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Does Walmart Sell Newspapers (2023 Guide)

does walmart sell newspapers

Reading the newspaper with your morning coffee is a cherished ritual for many people. 

But what happens when you can’t find a newspaper? Panic sets in as you realize that you might have to start your day without reading the latest news. Luckily, there is a Walmart nearby, but Does Walmart Sell Newspapers? Let’s find out…

 So, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of joe, and get ready to catch up on the world’s events.

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What Is Walmart?

What Is Walmart?

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Their Headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas.

 It has over 11,000 stores in 27 countries, under a total of 63 banners. Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue – approximately $486.1 billion (2018) – and the world’s largest private employer, with 2.3 million employees. It is also the largest retailer in the world.

The Founder of Walmart

The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. He operated it as a variety store, reducing his profit margins to keep prices low and competitive. He opened a second store and then a third. The company was incorporated in 1969. 

In 1970, the store became a public company with an initial offering of $20 million worth of stock at $16.50 per share. The first Supercenter opened in 1988. Walmart acquired 22 existing stores from Woolco in 1994, and by 1995, they had become the largest retailer in the United States. 

The company began expanding internationally in 1994, opening stores in Mexico and Canada. Walmart entered China in 1996 and the UK in 1998.

The History Of Newspapers

The History Of Newspapers

Before we dive into where to buy them let me tell you how about the history of your morning read! Although the news has been spread in printed form for hundreds of years, the first recognized newspaper was not launched until 1605 by Johann Carolus in Strasbourg. 

This was a simple publication that listed the events of the day and was called Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien. This concept quickly caught on, and soon, over 100,000 newspapers were being printed all around Europe!

The very first newspaper!

The first newspaper in the United States was called Publick Occurrences, Both Foreign and Domestick. It was published on September 25th, 1690, in Boston by Benjamin Harris. 

Unfortunately, this newspaper only lasted one edition as the government shut it down for not having a license. In 1704, the first successful newspaper was published called The Boston Newsletter. It wasn’t until the 1860s, with the development of faster printing presses and pulping processes, that newspapers became a daily occurrence.

Different Types of Newspapers

Not all news is created equal, and you might be wondering what types of newspapers Walmart sells. The most common type of newspaper is the national daily which, as the name suggests, is published every day. These usually contain stories on national and international news as well as business, politics, and sports.

The second type of newspaper sold at Walmart is the local paper. These are published weekly and focus on stories that are relevant to the people living in that specific area. They often include ads for businesses and events happening in the community.

Depending on your hobbies…

The final type you might find is a specialty paper. These cater to a specific interest or hobby and can be published daily, weekly, or monthly. Some examples include papers focused on sports, business, fashion, or technology.

Does Walmart Sell Newspapers?

Now that we know all there is to know about newspapers, you’re probably wondering whether Walmart sells newspapers. The answer is yes! You can find a variety of newspapers at your local Walmart store. Whether you’re looking for a national paper or a local paper, Walmart has you covered. You can also find specialty papers at some locations.

Does Walmart Sell Magazines?

In addition to newspapers, the Walmart also sells magazines. You can find a wide selection at your local store, covering a variety of topics. Whether you’re looking for the latest issue of your favorite fashion magazine or a new cooking magazine, you can find it there!

What newspapers does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells a variety of national and local papers. You can find the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and more. 

Local papers vary by region, but you can typically find papers such as the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Miami Herald. You can also find specialty papers at some Walmarts, such as Sports Illustrated, People, and Entertainment Weekly.

Where are the newspapers in Walmart?

Newspapers are typically located near the front of the store, near the entrance. They may also be located near the customer service counter.

Do their newspapers have coupons inside them?

Yes, they often have coupons inside them. These can be used for discounts on groceries and other items sold at Wals. So, actually, you could save money by buying a newspaper at Walmart! However, we recommend you double-check your morning paper before you purchase it. Some sneaky people have been known to remove the coupons before putting them back on the shelves.

What happens to the old newspapers?

The old newspapers are typically recycled. Walmart commits to sustainability, and it’s one way that they work to reduce their environmental impact. Usually, they are taken to a recycling center, where they are turned into new paper products.

What Can I Do With My Old Papers?

What Can I Do With My Old Papers?

If you have old newspapers that you no longer want, you can recycle them too! Many municipalities have recycling programs that accept newspapers. You can also take them to a local recycling center.

You can get creative and use old newspapers for crafts or projects around the house. For example, make paper mache or origami. Another use is in packing material when moving homes or offices. Simply crumple them up and use them to fill any empty spaces in boxes. This will help prevent your belongings from shifting and breaking during the move.

For your furry friends…

Finally, if you have a pet, you can use old newspapers as a bedding lining. This is a fantastic way to recycle them and provide your furry friend with a comfortable place to sleep. Just lay the paper at the bottom of the cage to absorb water and pop some fluffy straw or shavings on top for them to nestle into! It is not recommended to use the shreddings as bedding on their own as your pet may ingest them and become sick.

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Does Walmart Sell Newspapers? – Final Thoughts

So, Can you buy newspapers at Walmart? Yes, you can! 

Your morning routine will not be ruined without your favorite paper at Walmart. You can also find a variety of local and national papers as well as specialty papers at some locations. Not to mention, they sell magazines too! So, next time you’re looking for something to read, be sure to check out your local Walmart store. 

Happy Morning and enjoy your day!

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