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Duke Energy Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Duke Energy supplies power to almost 7.3 million customers in the United States. Currently, Duke Energy stands as one of the biggest electric holding companies in the US. Duke Energy is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and generates about 57,500+ megawatts of electricity in Florida and the Midwest. The company is also known for maintaining the distribution of natural gas in both Kentucky and Ohio.

In addition, a diverse generation of power assets resides in Latin America and North America. The service area occupies Midwest and Southeast, which spans about 95,000 squares miles in total.

The candidates who are inclined towards providing affordable, effective and clean energy to the residents and commercial houses should look forward to applying at the entry-level positions.

Essential Information One Must Know about Duke Energy Before Applying

Minimum age required of the candidate to be eligible to apply at Duke Energy: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at Duke Energy.

Working hours at Duke Energy: The company is open all seven days a week, 24*7. The working hours at Duke Energy vary depending on different locations.

Immense Employment Opportunities at Duke Energy

Duke Energy, which is one of the most renowned energy company is known for delivering exceptional services, and one of the biggest reasons behind it is simple – Its exceptional workforce. The company’s success primarily relies on bringing the overall diversity and inclusions into the positive working environment.

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Duke Energy variedly offers members from the served communities of employment opportunities to become reliable corporate citizens. The staff members at Duke Energy provide ample chances to both participate and contribute to professional development. Staff members also have the powers to reach a huge, immense potential, inside the company and grow as an individual at the same time.

Multiple Job Positions

There are multiple internal positions also available, which allow the in-house team to explore. Since the company is growing at an expansion rate, the company is looking to hire talented individuals keen to work in a dynamic world and adjust accordingly.

Career Opportunities at Duke Energy

The talented workforce which possesses an interest in the ‘Energy’ industry should not lose out on the opportunity for applying for entry-level objects. Candidates should hold a valid high school diploma from a recognized university. A few positions in the company require the staff to work at flexible and free schedules and expect the employees to stay on calls.

Multiple openings look for individuals who satisfy the basic physical requirements, which involve lifting, twisting, bending, walking for longer distances, etc. The working environment fluctuates between offices and fields.

There are multiple career opportunities open in Duke Energy in terms of the roles offered:

Customer Service Representative

The dedicated individuals who can offer some diverse experience can get into the role of a customer service representative. The customer service representatives are expected to provide exceptional services to all the stakeholders and customers regularly.

For example, multiple clients call throughout the day and night regarding various natural and electric gas charges on the bills and clarify. It is the responsibility of the individuals in this role to rectify the issues and offer advice on how they can save their energy and money effectively.

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In addition, various other in-bound calls require individuals who can explain the company policies and easily. The typical day as a customer service representative involves long hours at the deck and answers the customers’ queries. Team members are also advised to have knowledge and skills to use Microsoft office. The expected salary as a customer service representative is about $12.00 an hour.

Distribution Line Helper

In this field, the helpers must work in fields, install and repair the various electrical distribution systems such as underground lines and overheads. Installation of capacitors, load control devices, transforms, and street lights are essential. The distribution line helpers should closely follow the outages and receive calls during holidays and weekends. Additional requirements suggest varying temperature degrees, frequent travels, some confined spaces, and a restriction of the weight of about 275 pounds. The salary of these distribution line helpers begins at $15 hour an hour.

Wind Technician

The wind technicians should also assist the higher management. At the same time, they should also operate and maintain the plant functions. These associates should also repair the mechanical malfunctions. This position requires proper fieldwork. This is why the operators spend a lot of time working on wind farms. The plant stays open all day and all week.

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Wind technicians should be comfortable with different temperatures. This includes hot, cold, windy, dusty, noisy, or humid. The average day as a wind technician includes climbing the turbine towers up to a total of 300 feet and also meteorological towers of up to 360 feet. Employees should also have a relevant high school diploma to qualify for this role. The hourly rates of wind technicians are about $16.

Tips for Applying at Duke Energy

The interested candidates must refer to the official website and go to the career portal to apply for the various job offerings. Applicants should also visit the career page frequently to identify the opened positions. The search tool on the career portal allows the candidates to search for multiple opportunities.

Perks of Working at Duke Energy

The package of the workers includes a comprehensive benefit of the job, which satisfies the needs and wants of the employees’ families. The company also offers health care packages that include vision, dental and proper medical insurance.

Miscellaneous Information about Duke Energy

Duke Energy uses an education tool, ‘The Energy Challenge,’ which allows the users to power the communities through gameplay. This challenge primarily demonstrates a proper balance amongst cleanliness, cost, and reliability.


In the above information in this article, we have covered major points touching about the company. We have looked at the different job roles offered at Duke Energy. We have also seen the tips for applying at the company, the process of applying, and the perks of working here. Candidates should pay attention because such opportunities do not always arise. This can be a career-changing opportunity.

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