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Education Director Job Description (What You Need To Know)

education director job description

Are you getting ready for an education director role? 

Also known as school directors, these education professionals lead an educational institution. This involves creating ways to make the institution thrive, creating policies, and guiding teachers and other staff.

If a choice education director role has caught your eye, you can be sure there will be lots of other applicants. Therefore, it is important to work on your application to make sure it stands out from the crowd. So, let’s take an in-depth look at the elements that make up a typical education job description and how to strengthen your resume. 

Education Director Job Description

A typical job description for an education director should provide an overview of the educational institution. This should include the size of the intuition as well as the number of students and their age group. The type of contract being offered, the typical working hours, and the base salary should also be outlined.

The job description should contain details about the duties you would complete on a regular basis. There should also be information on the education, experience, and core skills that candidates should have. There may also be details of the personal attributes that are being sought in the perfect candidate for the role. 

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The Working Environment

The Working Environment

This job can take place in a range of settings such as schools, colleges, universities, and even libraries. This is usually a full-time role, and education directors usually work during normal business hours. However, it may also be necessary to work on evenings and weekends from time to time.

Although education directors have an office, they spend a lot of time away from their desks. A lot of time is spent working with teachers and administrators to develop policies and enforce them. It is also necessary to attend special education events and meetings. 

Typical Duties And Responsibilities

There are certain duties and other responsibilities that typically go with this type of job. When editing your resume and application, it is important to make sure you highlight your experience with these duties. Here are some of the main duties education directors are likely to be charged with on a regular basis. 

Developing new curricula

Developing new curricula

When you take over this role, you will carefully review all of the current curricula. You then need to identify areas that are not being fully covered and have room for improvement. When you identify a need, you will work closely with teachers and students to develop curricula that fulfill it.

Overseeing school operations

It is important to oversee all types of school operations to make sure they are as efficient as possible. This includes monitoring the progress of both new and existing teaching methods as well as the teachers themselves. You will closely evaluate results at the end of each semester and create progress reports. You also need to identify areas for improvement and arrange special workshops for teachers. 

Hiring new staff

Hiring new staff

When a vacancy becomes available, you will need to hire new teachers and other staff. You need to have a good understanding of each role and the attributes that candidates need to have. You will then interview people for the role and make hiring decisions. 

Developing financial plans

It is essential to make sure that the institution has enough funds to function efficiently. You will need to create budgets and financial plans to allocate the available funds to different areas. This includes allocating funds to improve various facilities as well as equipment. 

Working with students

Working with students

You will be charged with handling student discipline issues like bullying and complaints about teachers. Make sure that counseling and tutoring are available for students who need it. You also need to make sure that all students are meeting their academic goals. 

Working with parents

When students are experiencing issues for any reason, you will work closely with parents to resolve them. This includes helping parents to understand and allow for the special educational needs of their children. You will also encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s academic life. 

Approving Educational Material

When teachers want to use different educational material, you will be responsible for reviewing and approving it. You need to make sure that the material meets the guidelines set by the board of education. You may also need to create your own textbooks and other educational materials from time to time. 



It is necessary to collaborate with teachers, parents, members of the community, and students. This is particularly important when you are developing new policies and procedures. You need to be comfortable sharing your ideas and receiving feedback on ways to make policies more effective. 

Education knowledge

It is necessary to stay up-to-date with the latest pedagogical theories and developments in education. You need to have a deep understanding of these elements and be able to explain them clearly to other educators. Highlighting this aspect on your resume shows that you take this responsibility seriously. 

Education Director Job Description – Valuable Skills And Attributes

When checking out your application, the hiring manager will be searching for particular skills and attributes. These elements will give them an insight into your personality traits as well as your approach to work. Here are some of the skills and attributes you should highlight when applying for this type of role. 



It is essential to have strong leadership skills to do this job well. You need to be able to motivate teachers and other staff to perform at the optimum level. You also need to be comfortable delegating and overseeing tasks and providing discipline when necessary. 

Communication skills

You need to be able to explain complex philosophies and concepts in a clear and simple manner. When presented with issues, you need to use active listening skills to determine the main cause. It is also necessary to have strong written communication skills to create reports, email parents, and create curricula. 

From time to time, you may also be charged with making speeches and presentations during special events and meetings. 

Organization skills

Organization skills

You are sure to have a lot of different tasks to juggle within the course of a single day. When reviewing your application, the hiring manager needs to know that you will be comfortable with this aspect. Highlighting your organizational skills and that you have the focus and talent to perform all your duties efficiently. 

Strategic planning

You are likely to create and implement strategic plans for the smooth operation of the institution. This includes creating budgets, goals, and objectives on a regular basis. If you have experience with this aspect of the job, make sure the hiring manager knows about it. 

Computer skills

You are likely to use special computer software to create curricula and manage different tasks. You need to be familiar with different software applications, mobile applications, and online resources. Highlighting your computer skills shows that you will be able to learn how to use different software quickly. 

Research and analysis

Research and analysis

It takes an analytical mind to create a curriculum and decide what to include and exclude. You need to research different elements and analyze them carefully. Strong analytical skills are also essential when it comes to making important and difficult decisions.

Education And Experience 

It is necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree in education in order to meet the basic education requirements. During the undergraduate course, you will be required to complete an internship. This will give you a little teaching experience as well as insight into the educational system. Your coursework should also include curriculum development and strategy as well as education policies.

Completing a master’s degree in education will provide access to advanced roles. This will make it easier to quickly advance on your career path. Alternatively, you may prefer to gain a master’s degree in educational leadership or educational administration. 

Don’t forget your license!

Education directors also need to obtain a special license to work in certain states. Already holding a teacher’s license will dramatically increase your chances of securing your dream role. It is also worth gaining the National Administrators Credential through the National Child Care Association.

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Education Director Job Description – Final Thoughts

The role of education director comes with a lot of responsibility, and you need to show you are up to the challenge. 

To do this, you need to find out as much about the educational institution as possible. This includes the core values, the working environment, and the overall operations. Reflecting elements from the core values helps to show that you share the same vision and philosophy.

 Of course, you also need to show that you have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job. Carefully highlight your strongest attributes in the application so that you are not overlooked by the hiring manager.

All the very best in working as an Education Director!

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