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Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles?

Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles

We’ve all been made well aware of what single-use plastics are doing to our environment and how important it is to recycle. Some of the worlds leading businesses are on board and trying to make big changes in how we, the consumer, shops and also in what they, the companies, are providing for us. 

But does Walmart recycle plastic bags and bottles? Seeing as Walmart is the world’s biggest company in terms of both revenue and employment, what are they doing about it? 

Well, let’s find out what Walmart is doing in terms of recycling.

Does Walmart Recycle? 

Thankfully, it’s a resounding yes. Walmart is committed to reducing the amount of waste they produce and is always working towards a more sustainable future. The company is all about recycling and is part of several programs to help reduce its waste along with its customers. 

They have even stopped providing free, single-use plastic bags for their customers in the states of Maine, New Jersey, and Vermont, and plan to roll this initiative out in Colorado in Jan 2023. Hopefully, by 2025 this single-use plastic bag scheme will have been successfully rolled out over the entire country! 

Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles? 

Yes, Walmart is loud and proud in its drive to reduce single-use plastic bottles and plastic bag waste. They have set up How2Recycle recycling bins near most checkout counters for your convenience. 

Some Walmarts have given up providing free, single-use plastic bags. Instead, opting for a more durable plastic bag that is reusable and that you have to pay for. Plus, Walmart always encourages the use of reusable bags and totes.

Does Walmart Recycle Plastic Bags and Bottles 

Partnering with the Trex Company…

Walmart has had a partnership with the Trex Company for quite a few years. Trex is a manufacturing company that utilizes all of the plastic bags collected at Walmarts recycling bins and turns them into composite decking and plastic lumber. These are great for gardening projects and kid’s playgrounds, not to mention an environmentally friendly decking alternative! 

What Is Walmart’s Reusable Bag Campaign?

The Walmart reusable bag campaign is an initiative that encourages customers to use reusable bags when they shop. The campaign offers discounts on these bags and provides information on the benefits of using them.

What Is Walmart’s “Beyond The Bag” Initiative?

Walmart joined together with a couple of other big box store powerhouse companies, including Target and CVS (to name a few), to create Closed Loop Partners’ Consortium. This is a collaboration to “Reinvent the Retail Bag,” and they are inspired to create an industry-wide change when it comes to traditional plastic shopping bag alternatives.

The “Beyond The Bag Challenge” was launched by the Closed Loop Partnership to encourage inventors to develop new ways to minimize plastics in many ways. There have been some exciting developments that have come from this challenge, including a specialty class of biodegradable materials.

Alternatives Walmart Provides To Single-Use Plastic Bags

Walmart has a range of plastic bag alternatives, including self-branded bags created just for Walmart, plus they sell a whole host of others. You can find long-life bags and totes made from different materials like jute, canvas, cotton, and other fabrics. 

Interestingly, they will be providing us with reusable and sustainably created single-use plastic bag alternatives… But what makes these new bags so interesting? Well, it’s the fact that they are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! So in a way, we are still getting a plastic bag, yet it is a 100% recycled plastic bag that is durable, reusable, environmentally friendly, and also looks iconic!

Alternatives Walmart Provides To Single-Use Plastic Bags

100% PCW Recycled Plastic Bottles

The store campaign lets us know this reusable shopping bag is “made of 100% PCW Recycled Plastic Bottles. It has four Interior bottle holders, is sturdy and reusable, and has an 8 Gallon capacity. The dimensions of the shopper are 15.5″ in length, 13.5″ wide and 8″ deep with a 1 Cubic Foot capacity.” Also, their slogans “Bottles to Bags” and “Go Green with our Blue Bags!” are super catchy!

How Long Do Reusable Bags Last?

We’ve been informed that you can expect a high-quality reusable tote bag to last for at least one year. Even when carrying heavy grocery items and being daily. However, depending on the materials used and how you treat the bag, it may last significantly longer. As with everything in life, if you treat something cautiously and take care of it, it will last longer.

How Can I Recycle In Store At Walmart?

You can be a part of Walmarts zero-waste campaign by bringing your used plastic bags and plastic bottles back to Walmart. Store recycling bins are strategically placed for customer convenience, where you can place old and damaged bags and bottles for Walmart recycling.

As a nice touch, these recycling bins aren’t exclusively for Walmart-branded waste. But are there to be filled with waste plastic from anywhere? Yet another great aspect of Walmarts How2Recycle bins.

Should I Wash My Plastic Bags And Bottles Before Recycling Them?

No, you don’t need to wash the plastic bags you intend to recycle in hot soapy water. However, it is considerate to make sure there are no food crumbs or debris in the bags when you place them in the bins. 

You don’t need to do this with the plastic bottles either though a quick rinse will be sufficient to remove the sticky juice or soda remnants. Doing these small practices will help to keep the recycling process clean and efficient, plus be much nicer for the people handling your recyclable items.

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Final Thoughts

Walmart is very vocal in its wish to be plastic waste free in the future, and it looks like they are doing a lot to get there. Both in terms of what they provide their consumers and how they handle the existing single-use plastic bags and bottles.

 Recycling initiatives are in place to reduce the amount of plastic waste. It ends up in landfills and creates new products from sustainable, recycled materials. So, next time you go to Walmart, remember to bring your own reusable bags. In addition to saving yourself money, you are also making a conscious decision to help the environment!

All the best with your shopping, and thank you for recycling!

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  1. Susan Oglebay

    Yes, Walmart has stopped with the single use bags in some states, as well as Washington, but at least in Washington, not until state law forced it to. Yes, Walmart allows a choice on pick up orders of whether you wish to pay for bags or bring your own, but the “default” is that you will pay for the bags that Walmart provides and one must scroll down to the bottom of the page to remove the default and so “no, I don’t want your bags.” On my laptop, the ability to remove the default is not even visible without scrolling. A brief stroll through any Walmart quickly reveals that there is an enormous amount of non-recyclables in every isle, including Walmart’s own brands, some of which could easily be packaged with much less plastic. In view of the above, I view the “sustainability pledge” as a dishonest advertising gimmick. What Walmart recycles is a speck of dust in the mountain of plastic that it happily displays and profits from.

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