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Does Walmart Price Match Amazon? (2023 Policy)

does walmart price match amazon

Do you want to make sure you always get the best deal around on different products

Purchasing an expensive item and then finding it cheaper somewhere else can be painful. Even if you are satisfied with your purchase, finding a better deal later is sure to be disappointing. Fortunately, many companies refund the difference in price if this happens. Although there are certain terms and conditions, this helps you to shop with confidence and avoid disappointment. 

If you are wondering, ‘does Walmart price match Amazon?’, then it’s time to find out… 

What Is Price Matching?

What Is Price Matching?

Price matching is also known as a price guarantee. Many companies make the statement that they offer the best deals around on various products. This policy helps to assure customers that they will be able to find the goods they want at the lowest rates.

If customers see the same product on sale at a lower rate in another store, the company refunds the difference. This deal usually comes with a range of restrictions that shoppers need to be aware of. For example, it is important to make sure that the two products being compared are identical. 

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon? – About The Company Policy

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon? - About The Company Policy

Walmart boasts more than 11,000 physical stores as well as an online portal. The company’s price-protection guarantee applies to a wide range of products that can be found in stores. The deal also applies to a range of items that can be found on the company’s website. 

How it Works

While this deal is available to shoppers, it is necessary to make a request. It is not possible to do this in one of the company’s physical stores. Instead, you need to contact Walmart Care. If you are shopping online, you should contact customer care before checking out. You can do this through the Live Chat feature or by calling the customer service team directly. 

An associate will compare the products that you refer to and confirm that they are identical. It will also confirm that both the products are in stock and the store you are comparing with is eligible. You will then be told whether or not it is possible to receive a refund. 

If you’re shopping in-store…

If you are in a Walmart store, you should talk with a cashier. Tell the cashier that you want to take advantage of the price-protection guarantee. The cashier will usually contact a manager to take care of the procedure for you. 

Conditions and Limitations

It is important to be aware that certain limitations and conditions apply when requesting a price-protection guarantee. The item you are referring to has to be available on the Walmart website. It must also be identical to the product you have found on the Amazon website. 

The price-protection guarantee does not apply to Prime deals. In addition, the deal only applies to the cost of the item on the day that you purchased it. If the cost of the item was reduced late, it is not eligible as part of the company’s policy. Another restriction to the price-protection guarantee is items from third-party sellers on either of the company’s websites. 

Mismarked Prices

While browsing for bargains in one of the company’s stores, you may notice that a product has been marked incorrectly. For some reason, the displayed price may be slightly lower than it should be. You may pick up the product and head to the cash register, thinking you have found a bargain.

However, the correct price is likely to be programmed into the cash register, and you will be charged accordingly. In this case, the store manager is bound to honor the mistake as long as it is not too large. 

Out-of-stock items

You cannot receive the price-protection guarantee if the product is out of stock. This is because the product could be available at a different price when it becomes available again. You need to be able to reference an existing product that is available for purchase at the current time. 

Store And Online Cost Variations

You are likely to have noticed that the cost of certain products that Walmart offers varies from time to time. There can also be variations between the amount certain products are sold for in physical stores and on the company’s website.

This is because discounts and sales are often run in certain branches. Each store manager is given the discretion to choose different products to run promotions on to increase revenue. However, products found on the company’s website usually remain fairly constant in price. 

Amazon’s Policy 

How Do I Know If I Have Amazon Prime?

This retail giant does not currently offer this policy for any company stores or online retailers. In the past, it offered price-protection guarantees on a wide range of different products. This allowed shoppers to get a refund for the difference between the cost of a product they purchased through the company’s website.

This price-protection guarantee is only applied to products sold on the company’s website. If the price of a certain item lowers within thirty days of purchase, shoppers could get a refund. However, the company dropped this policy back in 2016. 

Increasing Your Chances Of Success

Store managers have the final say regarding whether or not you receive a refund. If you find better deals in a certain store, there is no guarantee that you will get the difference refunded. However, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of getting some money back. 

Choose eligible stores

It is important to know which stores are included in the company’s policy. Walmart is specific about which stores are covered by the policy. Checking the list in advance will ensure that you don’t waste your time.  

Carefully check the details

You need to make sure that every aspect of the two products is identical. This includes the serial number, color, and specifications. If any of the details are even slightly different, you are unlikely to be granted the reward. 

Limit your requests

You should only request this service once a day at the maximum. Bear in mind that the request is not going to be approved most of the time. It is better to think of it as a special bonus rather than your right.

Avoid Marketplace

Avoid Marketplace

Items that are sold in the Marketplace section of the company’s website are not covered by this policy. When picking out products, it is best to filter your search. This will help to make sure that you do not choose items from the Marketplace. 

Be polite and friendly

This policy is occasionally offered to help increase customer loyalty. Requesting a refund rather than demanding it can go a long way to helping you get your way. Manners cost nothing, so being polite could help you gain a cash reward.

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Final Thoughts

Walmart’s special price match policy helps customers to have extra confidence when buying products from the company. 

If you find a cheaper product of the exact same type with certain other companies, the difference in value may be refunded. However, some terms and conditions have to be met to get you your refund. 

Only certain products are available under the company’s policy. To find out if you qualify, it is best to contact the customer service team. You are sure to find that searching for the best deal before making a purchase saves you time and trouble.

Hope you find the best price match at Walmart!

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