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DoubleTree Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

doubletree application

The company is a subsidiary of Hilton, and Doubletree hotels provide clients with a home away from home by creating a welcoming and comfortable environment. The entry-level applicants and career-bound experts are likely to find the creative work environment unique. There are several part-time and full-time positions available.

Doubletree is one of the several locations linked to Hilton hotel’s brand. There are hundreds of locations globally, and those filling out on the Doubletree job application can expect many job opportunities in several exciting venues. Ideally, customer service is mandatory for this company.


Almost all the job positions tend to revolve around offering patrons almost everything they need to feel relaxed and feel at home at their hotel. Therefore, a doubletree application for employment is mainly available for customer service positions to work amid the spa locations in the hotel, food service, and maintenance or food service based on the amenities that are available at one place.

Besides that, they have to manage the day-to-day responsibilities at the hotel; employees must be able to call upon to create and carry out some unique events, including business meetings, reunions, or weddings. Besides fun, they can also expect some challenges at work.

Additional Information

Doubletree is ideally an American chain of hotels, and the hotels tend to be operated as franchises or independently. The hotel chain is quite prominent for offering amazing chocolate cookies to almost all the patrons when they arrive, and it is one way they ensure that guest’s stay is made memorable. If one wants to work in the hotel industry, then Doubletree indeed promises a fantastic start.

In 1959, the first doubletree hotel was opened in Scottsdale, Arizona. The hotel merged with Promus Hotel Corporation, which led to the creation of a group of hotels like Red Lion, Hampton Inn, DoubleTree, and Embassy Suites in 1997. In 1999, the company acquired Promus, and since then, it was known as Promus.

Essential Information To Know Before Applying at DoubleTree Application

Minimum age required of the candidate to work at DoubleTree: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to apply at DoubleTree.

Working hours at DoubleTree: The hotel chain operated 24*7 and all seven days a week.

Employment Opportunities at Doubletree

The Doubletree mainly claims to be unique in offering special attention to employees, and they need to ensure they make the patrons feel at home. After check-in, the employees tend to receive chocolate chip cookies that are made with some unique recipe. The employees here need to follow the care strategy to create A-Rewarding-Experience for all clients. The job seekers need to show knowledge and commitment to all such expectations and policies during the hiring process to get the hiring preference.

the doubletree application tips

Additionally, previous job experience tends to be a boon for job seekers. Being a prominent hotel chain, the hotel has at least 400 locations across the globe with an ever-expanding plan. The company focuses on several cities and vacation destinations. The hotel mainly offers workers throughout the world easy access to flourishing positions.

Career Opportunities at Doubletree

Like other hotels, Doubletree also sets the minimum hiring age as 18 as the hotel tends to sell alcohol and a fast-paced environment that isn’t suitable for workers. The interested applicants need to hold high school diplomas or the same. The brand seeks employees willing to adhere to the core values, including hospitality, integrity, leadership, teamwork, ownership, and urgency.

Housekeep Help

One of the most demanding jobs of the hotel industry is the housekeeper’s job as candidates should be willing to be adjusting to the working hours. Additionally, the employees have to work for a longer duration and flexible schedules. They have both full-time and part-time availability. They can earn $8 to $9 per hour. The employee has to clean the room, make beds, and change the linens besides gathering dirty sheets and towels for laundry and replenishing the room’s stock and other cleaning supplies.

Front Desk Agent

They have to work full time and earn $10.00 and $12.00 per hour. The agents have to mainly greet the guests at the entrance and run the registration process besides checking procedures. They have to also process payments and answer phones, besides making reservations. The applicants must be y, enthusiastic, and outgoing. They should also be able to stand during the long shifts.

the doubletree application


The applicants have to work in the hotel’s restaurants to stand, bend, and reach during the shift hours. They need to wash and sanitize the dishware regularly and cooking utensils, maintain all the essential supplies and mop floors, and take out the trash, besides transporting the clean wares to the appropriate position. They have to also work well with the other candidates.

Tips For Applying at DoubleTree

The interested candidates must keep an eye on the various job offerings at DoubleTree, as there is cut-throat competition. The candidates are free to filter from various options such as brand, location, area of service.

To submit the applications online, the candidate will need to visit the official website and create an account. Applications are required to upload important documents such as updated resumes, past employment proof, personal verification proofs, etc.

Perks of Working at DoubleTree

Doubletree offers competitive pay to the employees besides paid training and career development opportunities. They can also get several healthcare benefits like insurance. The employees can also avail themselves of health retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Doubletree

The company tends to create and also participates in several programs that aim to preserve the environment. They also focus on the trees and have an initiative known as Teaching Kids to Care persists.


DoubleTree is one of the best companies to work in when individuals are looking forward to starting their careers in the hotel industry. In this article, we have mentioned the primary details about the different job offers, the tips for applying for the same, the process of applying, and the work culture at DoubleTree. Candidates should take this job seriously and put in the right effort. They will be able to lead a successful life if they make it here.

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