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Dressbarn Application: Jobs & Career Info

dressbarn application

Dressbarn is ideally a retail outlet that mainly aims to align with women’s fashion and clothing needs. The company has been working in the fashion industry for the past 54 years, and it has been providing the latest fashion trends. It is also likely to continue the founder’s legacy.

In 1962, the company’s first store was opened in Stamford, Connecticut. The store had to face several shortcomings due to inconvenient parking spaces to its challenging to find location. The company operates in at least 800 branches across the United States, having at least 8900 employees.

Additional Information

Additionally, it is one of the most prominent women clothes retailers in the country. The employees love working here as they get several perks. The retail chain for women’s clothing offers several products, especially for women, including skirts, bags, jewelry and accessories, pants, tops, lowers, and shoes.

In 1962, the company was founded by Chairman Elliot Jaffe and Roslyn his wife. The company’s chairman saw the market with a working woman, and during that time, women had just started working. Both current and past employees love working here as they can enjoy a healthy working atmosphere.

The employees also love the working hours besides the less workload. The company appeals to almost all the women patrons from young to old. They have all sizes of clothes, including petite and extra-large. The company is headquartered in Mahwah, NJ.

Important Information To Know Before Applying at Dressbarn

Minimum age of the candidate to be eligible to apply at Dressbarn: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible to apply at Dressbarn.

Working hours operations at Dressbarn: The working hours will be as follows:

  • A: Monday to Saturday: The working hours will be from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • B: Sunday: The working hours will be from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Dressbarn

Ideally, a typical workday mainly focuses on customer service with knowledgeable professionals who help clients find proper and desirable clothing. Motivated and friendly applicants with aptitudes for regular sales especially get the job here. The workers are likely to focus on uplifting both self–esteem and self–image of the patrons through the best possible promotion of the merchandise available that mainly includes shoes, jewelry, and accessories besides feminine attire and the signature dresses. The applicants need to stand and also move around through the entire day.

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Job Responsibilities

The applicants should also be familiar with different departments available here, and the primary duties are directing the patrons to specific areas and displays. The applicants need to be aware of the latest styles and the trendy looks, which might thrive the retailer as the organization is likely to update the stock often to reflect new styles and trends. As the company plans to expand, they are likely to have widespread opportunities with Dressbarn across the country. Some of the outlets tend to be standalone, or they are also available in the shopping plazas.

Additionally, some storefronts are available within malls that capitalize on the most significant potential for the customer base. Ideally, the applicants need to be at least 16 years old to apply here. But some job openings are likely to require older applicants. Such spaces are available in the company’s main office in New Jersey.

Career Opportunities at Dressbarn

Both full-time and part-time employment opportunities are available at Dressbarn today. The work mainly revolves around client’s satisfaction. Often the management favors the female job seekers, but the retail chain also tends to impose hiring processes that reflect equal opportunities for all.

Sales Associate

These tend to make up for most of the employees at Dressbarn. Besides helping clients with fashion knowledge and insight, they also help clients to satisfy their shopping experiences. Additionally, the sales associate is likely to process the returned items and also from the cashier duties. The cashier duties most likely include making change, taking payments, besides bagging merchandise for the clients. They can earn $7 to $10 per hour.

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Stock Workers

These employees need to keep the stock merchandise and set the display that pleases the clients. They have to ensure that the products are easily accessible to clients. The employees need to have the strength to lift some weight regularly. At times these employees also need to work from the ladder. They can earn $13 per hour.

Assistant Managers

They are likely to complement the store leader’s efforts and oversee the work of the subordinates. They need to mainly train the new employees and improve the way they work. Additionally, they also have to ensure that they create a respectful work atmosphere for applicants and remain open about some policies.

Also, they have to provide guidelines that are implemented perfectly to improve the retail experience for both employees and clients. The employees need to have at least two to four years of supervision. They can earn $12 or $13 per hour.

Tips For Applying at Dressbarn

All the interested candidates should have a keen interest in fashion and skill-set to resolve different customer queries. Candidates who have prior experience in a similar industry will surely get the upper hand. Candidates can expect a robust recruitment process that involves a computer test related to fashion, retail, customer service, etc.

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Perks of Working at Dressbarn

The employees can get several benefits here, including mental, dental, and vision healthcare. They can also avail some reimbursement programs. Additionally, the eligible employees can also help 401k retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Dressbarn

The company mainly supports the American Cancer Society through various fundraising acts. The company also tends to support the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Additionally, there are several temp positions available with the company to help employees.


In this article, we have tried to cover more or less the intricate details of Dressbarn. We have touched upon topics like the various job offerings, the perks of working here, opportunities provided by the company, the process of application of different roles, and other important information. This will keep the candidates ahead of the pack. They can also secure a job easily.

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