Don’t forget to remove the original one as well!

The Perks of using Minute Key Kiosks

Not only does it take up to a minute to duplicate a key, but the robotic technology is easy to use. If you’re not techno-savvy, that’s alright! Guidance is offered, right from the first step up to the end. But wait, there’s more… There are many options for your key design, from getting animal print to sports team logos, and more. 

The cherry on top? The key duplication is precise thanks to laser tracking.

Where Else Can I Duplicate My Keys?

Where Else Can I Duplicate My Keys

According to statistics, Walmart has over 5,000 locations and it’s the largest retail corporation with discount departments. Since most of these stores offer Minute Key Kiosk services, it makes key duplication easy and accessible to shoppers. 

Although, you might be wondering, which other retail stores offer this service? Here’s what I found…

Home Depot, Dollar General, and Kroger

  • Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the US. It’s only befitting that they make keys, both for the office and home. The store uses its key-cutting machines and the Minute Key Kiosk. The pricing starts from $1.49.
  • Some Dollar General stores make keys. This service is provided by the in-store KeyMe Kiosks. They also duplicate home and office keys, with a price range between $3 to $19.99.
  • Kroger also uses KeyMeKiosks. The only difference is that Kroger doesn’t state which of its stores offers this service. It’s best to call your nearest location to confirm first. 

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Final Thoughts

Minute Key Kiosks can be found at most of Walmart’s locations. And the process to duplicate a key takes up to a minute. Using the touch-screen and robot technology, a guide is provided on how to copy your key.

 Payments are best made using a debit or credit card. Having extra sets of keys for your car or house is a relief on days you can’t find the original. Luckily, Walmart makes this easier for its shoppers. 

It guarantees a refund for any unsatisfied customers. For your convenience, use Walmart’s Minute Key Kiosk service and take advantage of the pricing too!

So, what are you waiting for… go get your Keys cut at Walmart today!

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