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Dollar General Return Policy

dollar general return policy

Dollar General has been around since the 1950s, offering a wide selection of products at affordable prices. Customers shopping at the store have a lot to choose from. But if you are unhappy with your purchase, you may be wondering what the Dollar General return policy is. 

Let’s find out…

The Return Policy At Dollar General

According to Dollar General’s return policy, customers have 30 days to return their in-store or online purchases. You will need to take your receipt with you as well. When making a return, you can receive a full refund or the value of the refund on a gift card. 

Let’s now find out more about Dollar General’s return policy, individual stores’ conditions, and returning items without a receipt!

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The Return Policy At the Dollar General

How To Make Returns At Dollar General?

Dollar General has different return policies for items bought in store and online

  • Customers who purchased products in person must return them to a Dollar General outlet. The store employees will assist with a refund at the register.
  • To return an item purchased online, you must first contact Customer Service. You will then receive return instructions and a unique Returns Authorization number. 
  • Following this, you must pack the product in its original packaging. Otherwise, use secure packaging.
  • Include the billing name, address, and order number with the product.
  • Ship the product to the address the Customer Service team gave you.

More information on online returns can be found on the Dollar General website. But remember that online orders cannot be refunded in-store, and vice versa!

How Long is the Return Window?

Dollar General customers have 30 days to return products purchased online, provided they are still in acceptable condition. However, there is inconsistent information about the return window for items purchased in-store. In some cases, customers were reportedly allowed to return items within 90 days after purchase.

Does Dollar General Accept Returns Without a Receipt?

You will need a receipt if you want a guaranteed refund for a return at Dollar General. Otherwise, employees won’t be able to refund you with your original payment method.

However, even if you lose your receipt, you can still return merchandise to a Dollar General store. In this case, you have two options. You can either be refunded with a Dollar General gift card or exchange the product for something of equal or lesser value.

Can Used Items be Returned to Dollar General?

You may return used items purchased in-store or online, provided they are in good working condition. They should ideally be in the original packaging, with all parts, accessories, and paperwork intact.

Your refund request may be rejected if you try to return a used item that is damaged or not in the original packaging. In-store returns for used items are more likely to be refunded. However, this is ultimately up to the employee you speak with.

How Do I Return Damaged or Faulty Items?

If an online order arrives damaged or defective, you must notify Customer Service within 30 days of delivery. They will give you a refund and may reimburse your return shipping costs. Contact them at 877-463-1553. They will need the product’s item number and order number, which can be found in your original confirmation email.

How Do I Return Damaged or Faulty Items

Can Gifts be Returned?

Gifts can be returned to Dollar General even if you did not buy them yourself. However, store credit will be offered to the original buyer rather than a full refund.

Which Items Can’t be Returned?

While most things purchased online or in-store can be returned, there are certain exceptions. For example, alcohol returns must be made to the store where it was purchased, and it must be unopened.

Furthermore, Dollar General does not accept returns of cigarettes and other tobacco products under any circumstances. Prepaid cards, gift cards, and gift-wrapping services are also non-returnable. Most other products are returnable, provided they are in good condition and have the original parts, etc. 

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Final Thoughts

The return policy allows the return of most items if they meet the right criteria. Returned items, used or not, must be in good condition and preferably in the original packaging.

If you return a product in-store, you will receive a full refund if you have your receipt. Without your receipt, you can get a gift card instead. Any shipping charges for online returns will be subtracted from your total refund amount. Visit the Dollar General website’s “Returns” page for further information. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest store to learn more.

Good luck with your return at Dollar General!

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